It Has Been A Year! (More or Less)

Hello to those still around!

Golly! It has been over a year since my last post and almost a year since my last Thankfulness entry! I don’t know where the time went except it is gone and a lot happened in that time. I have noticed some bloggers stopped blogging. Others are at it sporadically and some are going great guns. I don’t know if I will ever catch up on some of you, I may try I may not.

So what has been going on this past year you ask!? Glad you did! No you are not nosey…well most of you aren’t. 😉

I don’t know if I mentioned previously that my wife got a job, but she dropped it after mutual feelings and discussion with her boss. Then she started taking courses at our local community college (most of the reason for dropping her job) both semesters and is looking at one class this summer. That made a lot of change for our household just by itself.

We stopped homeschooling with our youngest two going to public schools and our first daughter going to public high school. So those of you that keep up will know that gives us 4 kids in 4 different grades in 4 different schools. Those that need a reminder it is 1 in private high school, 1 in public high school, 1 in public middle school, and 1 in public grade school. More change!

I keep building my business and that is always a constant challenge and change. I took a job in October with a plumbing company, so that was another change and then lost/left it in January, change back. (Is that like tag back?) I was still working at my own business too. I have been on Facebook for over a year now and also put up a Facebook business page where I post the work I am doing and make comments ever so not very often. (Keeping it professional you know!)

I really have to watch my time on the computer. I was spending way too much time here. So I got out and got busier with all the change and just working at the business. Some of my time on the computer is business related, electronic business paper work, spread sheets, contact list, etc.

I also have not done any work on my scroll saw in a long time. Another thing that fell by the way side. (I want more time for that) (just afraid of missing a call) I do miss that.

Recently we changed our cell phone carrier and added texting to our new package and I also upgraded to a smart phone. That will help with the business too. I now have all my contacts with me and can add or update them right there, no waiting until I get home. Having access to my different email accounts on the phone that are business related helps too. Again, no waiting until I get home for something I may have missed. Nice to join this always changing communicative world! It is smaller than it used to be!

I guess in a nut shell that is most of it!

You could say welcome back, but I don’t know how often I will be back. I will be checking your blogs, some I already have.

Until then,

Later, Harold



A Soldiers View, India/China 1945-46

Hello Everyone!

With some time off the internet last week I came across some old photos my Dad had taken as a soldier when he was over seas during WW II. He was in the Signal Core and was assigned to the Burma Road theatre during 1945-46. From the photos and having seen some of his old 8MM movies I know he was in India, Burma and China. He was one of those veterans that didn’t say much about the war. So these photos were an interesting find. Maybe there are more in my siblings possessions or still at the house.

I was going over some photos that I had been given after my Mom died Dec. 2009. My Dad had died in May 2006. I anticipated the photos being mainly of me and my family but some how these ended up in the box too.

I am sharing them with you and showing some of his writing on the back or just the photo and putting in his words underneath. I will update places and spelling after his comments.

This was the most interesting find of all the photos!

My Chinese Friend

Lee Fo Chen Sept.'45 Kwajang

After trying to look it up, it could be any number of cities in Southeast China. I am pretty sure it is not spelled right. Also I am not sure of the spelling of his friends name. I am trying my best to interpret his writing. Now for both front and back together.

I just wanted to put them side by side.

It would be very exciting to know more about this man or his family. But with my Dad gone, I figure this man is very old if not also passed on. Also with the history of China since WW II, it is not likely I would be able to find out much with the little I have.

Konming 1945 actually Kunming

Kunming is where the Burma Road terminated in China. It came from two destinations. The first starting point was Lashio in Burma (now Myanmar). After part of that road was cut by the Japanese, it was started again from Ledo in India. I think this may have been the portion that my Dad was on.

Untitled 1945

Just a date on the back of this one. I think this is still in China.

Again just a date on the back, possibly still in China.

Taj Mahal Post card

Christmas Eve service chapel at the 371st station hospital Kanchrapara, India. Pictures is the Tajma hal at Agra, India (Taj Mahal).

So at the end of 1945 my Dad is in India.

Untitled 1945

Possibly in Calcutta, India now Kolkata.

Horse drawn Garrie Calcutta 1945

Untitled 1945

Could still be in Calcutta. Another ship is in the background.

Snake charmer Calcutta 1946

Bathers in the Hoogley Calcutta 1946

Howrah Bridge Calcutta 1946

Rabindra Setu?

