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Our Military Families

Hello Everyone!

Well I took another break from the series today. I personally think it is for a well intended cause. As the title says “Our Military Families”.

There is another blog here on wordpress that I have found and subscribe to and of course read regularly. I don’t know how to do links from my page, so I am sorry to ask you to search on your own. The blog is…

Today they have a article about getting our military families as Time’s person of the year. They also have a link to another wordpress site for more information and a letter you can copy. Pretty easy! To make it easier I will type it in here for you too.

So if you would check out these two places they would appreciate it (especially before March 4). America needs to show our appreciation more in my opinion!

If you can tell me how to do links that would help too. I am close to illiterate in these areas!

Happy Birthday to my sister a little early. She was born between today and tomorrow.  🙂 Can you figure that one?

Later, Harold

Update! I figured out how to put a blogroll on, so you can get there by clicking on offthebase in my blogroll to the right. Even illiterate bloggers like me can still learn on their own!

Later, Harold

Library Desktop

Hello Everyone!

So today is Sunday and we went to church. Did you? I hope so. It is a good place to go on a Sunday morning.

Today though I had another reason to go. I had finished a desktop name for our church library and I wanted to get it there and see how it would be displayed. I originally put it in front of the candy dish at the librarians desk. Later it had been moved to a window facing into the atrium. I do have to say in my own honest personal opinion (biased YES) it looks SWEET!

Here are some pics.

Looking good!

Now two pics of it in the window.

window display 1

Winter scenery.

window display 2

I hope it is liked. It is also from 3/4″ Walnut, dipped in lemon oil then sprayed with multiple layers of lacquer. It sure has a nice gloss on it!

So that is it for today. Hopefully tomorrow I will continue with my how it is done series.

Later, Harold

How It Is Done 2

Hello Everyone!

Okay we are on the way again!

From the last post I should say that 12 holes were drilled out on the drill press. These are for the scroll saw blade to go through and make the internal cuts.

Here I am shall I say addressing the saw…hello saw! Introducing the wood to the saw… saw this is wood…Poplar pleased to meet ya…wood this is saw…I’m gonna cut you up and make little pieces outta ya! There that wasn’t so bad. 🙂

Lets get it started!

Next the blade is inserted through the first hole. I usually work left to right. Time to make some saw dust.

Ready for first cut

This is the first of the 12 internal cuts. Next pic I am done with the last cut.

Last cut done

I would say it went okay. Only two what I would call large cuts. Most were small and maybe one or two in between.

12 cuts finished

I took two pics with a tape measure just to show the size of this one.

about 14-1/2" long

about 1-1/4" tall

This is the second longest I have cut. The longest is about 16-1/2″. My saw arm length is only 16″, so that one was at capacity.

The length of time on the 12 internal cuts, about 30 minutes. So for this project I am at about 45 minutes so far.

Well that is it for this one. Next I do the external cut. Yes that is singular. I plan on starting and finishing at the same spot and work my way around it.

I will probably have a break in this series tomorrow for a different post. This wood crafter has been woodcrafting. I still don’t know, one word or two?

Later, Harold


How It Is Done!

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would do a couple posts about how I do, what I call, a Desktop Name. Unfortunately, I thought of this after I had a project already started, so it will not be the exact same project start to finish, but close enough you will get the idea.

First, I decide on a name. Hey, you gotta have a starting point! Then with name decided upon, I open up the scroll saw pattern printer on my computer and type in the name and size it. Here is what that looks like.

Grace Bible Church

This is for a future project.

Then send it to the printer. Here it is.

Design and print

Next I pick a piece of wood.

3/4" Poplar

Not the exact piece I am using but it is Poplar. Then using painters tape I cover the wood. Painters tape comes off really easy.

1/4" Poplar to give you the idea

Then I cut the name  from the paper and spray it with an adhesive and apply it to the tape on the wood. Sorry no pic of that step.

Next take it to the drill press and drill the necessary holes for cutting.

For a blog friend

Okay, so here is the 3/4″ Poplar covered with tape, pattern affixed and holes drilled ready to be cut. Total elapsed time about 15 minutes give or take.

So, Bokkie this is yours in progress!

Now for the cutting post!

Later, Harold

Our friend!

Hello everyone!

I hope you have had a good weekend thus far and a good day today.

Being Sunday we went to church as is our usual. Can’t really see a better place to be, this side of heaven, on a Sunday morning.

That is just about what our Pastor spoke about today. That blessed hope that we as Christians have, that our place is waiting for us at the time of our last breath on this earth or when we meet Jesus in the air! So at the death of a loved one who knows and believes as we do there is not the sorrow as others have. We WILL see them again. We are just a part for a while.

