It is December and the race is on to the end of the year.

Thursday December 1, Did a plumbing job today. It has been a busy week. Supposed to work with/for my brother tomorrow afternoon/evening and Saturday. LinkedIn at 255

Friday December 2, Worked with/for my brother. Staying busy.

Saturday December 3, Worked with/for my brother again. Then did a plumbing job late this evening/night. Tired! LinkedIn at 257

Sunday December 4, Two good services at church today AM and PM. Got a plumbing job for tomorrow. Cantata practice today too.

Monday December 5, Did the plumbing job today, pretty easy. Busy 6 out of 8 days for work! Benjamin working in the Chicago area for a couple days. LinkedIn 260

Tuesday December 6, Day didn’t start too good. Had lunch with a friend later. That was good. Called about the job, he was out. Try again tomorrow. LinkedIn at 262

Wednesday December 7, Did a plumbing job today, more tomorrow. Went to Wheaton Academy tonight for their Christmas concert, all good! LinkedIn at 264

Thursday December 8, Finished up the plumbing job today, for now. There will be more at a later date. James called, on his way home from college, by train, will pick him up tomorrow afternoon. LinkedIn at 265

Friday December 9, Picked up James at the Amtrak station today, so we are back to full strength. A family of 8 again for the holidays. Everyone is glad he is back. Cleaned house today.

Saturday December 10, We all took it easy today after staying up too late last night. Lasagna for supper!

Sunday December 11, Two good services at church today. Choir sang a song from next weeks cantata in the morning. I lead singing in the evening, a pick your Christmas carol time.

Monday December 12, Did a plumbing job today. Got another one for tomorrow. Finals week for Josh. LinkedIn at 266

Tuesday December 13, Started a repair on a 1974 Sears 1 piece toilet today. Need to find one more part so I can complete it tomorrow.

Wednesday December 14, Repaired the toilet today! Went to a group meeting for the unemployed and got some helpful insights. Another job, replaced a sump pump this evening. Final choir cantata practice went well tonight, we are ready! Two performances on Sunday AM and PM. Benjamin and Joshua are singing too and Stephanie in the kids choir. LinkedIn at 268

Thursday December 15, Got a call from a recruiter. Interview set up for tomorrow. LinkedIn at 270

Friday December 16, Interview went well, will be passed on to prospective employer. More waiting. Ordered out pizza, first time in a while.

Saturday December 17, Went out to a movie and dinner afterwards, been a while for that too.

Sunday December 18, Choir cantata in  AM and PM church services today. Both went well. You could say I am sung out. Fighting off a minor cold and lots of singing. My throat is a bit scratchy and voice a bit hoarse. Got a week to get it back in shape.

Monday December 19, Got a late start, no kids going to school this week. No work scheduled. Took some packages to the post office for my sister. LinkedIn at 273

Tuesday December 20, With my sister again today. Need some work. LinkedIn at 274

Wednesday December 21, Got a plumbing job set up for tomorrow. Sent out resumes to 3 possible opportunities. LinkedIn at 276

Thursday December 22, Did the plumbing job today

Friday December 23, Christmas cookie baking today at our house, smells good!

Saturday December 24, Christmas Eve! Spent the afternoon and evening with my sister.

Sunday December 25, Merry Christmas! Went to church this morning. Having Christmas dinner at our house. Then gift time.

Monday December 26, Went to Bear Lake Indiana for Laura’s family annual after Christmas get together. Everyone there except a nephew putting in 12 hour days, going to be an MD.

Tuesday December 27, Woke up to a very measurable snow fall and a pretty one at that! No one brought snow clothes! LinkedIn at 277

Wednesday December 28, Had a fireworks display! unplanned and unanticipated! Then the movie Cars 2.

Thursday December 29, Time to leave and drive home. Got two plumbing jobs during the week away! Got home to find, of two already scheduled jobs, one already done and one postponed. Did one plumbing job tonight, more to come from it. LinkedIn at 280

Friday December 30, Got called to come back and do more plumbing from last night and finished that up. May have another job tomorrow. LinkedIn at 281

Saturday December 31, The last day of 2011! I looked at a job today. May not do it for a while. Played games with the kids and we all watched the New Year come in, in NYC and then Chicago. LinkedIn at 282