Loaded trolley Calcutta 1946

Monument at entrance Victoria Memorial Calcutta 1946

The King Edward VII Arch

Victoria Memorial Calcutta 1946

The Victoria Memorial Hall

I hope you enjoyed this find, maybe there will be more!

Later, Harold

I got Tagged and I am passing it on!

Hello Everyone!

There are quite a few awards that I have seen presented around this blog world, unfortunately this isn’t one of them. Neither have I been awarded any, yet or been Freshly Pressed, yet.

This is more of a game, hence the “tag”. How it started I don’t know but like any game there are rules and yes they do get broken and/or tweaked a bit here and there, so don’t get bogged down by them.  I got tagged by my ex-blog-friend  🙂  from South Africa (she’s a little upside down, down there) that little tagger, Mynakedbokkie, but I decided to play along because for the most part she is harmless. Why end a blog friendship over this? Maybe I should tag her back! OHHH Kelly!!!  It doesn’t say you can’t in the rules. So I added a new rule starting after me! 🙂

Here goes!

Of course, being tagged does not mean that you can go off on your merry way, and do whatever you want. Although I think we all would like to at most times.

 (Always rules! Rules, rules and more rules!!!)

*You must post the rules.

*Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you tagged.

*Tag eleven people and link them to your post.

*Let them know you tagged them.


So that’s juvenile. So what! So there!

Now the questions I got and my answers.

1.   What was your favorite holiday/vacation ever? Where and what did you do?

A lot to choose from here, our honeymoon in Hawaii, road trips, mountains, beaches, or camping? I’ll go with a camping trip early in our marriage, before kids. We visited family first then went camping in the southern Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. It is a beautiful area and we happened to go when there was a drought and there were no mosquitoes! But you had to be careful of the yellow jackets. They were pretty aggressive, especially around your food and garbage cans. We swam in mountain streams and lakes, walked the trails and took in the sights. We slept in a tent in sleeping bags and cooked most of our meals on a fire or a camp stove.

2.   Could you see yourself as a biker?

Totally! My dream is to ride a trike, hop on and ride cross country, with my wife sitting behind me and pulling a camper for two. Sweet! Yep! In a heart beat!

3.   What is the worst lie that you have ever told? Did anyone ever find out?

Sorry that is a bit too personal and too much water has gone under the bridge. Not that I am a bad guy, but our minds and mouths can cause so much trouble. I’m not gonna go there. To the second part I will say, yes and enough said.

3b. You just got kicked out of your country. You aren’t allowed back. What country would you move to? Why?

      (I tossed this one in from my taggers list she got tagged with.)

Australia. I just want to go there. It is big like the USA and lots to see and do. I want to know what it is like to be upside down all the time! 🙂

4.  Do you remember your first kiss? Tell us more!

An inquisitive one aren’t you?! I could say I was the boy you are worried about your little princess liking. But I think you want juicy details of an older romance. Let me just say that for the first one…one was not enough! Ah…the memories!! I have lost touch with her since (my family moved) and wonder how she is. (CM)

5.  Do you still have a love that is no longer in your life, but that you often think about? That you perhaps wonder what if…..?

Let me preface this by saying that I have heard in marriage/dating seminars with every “love” of your life you leave/give a part of your heart. (One reason against dating and for courting) I have found this to be true, personally. That being said my answer is yes, but I wouldn’t characterize it as often. Life happened and is still happening. Make the best of what you have and make your choices for today count!

6. What is the one thing that you would change about your physical self? Something that you can’t change through work and goals.

A tough one! I guess I would not mind being taller. I’m 6’0 and shrinking? So just a couple more inches I think…6’2 or 6’3

7.  Do you remember the first time you got absolutely trashed? Remember anything about it?

I didn’t really ever get trashed. Did I act like it? Yes! Purposefully! I really had people (other kids at the time) wondering. I don’t like beer and it doesn’t really agree with me. Too many bad tastes as an under-aged minor possibly? Not that there were that many. Just tastes! I never over did it, but my stomach didn’t like it if I had more than a tasting.

8.  When you were a child, what was the one thing that you always thought you could be or wanted to be? (Before life blind-sided you?)

I always wanted to be a cowboy or a soldier. Typical boy dreams…anything where I could shoot a gun. We played Cowboys and Indians, Army, traipsing through the woods and around houses. Startling the neighbors every once in a while. We got up early and got to playing. I remember waving to a neighbor through her window as she made breakfast and we went past guns in hand in search of the enemy and saving the world!

