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A Job Search Death

Hello Everyone,

Nope, it wasn’t me, just that opportunity.

I have alluded to what the problem is/was. If you have read the about me post or some of my job search posts or caught it on some of the other posts, I am a Plumber. That is my trade. It is what I do and want to do to earn a living and provide for my family, which is me, my wife of 25 years and six kids (college through grade school). That means paying as many bills as possible and keeping us sheltered and fed. Also the ever important transportation and the liquid gold that they run on.

So what would you expect me to do when laid off? Go and be an electrician or a carpenter? I don’t think so. Oh! maybe a doctor or lawyer. I hear they almost make as much as a plumber (sarcasm). No, I am going to do what I have learned and trained to do…PLUMBING! I also might let people know that I am a plumber that is out of work to try and get the odd plumbing job here or there to bring in some income. Using friends, neighbors, relatives and word of mouth to get the word out. Hey, I know a good plumber, here’s his number give him a call.

Well there is also this thing called the internet! Have you heard about it? Is it a secret? Do you know it can be used to even help? SH…don’t tell too many people the word might get out. Ever since Al Gore opened his big mouth!! 😉

So I put the internet to use for me. Gosh! People can do that! It is shocking don’tcha know! Sh…again don’t tell anyone about this!

Just so happens company3 didn’t like what I was doing. So in order to get the position of plumber I agreed to shut down what I was doing. That is, elsewhere from this blog. This is a wood crafting blog and maybe ranting and raving a bit. Not to technically advertise PLUMBER FOR HIRE! Oops! teehee hee!! 🙂 So I was okay with that, no problem and we continued on. Well that issue became the main reason they did not offer to hire me. It concerned them. Even after I had said I would stop as soon as my name was on the dotted line. They even said they would get some legal papers to sign I said, okay. Let’s git’er done!! But no! It didn’t work out that way.

That little mole hill? I dug it up and smoothed it over on my part. For them it became Mount Everest! I then died on that there mountain. An icy, cold frosted death. I don’t feel no love here! No warmth! No fuzzy feelings!

So it is over until the next opportunity presents itself. I’ll keep on looking for it.

In the mean time thank you Al Gore! 😉

Later, Harold

Job search 4

Hello Everyone,

Well, I guess I got disappointing news today but it won’t be for sure until tomorrow. Yep, company3 is going to say, “sorry charlie”.

My plumbing activity scares them! Who’da thunk it? I was honest about it and I am a plumber. Honesty is the best policy, but you may get some backlash for it. I guess I should look at it as their loss. If they don’t want an honest plumber then they are not right for me.

So, Hey Chicagoland! If anyone wants an honest plumber. One who treats the customer with respect. Earns their trust and who they will call back and ask for. A plumber they will recommend to their family, friends and neighbors. All increasing your bottom line! I am right here! Look no farther!

Also my friendly readers, if you know a plumbing company in the Chicago area, send them my way. Or if you know someone who needs a plumber who will treat them right, send them my way. I have even done plumbing by phone! It is hard to get my tools though the phone line, but I have talked people through their plumbing problems without having to show up! Imagine that!! Who does that these days?

Well, thanks for reading my little rant! I feel better. I think I needed that.

Now do I hit delete or publish? All these decisions to make that can effect and affect people and things and the future!

Well, if you read this you know the decision was made to let you read and know what I am going through and thinking!

Thanks for your support, 10’s, 20’s and 50’s are appreciated! 100’s too! 🙂

Later, Harold

Should I get a Paypal button? 😉

The Job Search 3

Hello Everyone,

Well I had the interview with the GM of company 3 on Monday and it went well in my opinion. It does seem they want to hire me and I said I would work for them (I mean I am doing all this). But an actual offer has not happened…yet.

There could be a sticky point that I can’t really get into right now but it has something to do with…how shall I say this…doing my own thing in the plumbing area so to speak. But I think we worked that out, once we all sign on the dotted lines…so to speak. Soooo I wait to hear from them again.

In the mean time I should push the buttons on company 2 and see what is happening there. Company 1 HA! fuhgedaboudit! Then see if anything else comes up.

I guess that is about it. Hump day, get past today it is downhill to the weekend.

Later, Harold

My WWWP 5K X 2

Hello Everyone!

I completed my version of the WWWP 5K today! It was a beautiful day in the Chicago area at around 70 degrees F and sunny. So the wife and I went on a bike ride and I figure it at least doubled a 5K. Hence, the 5K x 2.

It was a nice ride. We went through the valley subdivision behind us. We saw some people out doing yard work, it was a good day for that too.

We crossed route 53 and went into Hidden Lake Forest Preserve. I had not been over there since the fall. All the tall grasses had either been cut or were still flattened from our winter snows. It just seemed empty. I could see right down to the waters edge from the paths. Normally you can’t and there are foot paths through the tall grass that the fisherman take to get down by the lake.

