So here we go another month. This makes the fifth month for this Thankfulness part of my blog. I have been honest in my thankful items and also put down some not so good stuff just to try and keep it real, not all fluff. I have some real stressful stuff going on, so it is not all golden. But I am trying to look at the good stuff too.

Lets see what this month brings.

Saturday October 1, A nice day, sunshine and football games. WA lost both. A friend has some plumbing work for me to do, but later this week, maybe. Got quite a few views today on the blog!

Sunday October 2, Church services AM and PM were good. I lead the singing for the PM service, some good hymns. Christmas cantata practice started today too. So that means more singing every week! Been sending out more resumes for possible jobs. Even found one this evening.

Monday October 3, A very nice day! Looks like a nice week too! Today was uneventful. LinkedIn at 155

Tuesday October 4, Mowed the yard today. Picked the last of the zucchini. Got some raspberries to pick yet. I see one peach on the peach tree. LinkedIn at 159

Wednesday October 5, Finally got a desk out of the garage and into the house. Had to do some prep work on it. Also finally got my birthday meal of lasagna! It is worth waiting for! LinkedIn at 161

Thursday October 6,  Second meal of the lasagna, just as good as the first! Another sunshine day. Still sending out resumes, but no responses.

Friday October 7, My wife’s birthday! Two weeks after mine, but she is younger than me. I just turned 48 and she was born the same year. There! I didn’t tell her age. 😉 Homecoming weekend at WA. Varsity soccer won and then fireworks afterward! Football games tomorrow.

Saturday October 8, A great day for football, but both teams lost. JV played the first game at WA in quite a long time! All our home games are played at West Chicago High School or Wheaton College. Some day we may have our own home field. The Varsity game was at West Chicago. I’m getting quite a bit of sun these past two weekends and feeling it. Bought some pieces of Black Tie Mousse cake from Olive Garden for a continuing birthday for my wife. It’s her favorite other than some homemade cakes.

Sunday October 9, Two good Sunday services at church today. I got to lead singing again tonight. Cantata practice this afternoon. Got some plumbing work to hopefully do soon. LinkedIn at 164

Monday October 10, Got some work scheduled for tomorrow and for Wednesday evening. Signed up on Facebook. LinkedIn at 165

Tuesday October 11, Did the plumbing job today, probably a bit more to come. So I am tired tonight, but it is a good tired. Benjamin got back from another work trip. That’s his schedule recently, out for about 4-5 days, in for 2 and back out again.

Wednesday October 12, Did another plumbing job this evening, more to come from it. Connecting with friends on Facebook. LinkedIn at 168

Thursday October 13, Got some rain today. I guess it was needed, been dry lately. Moved some desks around for better spacing and computer use. LinkedIn at 169

Friday October 14, Cleaned the bathroom walls. Football games tonight, JV won, Varsity lost. Had to fight the wind tonight with the camera being 30 feet up! The pole had a nice curve to it. It was quite chilly just sitting there, can’t move around much.

Saturday October 15, Coach said the video was a lot better than he anticipated! He thought he would get sea-sick watching it considering the wind, but I kept it pretty stable. Finished posting pictures of my wood workings/craftings to Facebook. Found out our son Joshua was selected for NHS, just like his two older brothers. Church tomorrow!

Sunday October 16, A good Sunday AM service at church, Christmas cantata practice in the afternoon, Semi-annual business meeting in the PM. Bears win! St. Louis Cardinals going to the World Series!

Monday October 17, With my sister most of the day. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. LinkedIn at 170

Tuesday October 18, An older brother’s birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dorie Griggs from Off The Base blog has a birthday today too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dorie!! Josh will get his cast off today, x-rays and probably another cast for two weeks. Josh now has a half cast on and the color is black. Everything looks good. Benjamin got back from another work trip, now home for a week. LinkedIn at 171

Wednesday October 19, Almost all the football team members, 4 coaches, 1 parent/teacher and myself had our hair buzzed off in support of the head football coach who will be having surgery soon. Too surprise him tomorrow. Choir practice tonight to sing this Sunday AM. Everyone liked the sentiment behind Josh’s and my hair cut.

Thursday October 20, We all gathered before school to surprise coach, but he had found out, but appreciated it. More kids and coaches got their hair buzzed after the football team dinner tonight. I was with my sister most of today.

Friday October 21, Football games tonight, both teams lost and the season is over. Gave coach a hug and wished him the best. Got some work for Monday.

Saturday October 22, A nice day! Cleaned house. LinkedIn at 177

Sunday October 23, Good church services today. Choir sang in the AM service. I lead singing in the PM service. Stopped at Noodles & Co. with my wife on the way home. Another nice day. Bears won! LinkedIn at 179

Monday October 24, Did a plumbing job this morning. It was an easy one. More to come from it. WA head football coach had successful surgery today! Many prayers said on his behalf. Now recovery time. LinkedIn at 182

Tuesday October 25, Parent/teacher conferences at WA today, Josh is doing well. His writing will get better when the cast comes off! Well…at least he won’t have that for an excuse!! WA head football coach doing well after surgery. LinkedIn at 186

Wednesday October 26, Slept in today. Finished Stephanie’s application for WA next year. Choir practice tonight, I got a duet and solo part! LinkedIn at 187

Thursday October 27, Got some work lined up for Saturday. LinkedIn at 189

Friday October 28, With my sister again today, watched World Series, Cardinals win! Josh left for weekend retreat with youth group.

Saturday October 29, Did plumbing job today, more to come. A nice day, getting cooler. LinkedIn at 193

Sunday October 30, Cantata practice today, Benjamin went too. LinkedIn at 195

Monday October 31, Happy Halloween. Had a boring day for the most part. Still sending out resumes. Only 4 kids came to our door, didn’t know any of them! None of the neighbor kids came, strange. LinkedIn at 197