9.   What food would you not eat, because you are too busy thinking about what it used to be? (When it was alive)

I’ve eaten most any kind of meat. I figure if cooked right it will all taste good. No matter what it was when it was alive. Now the question says food. But it also says when alive. So I take it to be meat…my prerogative! If cooked and prepared right, meaning it won’t kill you, I’ll at least try it. Insects and such are not food in my world!

10.  If there is one person that you could ask God to bring back for a little while longer, who would it be?

Good question! I would have to go with either my Mom or my Dad. Once I knew they were dying, they went too fast. I know that was good for them but gave me and others little time. But I KNOW I will see them again. No question in my mind about that! And what a reunion that will be!

11.  What is your favorite day of the week? Why?

When I was working/employed it would have been Saturday. It’s the weekend baby! Now being unemployed and taking work any time I can get it, I would have to say Sunday. It is the only day that is different than the rest of the week. I and my family go to church and worship God with like-minded fellow believers. It is a good way to start my week. I would also suggest this for everyone.

Here are those that I am tagging. You’re it! If you are more than a one person blog, maybe mix up the questions between you and have fun! I tried to not get too personal so let’s keep it light.

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Now on to the questions put before you!

  1. What is the strangest thing to happen to you or someone else (you saw it) while on a vacation/trip.
  2. What is your most romantic memory (or if it hasn’t happened yet) wish?
  3. What is the corniest thing you did while in school? I’ll allow any school.
  4. Who would you like to invite to dinner (living on earth) and what would you ask them?
  5. What is your favorite home comfort food? Whether it is packaged or someone has to make it?
  6.  Tomorrow you get to pick anything for your 3 types of meals…breakfast, lunch and dinner. What would you pick?
  7.  Next week you can go one place anywhere on Earth for a whole week. Where would you go and why?
  8. Which Biblical Old Testament figure would you like to go back and just be able to be around them, like best buds. Why?
  9. If you could be any musician/singer/instrumentalist or just have their talent who would it be and why?
  10. A philanthropist just gave you 10 Million Dollars and you have to split it 10 ways to give it away in one month. They will judge you on how well you do it. To who and how much do you give? Based on your decisions you will be given 1 Million Dollars or 1 Thousand Dollars
  11. If you get the 1 Million Dollars, what will you do with that?

I hope you all have fun with it! If there is anybody else who found that they were giving their own answers while they were reading them, please jot them down and post a link in the comments. I know I did!!! We all do!

Remember to leave a link in the comments- it might take some time for you to work through, so it would be great if everyone knew that they could now visit your blog.

Lastly- there is no pressure!!!! Do it, don’t do it! But know that I really would like you too…. And inquiring minds want to know!

Let me get moving to let you all know!!!! It’s the last job on the list.

I hope I do this right or you will never know you were tagged!

Later, Harold

Television, where have you gone?!

The dreaded TV!

Hello Everyone!

Can you tell this will be a personal rant?

A little background first.

Some time this summer we will have been married 27 years! When first married and in our apartment, the owner installed cable during our stay. So we subscribed and got a package. It took a couple months before we said “we are paying to watch this?” So we dropped cable and agreed to not get it again.

Fast forward about 14 years, to our second house fully wired for cable and an antenna in the attic with a disappearing cable. Cable was not an option and we could not route the antenna cable without opening walls or drilling a bunch of holes. So no air wave TV either. The analog age passes and in comes the digital age. We are way behind and have had no TV since moving here in 1999.

Okay, fast forward to the fall of 2011. Our oldest son buys his TV and it is set up in the living room, an antenna is rigged up, we have TV! The attic antenna wire is pulled up and run through the house, down 2 sets of stairs and around the living room. We now have even better reception (it does go in and out some times).

So we can now watch TV. Mainly sports, some news, some educational stuff, (we do homeschool if you didn’t know) and the occasional TV show (mainly shows our son knows).

Wow! What has happened to TV these past 12 years?! I mean I know it had raunchiness back then, but now you can’t seem to not find it. It is not just the commercials either, which have gotten worse. It is on the TV shows! Stuff that would have been “said” on cable is now on TV. All the double en tenders and innuendos and out right blatancy is there for anyone to watch and hear.

We have three kids 13 and under so for the past 12 years they haven’t really seen all this junk. The same for our older three boys. I think they are better off for not having been exposed to it. Now for my 2 daughters and really all of us being exposed to this kind of stuff is not what was anticipated.

