Hello Everyone!

There are quite a few awards that I have seen presented around this blog world, unfortunately this isn’t one of them. Neither have I been awarded any, yet or been Freshly Pressed, yet.

This is more of a game, hence the “tag”. How it started I don’t know but like any game there are rules and yes they do get broken and/or tweaked a bit here and there, so don’t get bogged down by them.  I got tagged by my ex-blog-friend  🙂  from South Africa (she’s a little upside down, down there) that little tagger, Mynakedbokkie, but I decided to play along because for the most part she is harmless. Why end a blog friendship over this? Maybe I should tag her back! OHHH Kelly!!!  It doesn’t say you can’t in the rules. So I added a new rule starting after me! 🙂

Here goes!

Of course, being tagged does not mean that you can go off on your merry way, and do whatever you want. Although I think we all would like to at most times.

 (Always rules! Rules, rules and more rules!!!)

*You must post the rules.

*Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you tagged.

*Tag eleven people and link them to your post.

*Let them know you tagged them.


So that’s juvenile. So what! So there!

Now the questions I got and my answers.

1.   What was your favorite holiday/vacation ever? Where and what did you do?

A lot to choose from here, our honeymoon in Hawaii, road trips, mountains, beaches, or camping? I’ll go with a camping trip early in our marriage, before kids. We visited family first then went camping in the southern Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. It is a beautiful area and we happened to go when there was a drought and there were no mosquitoes! But you had to be careful of the yellow jackets. They were pretty aggressive, especially around your food and garbage cans. We swam in mountain streams and lakes, walked the trails and took in the sights. We slept in a tent in sleeping bags and cooked most of our meals on a fire or a camp stove.

2.   Could you see yourself as a biker?

Totally! My dream is to ride a trike, hop on and ride cross country, with my wife sitting behind me and pulling a camper for two. Sweet! Yep! In a heart beat!

3.   What is the worst lie that you have ever told? Did anyone ever find out?

Sorry that is a bit too personal and too much water has gone under the bridge. Not that I am a bad guy, but our minds and mouths can cause so much trouble. I’m not gonna go there. To the second part I will say, yes and enough said.

3b. You just got kicked out of your country. You aren’t allowed back. What country would you move to? Why?

      (I tossed this one in from my taggers list she got tagged with.)

Australia. I just want to go there. It is big like the USA and lots to see and do. I want to know what it is like to be upside down all the time! 🙂

4.  Do you remember your first kiss? Tell us more!

An inquisitive one aren’t you?! I could say I was the boy you are worried about your little princess liking. But I think you want juicy details of an older romance. Let me just say that for the first one…one was not enough! Ah…the memories!! I have lost touch with her since (my family moved) and wonder how she is. (CM)

5.  Do you still have a love that is no longer in your life, but that you often think about? That you perhaps wonder what if…..?

Let me preface this by saying that I have heard in marriage/dating seminars with every “love” of your life you leave/give a part of your heart. (One reason against dating and for courting) I have found this to be true, personally. That being said my answer is yes, but I wouldn’t characterize it as often. Life happened and is still happening. Make the best of what you have and make your choices for today count!

6. What is the one thing that you would change about your physical self? Something that you can’t change through work and goals.

A tough one! I guess I would not mind being taller. I’m 6’0 and shrinking? So just a couple more inches I think…6’2 or 6’3

7.  Do you remember the first time you got absolutely trashed? Remember anything about it?

I didn’t really ever get trashed. Did I act like it? Yes! Purposefully! I really had people (other kids at the time) wondering. I don’t like beer and it doesn’t really agree with me. Too many bad tastes as an under-aged minor possibly? Not that there were that many. Just tastes! I never over did it, but my stomach didn’t like it if I had more than a tasting.

8.  When you were a child, what was the one thing that you always thought you could be or wanted to be? (Before life blind-sided you?)

I always wanted to be a cowboy or a soldier. Typical boy dreams…anything where I could shoot a gun. We played Cowboys and Indians, Army, traipsing through the woods and around houses. Startling the neighbors every once in a while. We got up early and got to playing. I remember waving to a neighbor through her window as she made breakfast and we went past guns in hand in search of the enemy and saving the world!

9.   What food would you not eat, because you are too busy thinking about what it used to be? (When it was alive)

I’ve eaten most any kind of meat. I figure if cooked right it will all taste good. No matter what it was when it was alive. Now the question says food. But it also says when alive. So I take it to be meat…my prerogative! If cooked and prepared right, meaning it won’t kill you, I’ll at least try it. Insects and such are not food in my world!

10.  If there is one person that you could ask God to bring back for a little while longer, who would it be?

Good question! I would have to go with either my Mom or my Dad. Once I knew they were dying, they went too fast. I know that was good for them but gave me and others little time. But I KNOW I will see them again. No question in my mind about that! And what a reunion that will be!

11.  What is your favorite day of the week? Why?

When I was working/employed it would have been Saturday. It’s the weekend baby! Now being unemployed and taking work any time I can get it, I would have to say Sunday. It is the only day that is different than the rest of the week. I and my family go to church and worship God with like-minded fellow believers. It is a good way to start my week. I would also suggest this for everyone.

Here are those that I am tagging. You’re it! If you are more than a one person blog, maybe mix up the questions between you and have fun! I tried to not get too personal so let’s keep it light.

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Now on to the questions put before you!

  1. What is the strangest thing to happen to you or someone else (you saw it) while on a vacation/trip.
  2. What is your most romantic memory (or if it hasn’t happened yet) wish?
  3. What is the corniest thing you did while in school? I’ll allow any school.
  4. Who would you like to invite to dinner (living on earth) and what would you ask them?
  5. What is your favorite home comfort food? Whether it is packaged or someone has to make it?
  6.  Tomorrow you get to pick anything for your 3 types of meals…breakfast, lunch and dinner. What would you pick?
  7.  Next week you can go one place anywhere on Earth for a whole week. Where would you go and why?
  8. Which Biblical Old Testament figure would you like to go back and just be able to be around them, like best buds. Why?
  9. If you could be any musician/singer/instrumentalist or just have their talent who would it be and why?
  10. A philanthropist just gave you 10 Million Dollars and you have to split it 10 ways to give it away in one month. They will judge you on how well you do it. To who and how much do you give? Based on your decisions you will be given 1 Million Dollars or 1 Thousand Dollars
  11. If you get the 1 Million Dollars, what will you do with that?

I hope you all have fun with it! If there is anybody else who found that they were giving their own answers while they were reading them, please jot them down and post a link in the comments. I know I did!!! We all do!

Remember to leave a link in the comments- it might take some time for you to work through, so it would be great if everyone knew that they could now visit your blog.

Lastly- there is no pressure!!!! Do it, don’t do it! But know that I really would like you too…. And inquiring minds want to know!

Let me get moving to let you all know!!!! It’s the last job on the list.

I hope I do this right or you will never know you were tagged!

Later, Harold