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Good afternoon everyone!

As with most Sundays we went to church. Do you attend church? This morning our Pastor talked about encouragement and encouraging others. Can I encourage you to try going to church? I bet with an open mind (not grumpy) you would possibly enjoy it and maybe hear something you did not know. We can all stand to learn something we did not know before. Hey! It might even help!

Also, please let me encourage you to leave comments! Kind, encouraging ones are most appreciated. Thanks to Andrea and my daughter for their comments. πŸ™‚ She is silly some times. My daughter that is! Not Andrea! She would send Joe after me for that. Though I have heard that Joe is silly…just saying! πŸ™‚ Kidding Joe, just kidding!!

What about this numbers thing! Well, they are ornaments I have crafted also. Pics to follow. Since nobody is commenting or guessing how I got them that way, I did the numbers that way also. I think they are turning out pretty cool! My kids are helping too. No fair asking them! That will be considered cheating and may I encourage you not to do that. πŸ™‚

Today during Sunday School class time I showed our class name that I had cut. Pics at a later date. I did not have a finished coat on it yet but it still got some oohs, ohs and ahs. Thanks Cornerstone class that was, how shall I say this…ENCOURAGING! πŸ™‚Β  I will get it finished, hopefully this week and have it there permanently.

On to the pics. So I can decide if I am resting the rest of the day or working restfully.

Later, Harold

All three

How does he do it? You gotta guess! Leave a comment!


New tool!

Well good evening everyone!

It seems I am getting late doing these posts. I do them when I have something to say or add.

Tonight it is to add! As the title says a new tool! ARRRGH! It became a need from a want and desire.

I have been doing all my sanding on my drill press with 2 sand paper sanding wheels and that worked for me for now. But as I had some problems painting the jerseys and having to sand them and start over from the primer stage, my fine sander started leaving color trails on my newly finished work. I also just finished a piece that I do not want to use that sanding brush on. My wife also said the piece needs better sanding on the flat surfaces.

So today I shopped around on the internet (is that manly?). Hey at least I did not go around from store to store to store to store…. I found what I could get and where and I went and killed, I mean bought it. I also bought the last remaining one on the floor and got it at a discount! Plus some other stuff managed to find its way through my hands and into the cart, to check out, to the van and home. Now how did that happen?!

So here is a pic of my new sander still in the box, I gotta build a table for it. Also one of the deer/reindeer I cut yesterday. I think I will stain it.

Are you going to church tomorrow?

Later, Harold

New sander!

Deer/reindeer 1/4" Poplar

Saw Dust Made!

Hello everyone!

The weekend is here!

Like the title says I made some saw dust today and finished a couple ornaments. You will see some pics of course at the end as always. They will go with yesterdays post.

I definitely need to get a heater for my work space in the garage. My toes still feel it! I have an idea.Β  A plywood work cave within the garage and keep the heater close. How does that sound? Maybe a raised floor to keep my feet off the concrete. I think I will need an electrician too. Not enough outlets. So far I have not tripped any breakers, but I think I am using all I can already. A heater may be too much.

I started a nativity scene and made 3 sheep, 2 donkeys and 1 camel. Next will be all the people and then the house. I also made a reindeer ornament and have an idea onΒ  how to make it a different way so it will stand on its own.

So for you Elmhurst residents, here are some ornaments for you. These end yesterdays speculations I am sure.Β  YD, York Dukes

Later, Harold

How is

it done?

this one painted

All three


Hello everyone!

Elmhurst, ooooh how cryptic!

Nah, it is just to throw you off the rose petaled path! But I am not sure I picked up all the thorns! Watch those little piggies!

So what does Elmhurst have to do with today’s blog?

I did make some saw dust last night. I came up with an idea of a couple letters to put together, but how and can I cut them if done correctly. I think I got it.

This is a short blog today. I will get right to the pics. One is cedar and one is poplar with no finish yet. But I have an idea for it.

Here they are. Do you (Elmhurstians, Elmhursters?)Β  get it? More to come!

Later, Harold

3/4" cedar

unfinished 3/4" poplar



Good evening!

I had a busy mental day today! What does that mean? A lot of thinking, trying to put ideas together on the computer or on paper or just plain talking it out.

I have had requests to make different items and put prices up and I have to think about my real line of work too. Which is plumbing. So I have a lot of mental irons in the fire and I have to make decisions on which way to go and what to do. Some times it feels like many ways to go all at once and I realize being pulled in different directions negates the others and I go no where. Frustrating!

So no saw dust making today (yet). I have a pic of some lettering I cut out of some scrap pieces of cedar. Gotta use it all up! Only waste as little as possible. So here are the letters.

No winners to either question in the previous posts. Come on! Leave a comment and take a guess!

Later, Harold

Family initials


Good evening everyone!

It has been a long day. The wind started blowing hard early this morning and while taking Josh to school it blew over the recyclable garbage can. My wife, Laura, (yep that’s her name I made) had it all picked up by the time I got back (the neighbors had called to alert us). After I had gotten back and left again, yep, it blew over again! She just had to pick up the can this time.

I left for a funeral service. A dear sweet lady has gone on before us to heaven (I called her Ma). Thinking about her and my Mom passing 10 months ago inspired an idea for a wood cutting so I got up during the night and wrote it down so I would not forget it later. Ended up that I did not forget but it is better to be sure. Laura liked the idea too! I don’t know if I saw it some where or I just thought it up but I hope to do it soon. Just need a few details ironed out.

So JK if you see this you will get one as soon as I do it good enough! In honor of EK (Ma).

Now what about the title #1? I will show you a pic and if you can guess how I got it that way you can have it or a different one. My scroll saw friends I am sorry but you are out of this one. Of course only the #1 answer gets the #1 freebie!

It is my first completed ornament.

So here is the #1 pic. Let the guessing begin. Oh yeah, no winner on the tulip question yet.

Later, Harold


Good morning all!

Before I make some more saw dust I thought I would show a comparison.

These are tulips. One done by my Dad and one by yours truly (that would be ME).

Anyone (besides family) know how these are to be used? At least what my dad intended them for and my mom used them for. First correct post in the comments gets a free one. Color choice of flower too! The green leaves and stem stay green. The base, well, we will talk about that.

Time to make some saw dust. Later Harold

My Dads


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