Even the commercials during the sports have left us uncomfortable and my oldest daughter even said so. I mean one minute we are watching men smash each other on the football field, the next it is a Victoria’s Secret scantily clad model strutting down a runway. Beer ads, erectile dysfunction, (wow! I’m uncomfortable writing that!) lingerie and more. Stuff on TV shows being talked about and or being used for humor, some times I want to take a shower afterwards (and not a cold one).

Granted, we don’t have to watch and most of the time the mute button is used, but you don’t get up and leave the room for every commercial break. Speaking of commercial breaks, there is almost as much commercial time as show time now. They repeat and repeat the same thing over and over and over. Did I say they repeat over and over?

In the 12 plus years of not watching TV regularly, I must say it has gone downhill quite a bit in that time frame. I guess that is where everything is heading. Nothing is taboo anymore and anything and everything can and is talked about, whether seriously or for humor. TV shows are being USED to ram someone’s PERSONAL agenda or IDEAS down our throats and not just the newsy type programs. It is not that the envelope is being pushed. It is now being filled, stuffed full of ideals that are NOT ideal! Not in my house.

They aren’t being exposed to the real world you say? Since when is TV the real world. Even school is NOT the real world. How many of you work with other people and they are ALL your age? I would dare to say NONE! The zoo may be as real as you want to get and we have seen what happens when people get too close to certain animals. Would you put yourself or your child down in front of a rattlesnake den? Now THAT’S the real world! There will be consequences. The same for the viewing of what is on the TV if we are not careful viewers.

So we will and do not watch much. Since that is what we are used to doing. Some periods of 24 hours or more, it is not even turned on. We don’t even know what IS on. The kids are definitely not watching anything they want and it is off during the day time hours. They still don’t miss it.

Even for watching sports I could still do with out and have not watched some games. I don’t miss it.

How about you? Have you ever tried not watching TV for a period of time? A day, a week, a month, a couple months or a year or longer? We did from the summer of 1999 to the fall of 2011, over 12 years and we still are not regular viewers.

What would you do with the time? Invest it in your family? Read books? Find a hobby? Go out and enjoy nature?

We kind of did all that and more! All our kids are voracious readers and all above their age level. I have probably read more books these past 12 years than in the rest of my life. There were periods when I read a lot back then too. Some of the books I read were recommended by my kids! We took field trips, went on walks and bike rides. I took up wood crafting. My wife took some classes. We are all learning about computers and not just how to use them.

So television you have definitely gone down the tubes! I and my family are NOT going with you. We will pick and choose and be very picky and choosy about what we watch. See you around.

Later, Harold

Defend Michael : Army Ranger Wrongfully Imprisoned

Hello Everyone,

I couldn’t read this and not do even the littlest thing to help. So I have posted  the link below. Read and act if you will.

Defend Michael : Army Ranger Wrongfully Imprisoned.

Michael should not be forgotten!

Later, Harold



Hello Everyone!

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!

We went to church this morning. The choir sang, of which I am a part of, and lately two of my sons have been singing also.

We are having Christmas dinner at our house. Afterwards we will open gifts. Maybe watch some basketball and most definitely the Bears later.

What did you do today?

I hope you enjoyed it.

Later, Harold

Job search 5 updated

Hello Everyone,

So what has been happening on the job front? From the previous interview and possible job, nothing. I have called and left messages on voice mail but got nothing back. So he is either too busy or I am being ignored. Maybe it is unintentional, but after waiting this long hope tends to dwindle that things will look my way here.

Good news is that this past Friday I had an interview with a recruiter representing a company looking for a plumber to take over a sales position. She liked me and is passing me on to the company and I guess I await further contact. A strike against me is it is a north shore company and I live in the western ‘burbs.

For those not familiar with this terminology of the Chicago area. Find Lake Michigan and Chicago, stay by the lake and go north of Chicago a bit to the northern suburbs. That’s where the job is. Now go back to Chicago, kinda near the middle and go straight west out I290 and I88, beyond I294 and I355 and that’s about where I am. So it can be a haul to get to the northern ‘burbs from where I am. It  is doable and I don’t mind it. It’s just they might want somebody closer. This day and age that is understandable. I think that is why I lost the job I had, after coming back from surgery over 3 years ago. He had someone closer than I was for the little amount of work that was able to be done. Location, location, location, it affects everything and everyone these days. Your location can cost you a job or prevent you from getting that job.

I also went to an unemployment group meeting this week. Unfortunately it was their last meeting until the middle of January. It was helpful and they gave me some advice on getting my own business/work going. I was also able to help someone with a contact for their job search. So maybe I was there specifically that day to be of help to them. It would be nice to hear they got a job and I was a link to connect them to the right people.

