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Roofers 5

Good morning Everyone!

I took Josh to school this morning and the roofers were here when I got back. They were warming the roof where they were going to work, melting the frost. Then they got to it. By shortly after 10 am I noticed that there wasn’t any noise. I figured they were picking up. So I got my shoes and started to put them on and looked out the window and they were gone! So I went out looked around, took some pics, looked for debris and only got a handful, mainly clear plastic. I did find one nail, I saw it yesterday on the deck and figured they would miss it, they did.

So, with the roof paper and shingles that were left, I got what I need to build a chicken coop! I have been collecting wood for it and I think I have plenty. I just needed roofing material, now I have that! I am still wondering about a window, I don’t have that yet. Any body getting rid of a small window? Preferably a double hung, or one that opens somehow.

I also need to finish drawing my plans for it. They say it is not a project to do by the seat of your pants. But I am stubborn and might give it a try without having it all on paper. I have a general idea in my head and that may be good enough to run with (or maybe crawl).

Well I gotta make some saw dust today and get busy. Have a good one!

Pics of the finished roof.

Later, Harold

front done!

Back done!

Garage back done!

Roofers 4

Good evening everyone!

Take it easy Kurt! Glad you are okay! 🙂

Well the roofers didn’t quite finish. The back is done, the garage back is done and the front well it just didn’t get there. Not enough daylight this time of year. If it had been earlier in the year the sun would have been up longer and they would have finished. As it was they were done for the day by 5 pm. They put in about 10 hours today, not including driving.

The sun hasn’t stayed still in a long time. Anyone up for trying it again? You go ahead, I’ll be there to watch! 🙂

I did the typing I referred to in an earlier blog. I got 5 pages reduced to 1.5 pages. Pretty good I thought and in an easily readable format too. The teacher saw it said thanks but I didn’t need most of that .5 page and he got it down to 1 page and used his copy. So tonight was my last Monday class for that one any way. Maybe I will sign up for another one come the new year.

Today was Josh’s 16th birthday for anyone who knows him or us who reads this. So most of you missed it! Though he had a day off from school too. Considering his stomach did some rejecting on Sunday. So he took it easy today, but should be back at it tomorrow.

Here are some pics of the almost finished heatherbrown shingled roof.

Clean up is looking pretty good. Maybe I should check joists too?

Later, Harold

Back getting there

garage back almost

front almost half here

Roofers 3

Hello again!

Well what is the progress?

The ice and water shield is on at the lower level and the roofing paper goes the rest of the way up. Now they are starting with the shingles. Get this you old-timers. They have a motored lift on a ladder that takes the shingles one bundle at a time up the ladder. No more putting a bundle on your shoulder and carrying them up the ladder like in the old days. I took pictures of it and a video. I will see if it will post on here too.

Sorry can’t get the video to load, any ideas?

Here are the pics then.

Later, Harold



Motor and lift at ladder bottom

Lift to the top

Roofers 2

Hello again!

Well the roofers seem to be going to town! All that is left to take off is the back of the garage and as I post it is finished. The dumpster is filling up and unfortunately I think they will have quite a bit of cleaning/picking up to do. So far the wood underneath looks good. It is all planking and not plywood, so I wasn’t too worried about it. Plus, I have been up there enough times and didn’t feel any soft spots.

Pics of the stripped roof.

Later, Harold




Good Morning!

Yep, it is an interruption to the series and maybe two posts today.

We are getting a new roof put on starting today. We had storm damage and our insurance okayed a new roof so it starts.

I never realized how noisy people on a roof could be. I was always on the roof when working with my Dad. So I never heard the noise from inside only outside. Brings back memories of roofing with my Dad. Ripping off shingles, putting on the new shingles and once, only once, stepping on a nail and it going right through my boot and into my foot.

Well enough of memory lane. I got things to do.

Here are some pics of the starting work.

Later, Harold



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