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Stress Anyone?!

Hello Anyone?


I am not sure I feel any better but it is out there!

Now what?!

Stress- my paraphrase- Not kicking the living daylights outta someone who desperately needs it.

But I got no one but myself to do it to. Maybe like the character Jim Carrey played inΒ  Liar Liar in the bathroom scene.

I am a plumber and the bathroom would be appropriate!

Later, Harold


Memorial Day!

Hello Everyone!

Today May 30, 2011 in the U.S.A. we observe Memorial Day. I was not sure whether to use the word celebrate. To me I guess either could be appropriate.

We celebrate the day because of the freedoms we have in America that have been fought for and won. We observe and I would say solemnly because as stated previously these freedoms were fought for. Blood was shed and lives lost in order to give America what we now have.

Wars were fought, from our own Revolutionary War, bringing about our independence as a nation, to the current wars our soldiers fight right now and all those in between. Men, women, fathers, wives, sons, daughters fought and died so that each person here in America can say and do what they have a right to. We all may not agree with each other, but that is a right also!

From pay it forward Indiana website

So today we honor those who fought and died for the U.S.A. and also remember those who fought and survived but have since passed on. Without each ones service in each war and battle we would not be the country that we are today.

Let us observe and celebrate those who served and the freedoms we have because they risked and gave their lives for our country!

America the beautiful, sweet land of liberty, land of the free and home of the brave!

May our country’s flag always fly high and proud!

Later, Harold


Hello Everyone,

Well, just thought I would put up an update for what has happened since my last post.

Our high school, Wheaton Academy, (WA) had their awards night last Wednesday. It used to be called the Evening of Honor. This year they changed it to the Academy Awards. It is mainly for seniors but others can and do get awards too. Our older two sons got awards their junior and senior years. Now our third son Joshua has gotten an award his freshman year (Commitment Award) and now this year his sophomore year he received the American Citizenship Award. So he is two awards up on his older brothers.

This weekend we went over to Upland Indiana to Taylor University to see our oldest son Benjamin graduate. Our first college graduate! He was listed as Cum Laude but when final grades are totaled he anticipates being upgraded to Magna Cum Laude. Either way we are proud parents and he did well, putting about 5 years of schooling into 4 years and no slacking off. He will have a degree in Economics/Systems with minors in Physics and Mathematics.

Then we packed him up and brought him home and we are a family of eight again!

The graduate with his proud parents.

No that is not his girlfriend that is my wife! πŸ™‚

So that gets you updated to now.

Have a good week!

Later, Harold

(or H@rold?) What do you think?

Wuz Up?! Wuz Down?!

Hello everyone,

Wuz up? Where is the up?Β  Is there an up? Downs?

I haven’t been on the scroll saw lately, so I got nothing to post about that. I don’t know if I lost my enjoyment of it or feel I don’t deserve the enjoyment of it. I gotta get out of that funk. I look at it and tell myself to do something, then ask why. I don’t answer. I wrote in another’s blog I might get to it tonight…might…I didn’t.

I have been through a lot of ups and downs with my job search. That has not been fun to write about. We got Osama and I did a post about that, Hooray! Then Mother’s Day came and I did a post then. An actual family member commented, that was good, but I have lots of them. I guess I kinda hoped for more.

Do you ever hope for a pat on the back, an attaboy or good job? Then not get them. Then even a kick to the hind quarters might at least be something? Or a slap up against the head? But you get nothing? You are at the bottom of the barrel, looking down, around, and glancing up. Hey! Somebody toss me a lifeline or something. Wonder when this will end?

Then there are the ups.

I have done two basement bathroom additions and gotten them finished through the rough-in stage. Now I wait for the finish stage. Walls, floors and ceilings have to be put in so I can install the plumbing fixtures. Also the other odd job here or there. I have another basement bathroom shall I say…in the pipeline…yep, pun intended. Oh stop your groaning! πŸ™‚

So the work makes me feel good. I am working at a friends house. I am doing what I like/love and I am good at it. The copper water piping all went pretty easy with no leaks, but I had some trouble with the PVC pipe. It gave me some hassles. We in the plumbing trade say any idiot can put PVC together. Apparently I am not any idiot! Maybe I am too smart to be an idiot? So why the hassle? Gotta keep me humble I guess. Make the easy hard and the hard easy? I am also helping with non-plumbing stuff too.

Tomorrow night we will be going to WA for the awards night. Joshua is getting something. He and we don’t know what, just that he will get something. Our first two did not get any awards their first two years, so Joshua is two up on them.

Then Friday we go over to Indiana to Taylor University to see our oldest, Benjamin, graduate on Saturday. Then we bring him home and see what his future will be.

