Wednesday February 1, Went to the unemployment group meeting, to now be called by its proper name Career Transitions. I got some more ideas. With my sister this afternoon.  Choir practice was good tonight. Got some plumbing work set for tomorrow. LinkedIn at 310

Thursday February 2, Did the plumbing job. With my sister again today.

Friday February 3, Riding this roller coaster of life. When will it stop with the ups and downs? Why not plateau for a while? LinkedIn at 311

Saturday February 4, Looked at a plumbing job and ordered material.

Sunday February 5, A good service this morning at church, choir sang, then Cantata practice afterwards. Watched the SuperBowl

Monday February 6, Did a plumbing job today. LinkedIn at 312

Tuesday February 7, Morning didn’t start good, afternoon got better. Looked at a plumbing job and will do it tomorrow. Good sized job, will need a helper. LinkedIn at 313

Wednesday February 8, Got most of the plumbing job done today plus more than originally estimated, with a helper. More to do next week. Working at my brothers warehouse tomorrow AM. LinkedIn at 315

Thursday February 9, Waited for and took in a delivery at my brothers warehouse. Then put together 9 end tables. Put in a couple hours. Also replaced their bathroom faucet. Waiting to see how long before they notice and say something. Set up another job for next week, a customer I worked for from a previous company! Got a gift in the mail.

Friday February 10, Snowed today as Joshua left with the church youth group for their winter retreat. LinkedIn at 316

Saturday February 11, Week is ending on a bad note, actually the whole song stinks!

Sunday February 12, Now the week starts a new. Choir sang in the AM service at church. Did a plumbing job this afternoon, an emergency, water heater. Still have two jobs for this week. LinkedIn at 317

Monday February 13, Our oldest son Benjamin is 23 today. He picked chicken enchiladas for his meal and French Silk pie from Bakers Square, one of our favorite pies. My brother saw the faucet today. LinkedIn at 319

Tuesday February 14, Happy Valentines Day to my wife of 26+ years. Did a plumbing job today and got another. With my sister this afternoon.

Wednesday February 15, 2nd son James is 21 today. With my sister this afternoon.

Thursday February 16, Pretty good weather for February! Sent in resume for Asst. Eng. position sent to me by a friend. LinkedIn at 321

Friday February 17, Finally back to that plumbing job from last week and finding more to do there. Benjamin worked with me today. Going back tomorrow. Stephanie left on the Jr. High church youth group winter retreat.

Saturday February 18, Did more on that plumbing job. Still not finished.

Sunday February 19, Working with/for my brother tomorrow, Benjamin too. Two good services at church today. Got another plumbing job. So some work lined up for this week.

Monday February 20, Worked with/for my brother today, Benjamin too. Then set up four plumbing stops for tomorrow!

Tuesday February 21, Did all four plumbing stops, three were jobs and one a re-check. It was okay. It was a busy day.

Wednesday February 22, Getting ready to finish the on going plumbing job tomorrow.

Thursday February 23, Finished up the on going plumbing job today. With my sister the rest of the day. LinkedIn at 322

Friday February 24, A bummer today. The van that I work out of won’t start and no money to fix it yet. Going to see Les Mis tonight at WA! It was a great presentation!

Saturday February 25, It’s the starter on the van, calling to get prices. It did start late this morning. Went to our cousins daughters baptism with a reception afterwards, good time.

Sunday February 26, Cantata practice then lead singing at the PM service at church.

Monday February 27, Got a good price on the starter and took the van in to get fixed. I got tagged on my blog and had to answer and make up questions then pass them along to others.

Tuesday February 28, Got the van back and ready for work. LinkedIn at 323

Wednesday February 29, Wow even though a day longer this month went fast! March is tomorrow and I am not ready for it! Went to the Career transitions group meeting this morning, Benjamin went with me. Working with my brother tomorrow. My sister gets a real birthday this year, today. Her 14th!