Sunday January 1, 2012. Happy New Year Everyone! Went to church this morning, a good service.

Monday January 2, Re-organizing a closet today, looking much better than the mess it was. Some went to see the movie Tin Tin with Gma, they liked it.

Tuesday January 3, Got a plumbing job set for tomorrow. Went out to my sisters and took her son, my nephew, to the airport. Josh back to school today at WA for Winterim classes. LinkedIn at 283

Wednesday January 4, Did the plumbing job today, gotta go back and rod the kitchen sink waste line. With my sister this afternoon and evening. Tired. LinkedIn at 284

Thursday January 5, Finished up the plumbing job today, had to rod the stack. Tired.

Friday January 6, Woke up early with a whopper of a headache that never really went completely away. So I didn’t do much at all today.

Saturday January 7, Took James to Joliet train station for his 19 hour ride back to LeTourneau.

Sunday January 8, A good church service this morning. James called he made it to LETU okay.

Monday January 9, Was supposed to look at some possible plumbing work today. Didn’t happen. Miscommunication? Maybe tomorrow. Nice weather for January in Chicago! LinkedIn at 286

Tuesday January 10, Old man winter is still snoozing, I’ll take it! No workee, no payee. Did some scroll saw work today. Need to get back in it.

Wednesday January 11, The plumbing job came up today and I did it. Choir practice tonight was good after a long Christmas break.

Thursday January 12, Old man winter woke up today and is messing up Chicagoland! May be getting some work next week. LinkedIn at 289

Friday January 13, Lunched with Asst Pastor Jim today. With my sister this afternoon. Old man winter you can go back to sleep now! LinkedIn at 292

Saturday January 14, My brother called, I’ll be working with/for him on Monday. WA Academic Team won a tournament today with a 7 – 0 record! LinkedIn at 293

Sunday January 15, A good church service this morning, choir sang too. Brought some bagels and bread home. Friends took us (all of us!) out for lunch.

Monday January 16, Worked with/for my brother today and will again tomorrow. Tired. LinkedIn at 296

Tuesday January 17, Worked with/for my brother again today and got paid. Maybe again on Saturday. LinkedIn at 297

Wednesday January 18, Started back at the unemployed group meeting again. Choir practice was good tonight.

Thursday January 19, Boring day, LinkedIn at 298

Friday January 20, Will be working with/for my brother tomorrow. Snow storm!

Saturday January 21, Worked 12 hours today, tired and achy. Plumbing job lined up for Monday.

Sunday January 22, A good service this morning at church, choir sang. Weird weather for January, got lightning and thunder going on tonight!

Monday January 23, Did the plumbing job today, an easy one. LinkedIn at 300

Tuesday January 24, I found out I am still on the waiting list from my last interview. LinkedIn at 301

Wednesday January 25, Went to the unemployment group today and got a plumbing job out of it and did it. Another easy one. Choir practice tonight was good.

Thursday January 26, With my sister this afternoon. Night ended badly. LinkedIn at 303

Friday January 27, Day started badly. MULLIGAN!! Got some paper work done LinkedIn at 304

Saturday January 28, Had to wait 24 hours for the mulligan. Looked at some plumbing work. Wife and daughters went to a baby shower for my niece. Cleaned house today.

Sunday January 29, Choir practice started today for our Easter cantata! I lead singing during our evening service, some good worship songs. Got some plumbing work for tomorrow. LinkedIn at 305

Monday January 30, Did the plumbing job today, not a biggie. but it’s work. Handed out door hangers in 3 neighborhoods where I have worked. LinkedIn at 306

Tuesday January 31, worked with/for my brother today. Tired. Always am after that. I have Plantar Fasciitis in both feet and it acts up on these days, a lot of work on my feet, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting and carrying. LinkedIn at 309