So I guess it is like running and diving off the high dive towards the Olympic pool below (indoors mind you). I can float on the air waves for a while but always seeming to fall. That pool keeps getting smaller though. Some times it looks like a barrel and I am not even sure if there is water in it or if the shine is the inch of slime at the bottom and what happens when I hit or if I miss?! Will the pool come back? Is there water? Can I keep floating on these indoor air waves? What is keeping me from just plummeting? Should I just close my eyes and curl up? Will I bounce? Questions, always questions! No answers! Just the stress of not knowing and not having or being in, control.

Wake up! WAKE UP!!

I am awake, this is no dream. This is reality and some times it is really stinky and it bites. The smell can still linger through the good times and make them not as good. Kinda like visiting a mansion next to a garbage dump.

I have left the diving board, no parachute and no safety net. Or was the board cut from behind me? Is there water and how much?! When, where or will I hit?!

Later, Harold

( All wording is in reference to myself. Reflections of or to someone else is purely coincidental and unintentional. You are reading too much into this. Not valid in minds outside of my own. Read at your own risk.Β  No animals where hurt or water wasted in this blog. See MSRP )

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello Everyone,

Just want to say Happy Mother’s Day to every mom.

Especially to my Wife and my Mother-in-law, my three sisters, my two sister-in-laws, my wife’s sister and my wife’s two sister-in-laws. Also to my one remaining Aunt and my wife’s Aunt. I and we love you all!

If I listed cousins and more I would be here a long time and probably forget someone. A happy Mother’s day to all of you too! πŸ™‚

Today is also a bit bittersweet. It is the second Mother’s day without my Mom. I wore a white flower in her remembrance today. Also six years ago my Dad died on Mother’s day. We had all gathered at the VA hospital for a family lunch to be there with Mom and had a good time. He died later that evening.

Wedding 1945

My parents when all eight of us kids were just sparkles in their eyes! My Dad was then sent to war over in the Burma Road theater.

Last picture together

They made it 60 years together! This is one of their last pictures.

One of my Moms last pictures

This was not a last one, but it was the best one, about 5 months before she died.

They had eight kids, 18 grand kids and I think at last count 11 great grand kids! That’s from only 6 grand kids, so more to come! πŸ™‚

They raised us right. To respect our elders and others, love our country, took us to church, believe in God, Jesus and the whole Bible and to live right and raise our families.

They had that heritage passed down to them and they passed it on and now I am doing my best to pass it on to my kids.

Thank God for parents and today especially for our Moms. Without them we wouldn’t be here!

I love you MOM and DAD! Until we meet again.

Your Son, Harold


Osama Bin Laden bodily dead, but….

Undated AP Photo

Hello Everyone!

The hunt is over!

In a covert military operation carried out by our special forces, Osama Bin Laden has been killed. I can’t say that I am terribly saddened by this. In fact I guess you could say I feel like in a book the chapter ends, turn the page and a new chapter starts. This guy had it coming. We all knew it, he knew it, it was just a matter of time until justice, as we see it, from our view point as humans, was dealt/given. It finally was. A military operation well planned and acted upon and executed. (literally?)

With that closing a chapter ends. What will come next?

On another tact. A human life, and others, was taken. The body is now without life. But the eternal soul lives on. This soul has now been dealt with by its maker, GOD. The question to this soul is what have you done with Jesus. The answer is basically (yes or no). Do you believe or not? Only GOD knows the true answer of the heart. We see the outside, the actions taken and the words said. GOD sees the inside, to the heart.

If the answer was I do not believe or no then sorry to say the soul of Osama is in hell. He will be separated from GOD for eternity. In a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth, eternal punishment.

My friends and readers, the question above is asked of you also. What have you done with Jesus? Do you believe? Really believe deep down in your heart? Do your actions and your words convey this belief? GOD knows.

If you say no, then your eternal soul will go to the same place as Osama Bin Laden.

But I’m not that bad! I do good things!

Sorry, but the answer to that question is all that matters.

You can have life eternal in heaven with GOD or be eternally separated from GOD. It all depends on your individual answer to the question. Before life in your finite body ends. When will that be? Today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, a couple years, 10, 20, 30? Do you know the answer to that too? I know I don’t!

My friends and readers. We just passed Easter. A time to celebrate GOD’s son JESUS, the Christ, the Messiah, who after living a perfect sinless life, gave His life on a cross for all/your/my sins. But He did not stay on that cross! He was buried and resurrected by the power of GOD. He presented himself alive, in bodily form, that was touchable, to many people! Well over 500 eyewitnesses!

It is this belief, the answer yes, to Jesus that will give you eternal life with HIM in heaven. It is a gift freely given to you. All you have to do is believe! It is that simple, yet for many that hard and unbelievable.

The question is not what would Jesus do. That is good for taking or not taking action.

My friend and reader, the question is what have you done with Jesus?

Your answer will determine your future eternity!

Later, Harold

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