I have been getting some work these last couple of weeks. Mostly small jobs but I will take and do anything I can get. Hopefully each job increases my circle of possible contacts for work and maybe this trickle will start flowing faster. I mean the best advertising is word of mouth. That is a testimony in and of itself.

But let me do a little bragging here, sorry. Somewhere back in the summer, after doing some work for a friend I stopped by a lady’s house that I had worked for from a previous employer. She was happy to see me and find out about me and that I was trying it on my own. I gave her some of my business cards and left it at that. Well she called me this past week and I fixed her toilet and now she is one of my customers. She will definitely be telling others to call me, not the previous company. It’s not the company that makes the worker good. It is the worker who makes the company good. It was my previous reputation with her that got me the work and I kept that reputation intact with good work again. The company didn’t do that…I did.

Thanks for letting me pat myself on the back there for a minute or two. As if you really had a choice in stopping me, LOL!. 🙂

Saturday morning I was able to get on WGN radio, after waiting almost an hour, with a plumbing solution that the moderators had not thought of. Unfortunately they only gave me 30 seconds. So I did not get to say much after they said my name as the introduction and asked for my solution to a previous callers problem. They did agree that my solution would work. But I also question whether the caller had the problem they were all talking about or if it could be another problem that I thought of that was not discussed. That would be due to the caller not describing the problem correctly. So if anyone happened to be listening to WGN radio Saturday morning at about 7:50 or so the plumber with that peppermint solution was me.

So I continue to struggle on. Taking what work I can get when it comes along with trying to advertize for it too. While also looking for a job and the time that takes. Connections, connections, connections, that’s what it takes  in each case. Time will tell, which way the plumber bounces.

Later, Harold

Job Search 5 Update

Hello Everyone,

Well there is no excitement in Mudville yet. Is it the saying that no news is good news? Except that I am here so I must have something to say.

So a week has gone by and no phone call. So this morning I made the call. I got voice mail. Please leave a message. I did. Over an hour later I got the return call. He has not been doing much in relation to hiring anyone for the position. Their plumbing company recently acquired work from another plumbing company that went out of business. So he has been busy being occupied with all that entails. I told him that was good to be getting more work. He said he will be in touch.

So the wait continues.

Another factor in the business/work world is noted here. A company went out of business, probably means more workers out of work. Good for some workers and companies, bad for others. A domino effect both ways. While some may profit and gain, others are losing. It is probably not equaling out both ways. It seems to me, in this economic time, the bad will out weigh the good. It seems more likely that the company that went out of business will owe more than what any other company will gain. I’m talking about workers owed, creditors owed, banks owed, and maybe the government. Also money that was owed to that company not being fully collected.

I was there with a previous company. I am not saying I knew a lot about it. I do know that companies owed money that was not being collected. The company owed money that could not be paid. When all was said and done nobody was happy. That was during a good time economically! Most if not all the workers got jobs elsewhere. They were probably the only people who came out of it okay. Not so in these times.

I continue on.

Later, Harold

Job Search 5

Hello Everyone!

Well I guess you could call this an update too.

I have continued over the last weeks and months to send out my resume to any plumbing openings I come across or are sent. I am on Plumbing, Careerbuilder, Monster among others along with the unemployment site. Along with when I previously had money going to the actual companies and personally handing them my resume and maybe getting to talk with someone face to face.

I also have branched out to other areas I feel I may be qualified to gain employment. So far this has all been for naught. Other than some interviews but no job offers.

Then this past Thursday my cell phone rings. I look at the number but don’t recognize it. So I think quickly, answer or not? I do. It was a plumbing company that I had stopped in at quite a while ago. He is looking to start up a service side to his plumbing business and in his stack of papers had my resume, thought I would be a good fit and called to talk, to see if I was still available, and offer an interview. He wants to hire a plumber. Redundant I guess, why else would he be calling?!

So the interview is set up for Monday at 1 PM. It would be a great opportunity for me. Starting from the ground up. He has a circle of customers already. Plus those that are calling for service work that he is turning away. He has a truck to be stocked, ready for use. He just needs one guy to come in and get the ball rolling.

I figure I would meet and greet the customers he has now and talk about what we could do for them. Service the customers now that are being turned away, because they don’t do service work, yet. Stock the truck, price jobs and make and take phone calls. One guy, start from the ground up, build it up and work, do it all.

That could be me!

So if any of you dear readers, friends, family are the praying type, I would appreciate you saying one for me, as I do too. Maybe this is the one I have been waiting for. It has been a long three plus years of waiting and searching.

