So here we go with November, a month to give thanks in!

Tuesday November 1, Josh got his cast off today! Arm looks good. Still no heavy lifting for two more weeks. A nice day today. Josh also inducted into NHS this evening at WA. LinkedIn at 204

Wednesday November 2, A nice day. Benjamin left for a couple days, his work finally got something going after 2 weeks off. Choir practice tonight, my solo and duet parts went well. LinkedIn at 207

Thursday November 3, So what happened today? I duhno, it’s all blurbled together. Every day seems the same. LinkedIn at 210

Friday November 4, Gave a friend a ride to their court day, heard later that it went well, which is good. Had a quiet day around the house. Got some work lined up for Wednesday, need more before that! LinkedIn at 213

Saturday November 5, Coach Wilson came home last night less than 2 weeks after brain surgery! Prayers being answered! Some football players and parents got together and raked leaves at Coach Wilson’s house this morning. Good time! Football banquet tonight, good food and good time. Benjamin got back tonight. Church services tomorrow, choir singing AM and PM. My duet/solo in AM. It is the start of Missions Conference week. LinkedIn at 216

Sunday November 6, Missions conference week has started with two good services today. Choir sang at both services and the duet/solo went well. Cantata practice in the afternoon. So a lot of singing today.

Monday November 7, With my sister for part of the day. I’m stressing! A crisis averted with help. Facebook is a lighten upper for me. LinkedIn at 217

Tuesday November 8, Back to Missions conference tonight, another good one. Got more plumbing for tomorrow. LinkedIn at 220

Wednesday November 9, Did the plumbing work. A good day. Getting colder weather. Benjamin gets to use Gma and Gpa’s car for the next two days as his work is in the area this time.

Thursday November 10, Scheduled a plumbing job interview for Monday! An orientation meeting for a possible job on Tuesday evening. Went to Missions conference tonight. LinkedIn at 226

Friday November 11, Happy Veterans Day! Missions conference pizza night! I ate too much after serving it first. Got some good news about getting my CCCDI license. LinkedIn at 230

Saturday November 12, A nice day! Mowed the front yard, chopping up all the leaves. Josh went with the church HS youth group for a service project in a Chicago neighborhood.

Sunday November 13, A good day! Two good services AM and PM to end Missions Conference week at church. We went to my wife’s parents church’s Harvest Home dinner in between. Lots of prayer for my interview tomorrow. I am ready and prepared!

Monday November 14, The interview went well. Now I wait about a week to hear something. Pepto Bismol, Rolaids and Tums, medicines of choice this week? Had supper at my wife’s parents and with her brother who was in town for the church dinner.

Tuesday November 15, Had a couple nice days in a row. Joshua’s 17th birthday today. Can you say chocolate Texas Sheet cake?! The main word is CHOCOLATE! LinkedIn at 235

Wednesday November 16, A cooler day. Choir practice was good tonight. Our choir directors Mom died today, Peg you will be missed. My sister stopped by with a cake for Joshua, more sweets!

Thursday November 17, Coldest day so far! I am tired of the job wait! 😦  Still looking though, but nothing new. I feel stuck! Benjamin left this morning, hopefully back on Wednesday. LinkedIn at 236

Friday November 18, Boring day. Later went to my sisters and had pizza and watched the movie Rio. Kids loved it. LinkedIn at 237

Saturday November 19, After a late night a late start. It is my daughters 9 th birthday today! Can you say…what else…CHOCOLATE! Our 2nd Texas Sheet cake in 4 days! I think if everyone just had a little chocolate every day the world would be a much nicer place! Just saying!

Sunday November 20, Two good Sunday services at church today. Had cardboard testimonies during the AM service. All 6 of us at home participated! PM service was our Thanksgiving service instead of the Wednesday before. We also had a soup, salad, dessert meal also. LinkedIn at 241

Monday November 21, My insides did not like today, previous food or stress or both. A friend dropped off a turkey and a box of food. Much appreciated! Plumbing work for tomorrow. LinkedIn at 242

Tuesday November 22,  Did two plumbing jobs today. Going back again tomorrow on one. My brother called and asked me to work with him next week. We are having guests for Thanksgiving.

Wednesday November 23, Got the rest of the plumbing job from yesterday done. Benjamin made it home. We cleaned house all day in anticipation of tomorrow. LinkedIn at 243

Thursday November 24, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We had my wifes parents and my wifes ESL student, her husband, their new baby and their friend over for dinner. New friends from Burma! I can claim my mashed potatoes are world famous as they liked them too! 🙂

Friday November 25, Another Thanksgiving meal this afternoon with my family at my brothers house. More good food.

Saturday November 26, Stress setting in again, my insides don’t like it. LinkedIn at 244

Sunday November 27, A good AM service at church today. LinkedIn at 245

Monday November 28, Worked with/for my brother today, a good day. LinkedIn at 247

Tuesday November 29, Worked with/for my brother again today, a good day. It is good to get out of the house all day two days in a row. LinkedIn at 252

Wednesday November 30, Stephanie had her interview today, for admission to WA for next year, so we are progressing towards that end. LinkedIn at 253