Hi Everyone!

I am new to wood crafting. Kind of making it a hobby/business. Gonna see how it goes.

In real life I am a plumber and a darn good one at that! No ifs, ands or buts about it! My forte is service work/jobbing. If I can’t fix it, most likely it should have been replaced long before I got there. I have been working on plumbing since 1982, 28 years and counting. I have worked on all kinds of plumbing. From new installations to plumbing that is over 100 years old. From Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive high rises and gold coast, to suburban homes and everything in between. I can fix almost any thing if it uses water.

Currently in these tough times I am unemployed and looking for the right place to start again. Meaning build a good reputation again and bring in business for a plumbing company. I have done this for three service companies and a new start does not scare me. I know my capabilities. I do honest and reliable work and that reflects in repeat customers and recommendations to friends, relatives and others, bringing in more business.

I am married to my first and only wife since 1985, that’s 25 years and counting. We have six kids. Yep, that’s right no typo there. Four boys and two girls. Two in college, one in H.S., one Jr. High and two grade school. Going back that is B,B,B,G,B,G.

I thought I would like to try my hands at some sort of wood working. My dad was a carpenter and soon as I was able to push brooms and clean up I was on his job sites and as I got older actually doing the work with him. I started learning the plumbing trade at 18 and haven’t looked back. I learned how to correctly use hand and power tools and treat them with respect. So I started buying tools on craigslist and got some deals and some good tools. Then IĀ  started putting them to use. Here you will read about and see my handiwork as you peruse my blog and I add to it.

Thanks for stopping by,

Later, Harold

This is me

I was recently given the Liebster Award, now to pass it on.