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Colorado 2011

Hello everyone!

Just a quickie!

If you want to follow our church high school group on their Colorado trip, here is a link

Our son Josh is one of the group. He will be a junior this year. They have made their first stop in Nebraska and are back on the road this morning. No further updates here unless it is important.

Check out my Thankfulness page! Updates there periodically and daily on the current monthly page.

Later, Harold


Hello Everyone!

Today I went over the 3000 views threshold! It’s on the way to 4000! My actual viewership is up on the daily averages lately and I am getting a few more comments. Thanks to those of you taking time to make them. You can also leave them on older posts. I don’t mind going back to them. Some of you are new here so go ahead tell me what comes to mind at each post if you want to.

A new blog friend gave me some asked for advice on how to set up my Thankfulness page. I got it the way I wanted it (with some help from my son James too). Hopefully this will keep the cluttered look down over-all. Thanks Michelle! 🙂

I signed up with a company called Service Magic yesterday and got accepted today! What they do is give me leads on people who want/need plumbing work done. I have to contact them and try to get the work. So I will give this a try and see how it goes. I am not employed by them, just given the opportunity to get work for myself through them.

I guess that is about it for tonight. Friday dead ahead, then the weekend!

Later, Harold

A new page added!

Hello Everyone!

Well I got inspired by another blog that I read and left a comment on. Unfortunately I can’t find it…bummer…or I would list it here too.

This page I am calling the Thankfulness page and I explain about it there.

So won’t you check it out too and join in? It could be uplifting for all who read and participate or maybe just me. But I don’t want it to be just me!

If I find that blog I will list it here and there. Or if you happen to stop by, my blog friend, let me know it is you!

Later, Harold

Update! I knew it was somewhere close by! They left a comment!

The blog is by Patti Ross. Her title that day is Saying Thanks and it was on June 3 and the book she read is One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.

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