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A WA Football Update

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while and I haven’t been doing any cutting on the scroll saw. I have been busy making connections on LinkedIn and trying to get some work and doing any I get, while also looking for a job and putting out resumes.

I also have been the end zone cameraman for the WA varsity football games. I was asked to do a couple practices too. It has been a challenging year so far. I gave the St. Louis report. Since then they have lost to Byron, St. Edwards, and St. Francis. Then they beat Chicago Christian. So they are 1 – 4. I think they have been playing better each game and it finally produced a win. Go Warriors!

Joshua broke his right arm during practice the week of the St. Francis game. He took a helmet hit to the arm during a drill. The doctor said he is out for the rest of the year. He was pretty bummed about that. He had a wrap around it for about 2 weeks and now has a cast. It goes from the middle of his upper arm to between his thumb and fingers. The X-rays look real good, no displacement. The doctor told him what he could and couldn’t do and he seems okay with it.

It took Josh a bit to pick a cast color. He thought black was cool. He liked the blue too. He thought about pink because during Wheaton Academy’s homecoming/spirit week the juniors are supposed to wear pink one day. I suggested not! Then suggested red as that is close to the school color of maroon. After all that he went with blue.

So that is about where it is at football wise. I still need a job or more plumbing work. Some wood crafting orders wouldn’t be bad either! Christmas will be here sooner than you or I think! Check out my Thankfulness pages too!

Later, Harold

Colorado 2011

Hello everyone!

Just a quickie!

If you want to follow our church high school group on their Colorado trip, here is a link

Our son Josh is one of the group. He will be a junior this year. They have made their first stop in Nebraska and are back on the road this morning. No further updates here unless it is important.

Check out my Thankfulness page! Updates there periodically and daily on the current monthly page.

Later, Harold


Hello Everyone,

Well, just thought I would put up an update for what has happened since my last post.

Our high school, Wheaton Academy, (WA) had their awards night last Wednesday. It used to be called the Evening of Honor. This year they changed it to the Academy Awards. It is mainly for seniors but others can and do get awards too. Our older two sons got awards their junior and senior years. Now our third son Joshua has gotten an award his freshman year (Commitment Award) and now this year his sophomore year he received the American Citizenship Award. So he is two awards up on his older brothers.

This weekend we went over to Upland Indiana to Taylor University to see our oldest son Benjamin graduate. Our first college graduate! He was listed as Cum Laude but when final grades are totaled he anticipates being upgraded to Magna Cum Laude. Either way we are proud parents and he did well, putting about 5 years of schooling into 4 years and no slacking off. He will have a degree in Economics/Systems with minors in Physics and Mathematics.

Then we packed him up and brought him home and we are a family of eight again!

The graduate with his proud parents.

No that is not his girlfriend that is my wife! 🙂

So that gets you updated to now.

Have a good week!

Later, Harold

(or H@rold?) What do you think?

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