Sunday April 1, Good services today at church AM and PM, then cantata practice after the evening service. One more week!

Monday April 2, With my sister today. Got a medical insurance issue taken care of.

Tuesday April 3, Working with/for my brother tomorrow. LinkedIn at 335

Wednesday April 4, Worked with/for my brother today. Final cantata practice tonight was good.

Thursday April 5, Worked at my brothers warehouse this morning. Looked at some plumbing work to be done at a camp for kids with CP.

Friday April 6, Good Friday! Opened a sewer with a friends company this afternoon.

Saturday April 7, A yard work day. Also repaired our riding lawn mower and got it running. LinkedIn at 336

Sunday April 8, Happy Easter! He is Risen! Jesus is Risen indeed!! Two performances by the choir of our Easter Cantata in two morning services. Then to my sisters for dinner and saw my grand niece Lila for the first time.

Monday April 9, It was a yard work afternoon.

Tuesday April 10, A boring day. Benjamin was offered a job, good pay too.

Wednesday April 11, Some more yard work accomplished. Benjamin accepted the job. Minor details to be worked out. LinkedIn at 339

Thursday April 12, Ordered some parts for jobs. LinkedIn at 342

Friday April 13, Picked up parts and capped fire connection at church. Got a job set up for tomorrow. LinkedIn at 344

Saturday April 14, Did plumbing job today, sump pumps and a toilet repair. LinkedIn at 346

Sunday April 15, After Aleve and a muscle relaxant last night bed felt too good So AM church was missed. Went to the annual meeting for the PM service. Work for tomorrow and more for the week! LinkedIn at 347

Monday April 16, Piped in a 3″ waste and vent stack, more to be done. Checked other work. Got another job scheduled. LinkedIn at 348

Tuesday April 17, Installed a water saver 2 flush system on one of my toilets to see how they work. Seems okay at this point. LinkedIn at 349

Wednesday April 18, Did a quick plumbing job this morning. Got another j0b scheduled for tomorrow. LinkedIn at 350

Thursday April 19, An all day job getting close to finishing a friends basement bathroom project. Toilet and sink are now installed and working. Looked at 2 other jobs. Lots of driving.

Friday April 20, Recouping from yesterday. LinkedIn at 351

Saturday April 21, replaced a battery back up system for a sump pump. Went to a friends house for a dessert 8 get together, fun!

Sunday April 22, Two good services at church today. I lead singing in the PM.

Monday April 23, Scheduled a job for Wednesday. LinkedIn at 352

Tuesday April 24, Repaired some faucets and increased their flow rate. Scheduled another job for tomorrow.

Wednesday April 25, Two plumbing jobs done today! Working for my brother at the warehouse tomorrow.

Thursday April 26, Worked at my brothers warehouse today.

Friday April 27, Graduation ceremony for 8th graders in our homeschool group today. Our daughter Stephanie is one of them. She will be a high schooler next year! She was only 8 yesterday! With my sister this afternoon.

Saturday April 28, With my sister all day

Sunday April 29, Two good services at church today. I lead singing again in the PM this week.

Monday April 30, Got our auto insurance issue taken care of. LinkedIn at 353