Thursday September 1, Did a plumbing job today to find a leak. Gonna be a big job don’t know if I will get the rest of it as of now. Yes! I got it! Start tomorrow, hopefully finish Saturday. Feeling better, but it is crunch time. My intestines are in spasm level 2. LinkedIn at 92

Friday September 2, Looked more at plumbing job today and got material, do it tomorrow. WA football game later tonight. Both teams lost. I was end zone cameraman for Varsity game. LinkedIn at 95

Saturday September 3, Did the plumbing job today. Took Benjamin with me, needed an extra pair of hands. A little less stressed for now, until it builds again.

Sunday September 4, Church this morning, kids and wife went to Graue Mill Forest Preserve and saw some Civil War camp re-enactments then visited with their G-parents. I took a nap (becoming habit?). LinkedIn at 96

Monday September 5, Swept the driveway to get all the road and rock debris off of it that had been washed on to it from the heavy rains. Mowed the yard. Getting cucumber and zucchini from the garden. Grilled burgers for supper.

Tuesday September 6, 2 plumbing jobs to do today then leave this evening for a 2 day out of town work with/for my brother. Back Thursday night maybe not here until Friday. Safe trip to Springfield IL.

Wednesday September 7, Long day of work, office set up. A couple laps in the hotel pool.

Thursday September 8, Another long day of work and safe trip home. A good nights sleep!

Friday September 9, Did a plumbing job. Football games tonight, both teams lost. End zone cameraman through the rain.

Saturday September 10, Got paid by my brother, needed. Finished up a plumbing job. Relaxed and caught up on stuff.

Sunday September 11, A day of remembrance, we will never forget! A good morning service at church. Bears win! LinkedIn at 110

Monday September 12, Spent time with my sister today. Sent an application in for a job in Peoria IL, hey, if it plays in Peoria…. I grew up across the river in East Peoria. LinkedIn at 112

Tuesday September 13, Did some filming of the football team at practice. Otherwise an uneventful day. Benjamin has been working lately after having time off.

Wednesday September 14, Joshua broke his arm at practice today, not bad but could have been worse. Getting cooler haven’t needed A/C in quite a while. Even with a broken arm Josh and I went to choir practice tonight. It was appreciated that we made it, though a bit late, under the circumstances. LinkedIn at 122

Thursday September 15, Appointment with ortho Dr. yep it’s broken and a cast after the 27th for about 6 weeks. No football for Josh. Bit of a run around day.

Friday September 16, updated email contacts. Football games, both lost, Josh bummed about not being able to participate and help. Gotta help him keep his spirits up. LinkedIn at 125

Saturday September 17, A beautiful day! We went to the Chicago Botanical Gardens. My wife bought some gourds for a project. Church tomorrow, choir singing! I’ll be the only Tenor with 4-5 Basses, good odds for me!

Sunday September 18, A good service this morning in church, choir sang well. Benjamin left for a week for his job. He will be traveling a lot now. Talked to and saw James on Skype this evening, he is doing well. Plumbing job to do tomorrow. Maybe more coming, hopefully soon.

Monday September 19, Took care of an easy plumbing job today. Sent resume to at least 3 places today, lost track. LinkedIn at 129

Tuesday September 20, A nice day, uneventful. Sent resume out to about half a dozen plumbing companies the last two days. LinkedIn at 132

Wednesday September 21, My sister’s birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We called and 4 of us sang to her! Did a job application for a hospital. Maybe plumbing work tomorrow, gotta call first AM. LinkedIn at 135

Thursday September 22, Did a plumbing job today, sump pump w/ battery back-up. LinkedIn at 137

Friday September 23, It is/was my birthday today! All 48 years of me. It was a busy day, but got my favorite cake made, Texas Sheet Cake. Yep more chocolate! Got my hair cut, needed. Guess I am more presentable now. Gonna have lasagna tomorrow for my birthday meal since it was so busy today. Football games tonight both teams got their first win and big ones too. Benjamin got home this evening from his work trip.

Saturday September 24, The day after let down. No lasagna, beef roast and mashed potatoes instead, which I do like. Not much food I don’t! Couldn’t do the potatoes the way I normally do, not enough extras. Other stuff going on too. Not feeling well. LinkedIn at 139

Sunday September 25, Didn’t feel well all day, relaxed, slept. Uneventful

Monday September 26, Feeling better, looked at a car with/for Benjamin. He and I went to Cici’s for all you can eat pizza with a $6 coupon

Tuesday September 27, Josh got the wrap off his arm. X-ray looks good. Now he has a cast on.

Wednesday September 28, Been going back on that big plumbing job I did a couple weeks ago, a leak kept showing up. Found it today and finally have it fixed. LinkedIn at 152

Thursday September 29, A windy day but no branches down. Grilled burgers for supper, good again! LinkedIn at 153

Friday September 30, The end of another month. A stressful or is that stress full day. Got financial stuff going on or not going as the case may be. Depends on how you look at it I guess. But got some help. NEED A JOB OR WORK!!!