Thursday March 1, Our son Kyle is 11 today. Pad Thai for his meal and Texas sheet cake for dessert. I worked with/for my brother today. Aleve!

Friday March 2,  Gonna work with/for my brother tomorrow.

Saturday March 3, Worked with/for my brother today. More Aleve!

Sunday March 4, Tried a recipe for using potato flakes in pancakes and they came out really good! Made my own adjustments. Missed church and cantata practice.

Monday March 5, LinkedIn at 324

Tuesday March 6, LinkedIn at 325

Wednesday March 7, Went to Career Transitions group this morning. Benjamin went too. He is getting some networking help. With my sister this afternoon.

Thursday March 8, This whole day has been a roller coaster ride of its own. 😦

Friday March 9, Life just isn’t easy or fair some times.

Saturday March 10, Spring kickoff for sports teams at WA today. Josh is doing track again.

Sunday March 11, AM service at church was good. Went to cantata practice this afternoon, it is coming along. LinkedIn at 326

Monday March 12, Lost our internet today…bill to pay. Wheaton Academy Concert Choir tour send off concert tonight…good!

Tuesday March 13, Wheaton Academy Concert Choir left for their Wash. D.C. tour, Josh is with them.

Wednesday March 14, Career Transitions group this morning. With my sister this afternoon. Choir practice tonight, singing Sunday AM. LinkedIn at 327

Thursday March 15, Got the internet back on! Catching up.

Friday March 16, With my sister this afternoon. LinkedIn at 328

Saturday March 17, A relaxed morning.

Sunday March 18, A good AM service at church, choir sang the closing benediction. Got a job to look at tomorrow evening. Cantata practice went well. Business meeting for PM service at church…interesting moments. Another job through family to call about!

Monday March 19, Didn’t do much. Plumbing work didn’t work out for today.

Tuesday March 20, Set up a plumbing job for tomorrow. LinkedIn at 329

Wednesday March 21, Did the plumbing job.  Looked at another job this evening. Choir practice was good. Was given a lot of food from a banquet.

Thursday March 22, Set up a job for tomorrow. With my sister this afternoon. LinkedIn at 330

Friday March 23, Did the plumbing job. Getting jobs! 2 in the works.

Saturday March 24, Did another plumbing job today. LinkedIn at 331

Sunday March 25, Two good services at church today. Choir sang in the AM, I lead singing in the PM with cantata practice in between.

Monday March 26, Ordered material for another job, be in at the end of the week.

Tuesday March 27, LinkedIn at 332

Wednesday March 28, With my sister this afternoon.

Thursday March 29, LinkedIn at 333

Friday March 30, Set up a job for tomorrow. LinkedIn at 334

Saturday March 31, Ended up just giving an estimate on a sewer rodding job. Also has a cable he rented stuck in the pipe.