Also today I had a gift for a friend at church, who went out of her way to get us some financial help a while ago. I won’t go into the details but I just wanted to say thanks again in a little way that I can. So I made a desktop name for her. But I only saw her husband and gave it to him. He liked it and I hope she does too. You have a special lady there for a wife Craig!

So this deserves a pic and here it is.

Thanks again Pam!

You know this here world keeps getting smaller and smaller with all the connections you can make these days. Because of my association to a scroll saw forum, I have friends all over the world and this blog has added to that along with finding other blogs and making friends there too. Life can be rough some times, don’t we all know that! But it is good to make friends and have them rally around you when you need it and just cause they want to!

Maybe some day this wood crafter will make all of you something!

Until then and the saw dust settles,

Later, Harold

Oasis Plus 2

Hello everyone!

So what’s with this title? I think Gabe already knows. If not, you do now!

Going back to my Oasis post, if you look at the comments, Gabe asked for one too. So I called him up with an idea for it and we went with it.

Here it is.

For his wifes work space

This is also out of Walnut. I really like how this wood turns out!

I hope all goes well Roni! How many of us would call our work spot their oasis? I am glad she can. Must mean she is well adjusted to her spot. Unlike going home! LOL! Just kidding Gabe! 🙂

I have three more desktop names that I have cut, but I ran out of lacquer so I still have to spray them. I am also working on another item. So I have been making some saw dust lately with the scroll saw. Which also means going out to the garage to drill holes with the drill press and then after cutting going back out and using the sander. Ah, power tools, they make life so much easier! This wood crafter still has all his fingers too! That’s a plus! Though I have lost some skin every once in a while.

I will post the rest when I am finished with them.

Later, Harold

Family Gifts

Hello Everyone!

I have been waiting to post this. Mainly because of my slowness to get them all done.  Also, because I wanted to save on shipping and send them together. Then before that, getting some ideas and patterns from my scroll saw friends (thanks everyone).

First, I was given ideas by my sister, so I went with that. Not that I wouldn’t have done them at some point. They were on my to do list. But the year end holidays and orders got me backed up. Oh! and those…uhm…mistakes?

So here are two desktop names.

Done in Cherry

I also made one in Cedar.

Also done in Cherry

These were dipped in lemon oil then spray lacquered.

Next is what took time. I looked for, and asked for, then received, patterns from my scroll saw friends and put some of their ideas together.

Here is what I came up with.

1/4" Poplar

This I also dipped in lemon oil then spray lacquered. Unfortunately, I never took a finished picture of it. This one is of it just dipped and dry. I also added a key ring chain and holder too it.

So once I had all four done, off to USPS they went and they have been received. I won’t post things that I am sending out as gifts before I know they have been received. Don’t want to ruin any surprises for me or someone else.

Well that’s it for this one!

Later, Harold


Hello everyone!

I know! Long time no post.

I and the rest of the family have been busy with the regular life stuff and the other side of my life, plumbing. I am still looking for a job and also doing some things to drum up some work too. So I have not been at the scroll saw much.

I did make a little saw dust and that has to do with the title. I also finished the remaining jerseys that I left lying too long. Sanded them again and spray painted them and glazed them. They turned out great and I delivered one today and now I just have one delivery to make. So that kept me away from the saw too. When I am finishing pieces I don’t like to be cutting at the same time in case saw dust would get on the pieces while they are wet. I have had enough problems with out that!

I guess you could say I reached an oasis with my finishing work. Kinda that perfect feeling when all is going right. (Except for not cutting) I missed that. Even in paradise I don’t think you can have it all. The plumbing area is stirring too, so that is good.

I have used the word oasis twice (now thrice) counting the title so what gives? Well since I was concentrating on finishing and not cutting, also because I reached the doldrums with that, had no wind in my sails. I didn’t know what I wanted to cut. So I went back to an old stand by. What I call my desk top names. I cut out the word Oasis. It is the name of the high school youth group at our church. Here it is.

3/4" Walnut I think

I will get it to our youth pastor tomorrow night. I hope he and the kids like it.

I also have said I will do one for our church library. Appropriately it will be, library. I think I will do it in Walnut too. Though I did get a pretty good sore throat after cutting the Oasis out of the Walnut. I have read that Walnut can affect you badly. That may have been my bad though. I was cutting with out the fan exhausting out the window because I took it out when the blizzard came through and I was painting and finishing other pieces slowly, so I didn’t put it back in. Figured I didn’t need it. No dust mask either. I will give it a go again and see what happens. I think the Walnut will look good in the library.

Well enough for now. A lot of words and only one pic.

Later, Harold

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