Maybe soon, I will have something even better to write about! I have been pumped since the phone call. But I also have the realization that I may not get the job. So I am doing my best to keep everything on an even keel as I prepare my thoughts for the interview.

Thanks to all of you!

Later, Harold

It is Sunday night. I am ready and prepared for the interview tomorrow. Lots of prayer said and being said over it. I am humbled by all the well wishes and prayer. Yet confident without bravado. It is in God’s hands…unless I totally blow it.

Later, Harold

It is Monday after the interview. I think it went well! I am definitely in the top couple of guys. I was told I would hear something in about a week. I wasn’t nervous before…it’s the after that is/will be grinding on me. The waiting game starts.

Where’s the Pepto Bismol?! Rolaids? Tums?

Later, Harold

Blog Birthday!

Hello Everyone!

It’s my blog birthday post! One day late.

So what do I do for a blog birthday? I had wanted to design and do a wood craft of some sort, but the week got away from me. So I thought of doing a 1 year recap. First

I started out this blog with the intentions of showing my wood crafts that I was doing mainly using a scroll saw. But I guess, as with all blogs, it evolved to include thoughts and ideas and just a what is going on with life, happenings. Pages were added as ideas came along. That included my Thankfulness page, with monthly dividers and daily additions, hopefully keeping it somewhat neat, easy to read and followable. Thankfulness

I started this out with a couple questions/contest to maybe jump start interest. That seemed to fail. So I will answer them here.

One was what is this tulip used for?

It is a plastic bag holder for drying them.

My Dad made these, so I made some too. After washing out a sandwich bag slip it over the flower to dry and reuse. Don’t just throw them away! Tulip

How is the coloring done on these?

Dipped in a bowl with a food coloring and water mixture.

You could also do this with a brush to mix colors on the wood. Then you need to seal it as the colors do bleed if it gets wet. #1 and Numbers

I did what I call Desktop names. Desktops

I still have these. Know anyone who wants them? HINT! HINT!

I gave a lot of these away as gifts to family and friends, sold a couple.

During the football season I did football jerseys.

These were good sellers!

Once I moved my work space inside during the winter I got slack and started messing up with the spray paint or spray lacquer. You gotta follow the directions! Stay far enough away from what you are spraying. Don’t get too close.

Here's what happens if you get too close!

See all those bumps? This wasn’t even the worst one. The spray goes on looking good, then in a matter of minutes it can get all alligator skin-like. Oops, and It was me

Christmas was coming so I started with the Christmas theme. Hey it’s coming again soon!

I did reindeer.

A snow flake

A lot of name and word ornaments!

Those were good sellers too.

Our dining room and table got turned into a painting station! Busy

Here's a shot of the dining room table.

You can see the reindeer, some ornaments and some desktop names. I was also getting ready for a Christmas craft fair. Hey that’s coming up soon too!

Here's last years display.

I did a late birthday gift for a brother.

For his golf bag.

Here is what was probably the hardest piece I did. Yet it was fun to do too.

A Heart shelf

That turned out really nice. I even impressed myself! Heart

Here is a future project that I took a picture of. I still need to size it and then print it.

An owl trivet.

Along with many others of course!

I did a blog series on how I do it. It, was a desktop name and when I finished it, packaged it and sent it via the Post Office that’s the last it was seen or heard from! It disappeared in the postal maze and I lost the shipping receipt. I will do another one. Series start

I posted about Wheaton Academy football last year and this year. By the way our last game was last night. Lost again to finish the season 1 – 8. Most of the teams we lost to either made the playoffs or had a good chance to. A lot of tough teams. Josh has another week and a half in his second cast. Then maybe some therapy to get the arm back in shape. Next up the Academic Team, that’s non-contact! 🙂

I did posts on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mothers Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and July 4th. I missed Easter!

I did a post to Westboro Baptist Church on March 2nd and that got the most views ever for this blog on March 3rd. Here

I did posts about my job search. That is still on going. With other miscellaneous posts thrown in here and there.

Thank you to all my readers and subscribers. Especially those who comment! I enjoy reading your comments and responding. You all have made this blog more worth while to me. You have lifted me up when I was down and been an encouragement to me. I have blog friends around the world!

If you have ideas for me to blog about just ask, or if you have a wood craft you would like me to try send me a pattern or again just ask. I will do my best.

Thank you again! I hope you enjoy this recap!

I am on LinkedIn and Facebook now too, along with MySpace. So come Link and friend me!

Later, Harold

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