Hello Everyone!

With some time off the internet last week I came across some old photos my Dad had taken as a soldier when he was over seas during WW II. He was in the Signal Core and was assigned to the Burma Road theatre during 1945-46. From the photos and having seen some of his old 8MM movies I know he was in India, Burma and China. He was one of those veterans that didn’t say much about the war. So these photos were an interesting find. Maybe there are more in my siblings possessions or still at the house.

I was going over some photos that I had been given after my Mom died Dec. 2009. My Dad had died in May 2006. I anticipated the photos being mainly of me and my family but some how these ended up in the box too.

I am sharing them with you and showing some of his writing on the back or just the photo and putting in his words underneath. I will update places and spelling after his comments.

This was the most interesting find of all the photos!

My Chinese Friend

Lee Fo Chen Sept.'45 Kwajang

After trying to look it up, it could be any number of cities in Southeast China. I am pretty sure it is not spelled right. Also I am not sure of the spelling of his friends name. I am trying my best to interpret his writing. Now for both front and back together.

I just wanted to put them side by side.

It would be very exciting to know more about this man or his family. But with my Dad gone, I figure this man is very old if not also passed on. Also with the history of China since WW II, it is not likely I would be able to find out much with the little I have.

Konming 1945 actually Kunming

Kunming is where the Burma Road terminated in China. It came from two destinations. The first starting point was Lashio in Burma (now Myanmar). After part of that road was cut by the Japanese, it was started again from Ledo in India. I think this may have been the portion that my Dad was on.

Untitled 1945

Just a date on the back of this one. I think this is still in China.

Again just a date on the back, possibly still in China.

Taj Mahal Post card

Christmas Eve service chapel at the 371st station hospital Kanchrapara, India. Pictures is the Tajma hal at Agra, India (Taj Mahal).

So at the end of 1945 my Dad is in India.

Untitled 1945

Possibly in Calcutta, India now Kolkata.

Horse drawn Garrie Calcutta 1945

Untitled 1945

Could still be in Calcutta. Another ship is in the background.

Snake charmer Calcutta 1946

Bathers in the Hoogley Calcutta 1946

Howrah Bridge Calcutta 1946

Rabindra Setu?

Loaded trolley Calcutta 1946

Monument at entrance Victoria Memorial Calcutta 1946

The King Edward VII Arch

Victoria Memorial Calcutta 1946

The Victoria Memorial Hall

I hope you enjoyed this find, maybe there will be more!

Later, Harold