Monday August 1, A new month! A/C!! Gonna be a hot week. Benjamin gets to borrow Grandparents car for his job until he can find one. 59 on LinkedIn. Signed up on Manta for small business. Boys mowed the yard today. Received a check for the job last Thursday.

Tuesday August 2, MIL birthday, wife baked a cake, chocolate! Benjamin started his job today. Washed some windows. A/C! Gave a plumbing bid with a carpenter friend for some bathroom work, hope we get it.

Wednesday August 3, Storms last night we didn’t lose power though in the evening it blinked off and back on a couple times, maybe as other repairs were being done. Choir practice tonight, a bit frustrating, music wasn’t right for us. Good news for James junior year of college! Plumbing work for tomorrow.

Thursday August 4, Ah, fresh air, no A/C, left the windows open from last night through all day today and tonight. Actually had and did 2 plumbing jobs today! 1 could lead to a good contact for more work, here’s hoping. 62 on LinkedIn.

Friday August 5, Well it has been an interesting week, full of news and hope! Now the weekend is upon us. Enjoy!

Saturday August 6, I missed a day! Not much happened. Saturday is our chore day, so the usual. Basically uneventful. Got some rain.

Sunday August 7, Church today, two good services this morning and then this evening the high school group talked about their trip to Colorado. Took a short nap this afternoon. Got some jobs scheduled for tomorrow and Tuesday! Another in the works. A bit bummed though. Friday was my Mom’s birthday and I didn’t have enough money to get flowers to the church in her memory. 😦

Monday August 8, Did 2 plumbing jobs today, easy and quick. More windows washed. Wife and 3 youngest went to do some crafts with my sister. More rain yesterday and today keeping it somewhat cooler. LinkedIn at 64.

Tuesday August 9, Did a plumbing job today! Boys mowed the lawn. Young ones swimming at neighbors. Then they went fishing and Kyle caught a little sun fish. LinkedIn at 66.

Wednesday August 10, Another cool day no A/C, even turning fans off! Josh started 2 a day football practices. Choir practice went good tonight. A bit settled from last week, though we are only singing 1 song instead of 3. LinkedIn at 68.

Thursday August 11, Cool again today, no A/C. Laura applying for an art teaching position through our home school connection. Had to re-re-fix a shower door section, think I got it this time, thought so last time too! The caulking at least looks better!! 🙂 Liquid Nails had a part in it. Romaine lettuce from the garden in our salads tonight.

Friday August 12, Cool, no A/C. LinkedIn at 70. Benjamin back from work trip to CA. Weekend!

Saturday August 13, Cool still, lovin’ not running the A/C! Got some rain too, needed for the garden. Josh working at WA today after FB practice. LinkedIn at 71

Sunday August 14, Church services AM and PM, good. Choir song with worship team was good. Got 2 plumbing jobs set up. Took a nap I was told, I guess I must have snored again. 😉 I’ve never heard it!

Monday August 15, Did 1 of the plumbing jobs, set the other one up for tomorrow. Football pizza dinner for sons and Dads tonight at WA. I think I am getting Pizza’d out lately! Is that possible?! Making a contact for a friend who lost their job. Now wouldn’t that be neat to help someone get a job?! Okay, neat isn’t cool any more but it fits how I feel and that’s good enough for me, NEAT! 🙂

Tuesday August 16, Did another plumbing job today, kitchen sink, faucet replaced and filter faucet added. A long job! Tired and achy. Aleve! Still not needing A/C! LinkedIn at 75

Wednesday August 17, Spent time with my sister today. Signed on with another online job search.

Thursday August 18, James is getting ready to leave for college this weekend, so I made dinner tonight. My infamous Italian Meatloaf and my even more infamous mashed potatoes. Never had any complaints and it was another HIT tonight. Along with a salad that had romaine lettuce from our garden and our first cucumber of the year. Had to put the A/C on for a while, but windows back open tonight. LinkedIn at 76

Friday August 19, The plumbing, wood crafting chef struck again! This time with Sloppy Joes. I did go by the recipe at first then added some of my concoctions. Another HIT! Maybe I should do a food blog! I do a mean chili too. It burns going down and coming out if you get my drift. It may be a hemorrhoid cure! James getting ready to leave for college tomorrow. WA starts Monday. Things are gonna change around here.

Saturday August 20, James is off on the train to LeTourneau University in Longview Texas. Starting his Jr. year. WA had their fall sports day. I am back manning the end zone camera. Someone paid for our sons FB pasta dinners and then someone paid for our booster membership! God’s true people are truly good people! We have been blessed by them.

Sunday August 21, A good AM service at church. Heard from James, he made it okay, hopefully gets his stuff tomorrow. Church picnic this evening, a good time and good food. Played softball, made a good catch out in right field. LinkedIn at 77

Monday August 22, Official first day of school at WA. Josh is back at it. Benjamin worked today and with James off to college it was a different household. I am officially going with the football team on their St. Louis trip this coming weekend.

Tuesday August 23, It has been cool no A/C needed. Turning off fans too. Is this really August? Getting needed rain. LinkedIn at 79

Wednesday August 24, Spent all day with my sister.

Thursday August 25, Getting ready for the football team trip to St. Louis. Be back Saturday night. Westminster Christian Academy 5 PM, I’ll be in one end zone, come say hi. Sold our big blue van this evening. Had some good vacations with it; Florida, Wash DC, camping. All 8 of us packed in and just taking off, good memories. LinkedIn at 81

Friday August 26, A safe arrival in St. Louis. A good football game, WA lost but could have won. Too many mistakes. It was hot! I got toasted down on the field.

Saturday August 27, The JV team lost also. Just as hot in the stands. We went to the Arch but not up it. A safe trip back home. Met a scroll saw friend at the game.

Sunday August 28, A ONE worship service with 7 churches combined in downtown Elmhurst. A good service. Relaxed this afternoon.

Monday August 29, Caught up with blog reading, and email. A cool uneventful day after a busy weekend. LinkedIn at 86

Tuesday August 30, Did a plumbing job this morning. Got to go up on the skyjack at WA and video the football team at practice this afternoon. Met all of Joshua’s teachers tonight. My brother called and asked me to work with him 2 days next week. LinkedIn at 89

Wednesday August 31, an uneventful day. Getting hot but left the A/C off. LinkedIn at 90