We rode around both lakes that are there and stopped on the bridge over the east branch of the Dupage river on our way out from the hidden lake. Here are some pics from the bridge.

On the bridge looking south

This is looking down the path towards the hidden lake.

Looking north from the bridge

This takes us back out to the parking areas and the other lake.

Looking down river from the bridge

This would be towards the west and down river to the bend where it starts heading south again.

zoomed in

Lots of bright sunshine! It has been pretty gloomy here lately.

Looking down from the bridge

The water was running high and fast.

Looking down on the east side

All the sticks and branches hanging uo on the rocks creating a dam effect.

looking east from the bridge

The calm lake effect from the damming of the river and a wetlands area. Usually lots of ducks and geese with some herons and egrets. More forest preserve beyond the power line towers going up the hill with the building beyond at the top of the hill.

Close up of the little island

People go out there to fish. I guess there are stepping stones and branches to aid in getting across to it. 1o years we have been here and I have not yet investigated it. I can’t wait for the area to green up again. It is still too brown though the water is nice and blue, if you don’t look too close!

From here we rode back home completing my original route through the valley that would have been my 5K. So I figure we doubled that today by bike.

We saw people out walking their dogs and rollerblading. One kid we saw had a three wheeled scooter. I caught up to him going down a hill, he was having a blast at the speed he was going.

It was an enjoyable ride and a bit longer than usual. The temperature was perfect and at no time was I concerned about the time we were out. So I have no idea how long it was. My joining in on the WWWP 5K is complete and then some.

I still hope to run my original route through the valley.

Any other WWWP 5Kers out there? How did you do yours?

I’ve had a shower and dinner, now I’m gonna take some Aleve and go to bed! 🙂

I think tomorrow will come too soon! 🙂

Later, Harold

Job search update 2

Hello Everyone,

It has been a busy week and busier end of the week.

Choir practice Wednesday night! Always good to let the voice loose, HA! I am a baritone with good range. That being said tenors are always needed in church choirs, so mostly I sing tenor. One song that night we were lucky to get down to middle C or lower. Mostly up in the stratosphere of E, F and G! That is very high for me and I really have to work at it. By the end of the night my vocal cords are stressed and I feel hoarse. But I recover.


Thursday I went on a job ride around with one of the company guys to see how things were done and ask questions about the company and learn from an employees perspective. So I got another picture of the company. Then it was back to the office for a mini interview. After which I went and took a drug test…no problem there…but still no job.

They got the results today…of course good! So next I meet with the GM on Monday afternoon. What happens after that? Maybe a job…maybe not…more waiting…I guess I at least have to wait until then. Three more days to wait to then see if something happens or more waiting.

Then Thursday night I went to a 4 hr CEU class (a requisite to renew my plumbing license). Usually they can be mostly boring, but it wasn’t bad this time. So by bed time I was worn out and had a lot of thoughts and info running through my head. It was good to see you John D. leave a comment if you stop in!

Today I went north and met with my long lost neighbor buddy, Gabe. It was good to get together again after 11 plus years. Just like the old neighbor days. We looked at an area of his house that needs my expertise and then went to a friends house for almost the same situation. I had to cross the border over into cheesehead land! That’s Wisconsin for the uninitiated. Then drive back home. All in all about a 140 mile round trip. So another busy day.

The weekend is staring straight at me! Gotta grab it by the horns and make some good of it! Let Monday come when it gets here, two days in between!

Maybe I will get the scroll saw busy and make some saw dust!

Later, Harold

Job Search update

Hello everyone,

Well I heard back from company #3. They could find nothing about me for the past 7 years or so! Especially the last 3 years. I guess I have been a good boy or I am really good at keeping my bad boy stuff under wraps! 🙂

I have to provide them with my last W-2 form. That goes back to 2007! Also statements from unemployment for 2009 and 2010. Then they can offer me a job. I guess it is still not guaranteed but it is closer. Also it is the closest I have been to a job since October 2008! What’s another week?!

That little jog I took yesterday? Well after having choir practice the night before and then jogging the next morning and just getting over a cold. Yep, it came back and slapped me across the head like a 2×4! I thought it was bad the first time around! This one really got me today.

I consider myself a baritone with a good range. I sing tenor in the church choir. Almost every church choir I sang in I sang tenor. Cuz I can and tenors are usually in need. High school choirs I always sang bass. Today I was a low bass and wasn’t even gonna try to get out of the basement range. It weren’t gonna happen! That’s if I could even hit a note right! We don’t sing this Sunday so I don’t need my voice until Wednesday night practice again, so I got time.

Well I gotta gather the needed papers and get them delivered on Monday. Rest my voice and take cold medicine to get chipper again.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Later, Harold

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