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The Hiatus Is Off

Hello Everyone!

I am back to dole out more punishment as per this blog!

We went to my wife’s family’s annual get together in Indiana. As always it was a good time and almost all were there. We missed one niece who has growed up, being a college grad with a new job and all. But we had one GF who made up the number and kept us at 28 this year. That is from two grandparents to two great grand kids and everyone in between. Your spot was filled but you were not replaced Mimi! Though if you miss next year we may have to try!! 🙂

I hope all of you had a good Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.

I am looking forward to more scroll saw work. I have different projects in mind and just want to get back to making saw dust after some days off from doing so. When we got back and checked the mail one package that I had sent was returned. A bit of a bummer! It was marked “attempted unknown”. I guess “unknown” trumps rain or shine, ice or storm…the BIG unknown just can’t get through. I am waiting to see if I got the wrong addy or something. I hope I can use the same box, that would be a waste if I can’t. Just put new stickers on and good to go right?

I will show you some individual pics of some Christmas word ornaments that I did as a group pic in a previous post.

Later, Harold


On hiatus

Hello Everyone!

There will be no posts until at least Wednesday maybe Thursday. As the title says I am on hiatus for a couple days.

Have a great week! I will! Post at ya later, Harold

Oh Christmas Tree

Hello Everyone!

First, I would like to wish all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

May the coming year be better than the last!

We went to church tonight for our Christmas Eve service. It was good! I lead singing on some songs with a pianist and our worship team leader lead and played his guitar on others. There were readings, special music and some drama presentations too.

My second gift came too. I got my post back from 2 days ago. Thanks wordpress.

So, what about that Christmas tree? I will show you 3 pics of Christmas trees I cut. The first one is pretty basic. The second one is designed by my wife. The third one is drawn by my wife but she kinda copied it from one of my scroll saw friends. I don’t remember who exactly. So if you see this my scroll saw friend and say, hey that’s mine, tell me I would like to give you credit for the original idea.

May I wish this for you my friends, readers and family.

May you look to Jesus for all your needs this coming year. For without the baby in the manger (Jesus) there would not be a Christmas. He came to live as a man amongst us, to die as our Savior and to rise as our Redeemer and LORD. May you find Joy, Peace, Hope and Love in Jesus, especially at this time of year.

I wish you that Joy, Peace, Hope and Love! Harold 🙂


a bit plain but nice

Sharp angle cuts!

Laura's design

I like it and it was fun to cut!

Someones design

This one was fun too. I like cutting curves.


Catching Up!

Hello Everyone!

I am catching up with the orders! All are cut and sanded. Most are painted. But my hand painter is baking cookies here today with her mom. My spray painting technique needs help. I don’t really know what I am doing wrong. Some times it works out great, but when it goes bad it really stinks!

I got one order in the mail and another was picked up. I tried to deliver another order but he was not at work today. So if you read this Rob G. your order is done. I will try again tomorrow. You NEED to show it off there. Or you can contact me too.

Also a neighbor asked me to do a project for them. It is cutting a wood seat for a chair. So I said yes.  She also wants a snowflake ornament. She didn’t have time to get it at the craft show.

I tried out a new contact form on yesterdays post that wordpress just put out. I lost the whole post! I don’t know if I will get it back. 😦 I can’t remember all that I said. Then I tried it on this one and lost it too! So I had to re-do it. I guess I will wait until they get the bugs worked out.

I also repaired our kitchen faucet today. Yep even in a plumbers house things go wrong with the plumbing. But I had saved parts and faucets from jobs and had the exact part out in the garage. I just had to go find it. It’s good as new! I think I get that saving parts thing from my grandfather. It has come in handy many times over the years. Lots of happy customers when you don’t have to order new parts and wait for them or have to replace the whole faucet when I have had parts in the truck or at my house. 🙂

So here are pics of the rest of Rob’s order.

Later, Harold

Too busy to blog!

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since my last post. You could say I have been on hiatus making saw dust. The scroll saw has been busy!

I lost count at around 40 items that were ordered and have been cutting them the last few days. Now I am in the treatment stage. Wood treatment! What were you thinking?!

Though after sniffing the fumes I may need it myself.

I am using furniture polish, staining, spray painting and hand painting and finally a lacquer finish.

Some of the ornaments that are done and are local have been delivered personally by me or will be. Others will be in the mail that go out of state and probably late. Sorry the volume got to me, I will ASAP them. I have Wheaton Academy orders that are in the finishing stage and I will be delivering them too.

It all started out slowly, then like the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill the orders increased and along with that the number of items and boom the snowball turned into Frosty the Snowman on steroids. Kinda like the Stay-puff Marshmellow Man in the Ghostbusters movie. He wouldn’t hurt you but still get out of the way!

But I couldn’t get out of the way, I created the monster and I had to do the work and literally cut it into pieces. Ahhaaa, hahahahahaha. Now how’s that for playing with words?! And when the dust settled…ahhaaa hahahahaha…I kill myself sometimes…the monster is no more. Kinda like Leroy Brown at the end…a jigsaw puzzle with a couple a pieces gone!

Oh! The parody of it all! Are you scared some times? In the words of Yoda…you will be, you will be!

I will show you some pics of what I/we have been working on.

Now that was an abrupt stop wasn’t it. Well, I got work to do!

Later, Harold

Wesley ordered this. Thanks Wesley!

Rob ordered this

The other two are in the painting stage Rob. I will get them to you.


Name Ornaments

Hello everyone,

Well after moving the scroll saw inside I have been busy making saw dust.

What have I been cutting? You ask such good questions! I may have to lead you by the hand but you do get there. I have been cutting name ornaments. Today I will show you some that were ordered plain. I just cut and sand them. Of course that is after designing, printing, gluing and drilling holes for the blade.

Plus a pic of one that I need to hear how they want it finished. It is a gift that they didn’t know about but will hopefully see and let me know how they want it done. What am I talking about?! Only I know the details of this one and it is not for all my readers to know. Just that special one.

Also a pic of my new situation room (aka laundry room) where I am doing the work. Well at least the cutting and the spraying of the adhesive. Design and print are upstairs and drill and sand are still out in the garage.

I got more to do sooo….

Later, Harold

It ain't purty but its warmer than the garage!

Yep that’s my heater in the background.





I moved inside!

Hello everyone!

Well the cold finally got serious here in the Chicago area.

We had talked about how and where to move the scroll saw inside. We decided on the laundry room. So we moved a 4 drawer filing cabinet out and a bunch of paint cans and in came the scroll saw. Much warmer and I don’t have to put on all those layers to stay warm for only a couple hours. Then come inside warm up and not want to go back out again.

Now I can scroll for as long as I want. I do have to go out to the garage to use the drill press, band saw and sander, but that isn’t very long. I can handle that.

I have been burning the mental fires during this cold snap and coming up with ideas to cut. They are on the back burner though until I get caught up with all the orders that have been coming in. I lost count when they got into the thirties. I think I have close to forty orders to cut in total; ornaments, desktop names and football jerseys.

Sorry no pics tonight. Hope you had a good weekend. The week is before us.

Later, Harold

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