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Blog Birthday!

Hello Everyone!

It’s my blog birthday post! One day late.

So what do I do for a blog birthday? I had wanted to design and do a wood craft of some sort, but the week got away from me. So I thought of doing a 1 year recap. First

I started out this blog with the intentions of showing my wood crafts that I was doing mainly using a scroll saw. But I guess, as with all blogs, it evolved to include thoughts and ideas and just a what is going on with life, happenings. Pages were added as ideas came along. That included my Thankfulness page, with monthly dividers and daily additions, hopefully keeping it somewhat neat, easy to read and followable. Thankfulness

I started this out with a couple questions/contest to maybe jump start interest. That seemed to fail. So I will answer them here.

One was what is this tulip used for?

It is a plastic bag holder for drying them.

My Dad made these, so I made some too. After washing out a sandwich bag slip it over the flower to dry and reuse. Don’t just throw them away! Tulip

How is the coloring done on these?

Dipped in a bowl with a food coloring and water mixture.

You could also do this with a brush to mix colors on the wood. Then you need to seal it as the colors do bleed if it gets wet. #1 and Numbers

I did what I call Desktop names. Desktops

I still have these. Know anyone who wants them? HINT! HINT!

I gave a lot of these away as gifts to family and friends, sold a couple.

During the football season I did football jerseys.

These were good sellers!

Once I moved my work space inside during the winter I got slack and started messing up with the spray paint or spray lacquer. You gotta follow the directions! Stay far enough away from what you are spraying. Don’t get too close.

Here's what happens if you get too close!

See all those bumps? This wasn’t even the worst one. The spray goes on looking good, then in a matter of minutes it can get all alligator skin-like. Oops, and It was me

Christmas was coming so I started with the Christmas theme. Hey it’s coming again soon!

I did reindeer.

A snow flake

A lot of name and word ornaments!

Those were good sellers too.

Our dining room and table got turned into a painting station! Busy

Here's a shot of the dining room table.

You can see the reindeer, some ornaments and some desktop names. I was also getting ready for a Christmas craft fair. Hey that’s coming up soon too!

Here's last years display.

I did a late birthday gift for a brother.

For his golf bag.

Here is what was probably the hardest piece I did. Yet it was fun to do too.

A Heart shelf

That turned out really nice. I even impressed myself! Heart

Here is a future project that I took a picture of. I still need to size it and then print it.

An owl trivet.

Along with many others of course!

I did a blog series on how I do it. It, was a desktop name and when I finished it, packaged it and sent it via the Post Office that’s the last it was seen or heard from! It disappeared in the postal maze and I lost the shipping receipt. I will do another one. Series start

I posted about Wheaton Academy football last year and this year. By the way our last game was last night. Lost again to finish the season 1 – 8. Most of the teams we lost to either made the playoffs or had a good chance to. A lot of tough teams. Josh has another week and a half in his second cast. Then maybe some therapy to get the arm back in shape. Next up the Academic Team, that’s non-contact! 🙂

I did posts on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mothers Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and July 4th. I missed Easter!

I did a post to Westboro Baptist Church on March 2nd and that got the most views ever for this blog on March 3rd. Here

I did posts about my job search. That is still on going. With other miscellaneous posts thrown in here and there.

Thank you to all my readers and subscribers. Especially those who comment! I enjoy reading your comments and responding. You all have made this blog more worth while to me. You have lifted me up when I was down and been an encouragement to me. I have blog friends around the world!

If you have ideas for me to blog about just ask, or if you have a wood craft you would like me to try send me a pattern or again just ask. I will do my best.

Thank you again! I hope you enjoy this recap!

I am on LinkedIn and Facebook now too, along with MySpace. So come Link and friend me!

Later, Harold


The day after!

Hello everyone,

Well it is the day after the big day. We just crashed! Couldn’t get going. It all came to ahead, the time (late nights), effort and planning took its toll. Next time we will plan everything better and not have the big crunch, like studying for finals or something.

But to look back, it ended up better than I could have hoped for (in reality). Yes, I could have hoped for a lot (not reality) but I didn’t, so what did happen was good! The future awaits! There is more saw dust to be made and orders to fill! Maybe some other craft shows to be found and entered.

Also a thank you to my customers and to those who placed orders I will be on them this week. If you see something you like or have an idea, leave it in the comments. I will not publish private info in a comment, they will be edited. A product page with prices and ordering is in the works, to be up soon.

I had quite a few ornaments on display along with the reindeer and reindeer family, the T-shirt ties, the tulip and some names. So what do I start off showing pics of? If I left it to you, my readers, I don’t think there would be enough voting (you are so shy). 🙂 So I will go with the reindeer and the family. That gets two in one shot. I almost sold the daddy by himself, but I mentioned a price for all three. They walked away, saying they had spent too much already. Should I have sold him alone? What do you think? Comments welcome!

Here they are, I hope you all have a good week!

Later, Harold

Reindeer, better this time

Reindeer family, finished

Home School series #2

Hello everyone!

Well you don’t have to wait long for number two, cause it’s here.

After cutting these out on the scroll saw and sanding them on the sander, I dip them in some lemon oil furniture polish. This brings out the beauty of the wood. I let it dry for about a day and then apply a clear gloss lacquer, a couple coats to each side. Of course making sure the first side is dry before flipping it over to do the other side. It seems to be working out pretty good. I am also trying it on the blue #1 ornament from a previous post. I want to see how it comes out. Also on some names I have cut.

So the blue #1, the red Wheaton Academy and the various colored number ornaments; how did I do it? That is the question yet to be answered by a reader in the comments for a freebie. I said one of my sisters guessed staining, close no freebie. It has to be more specific than that and in the comments to win. You gotta hit the nail on the head!

The other question yet to be answered comes from the tulip post. My Dad used to make them and give them away and sell some. They are used for what purpose?

If you were ever at my parents house and in the kitchen you may have seen them. Okay, that is as far as I go with the hint other than they were not for outside decoration, though I am sure you could use them for that too.

So what is the next pic from this crafty wood crafter going to be? Here it comes!

Oh! tomorrow you might get number three unless I decide to show you how the names are turning out, or go with something else. HA! Left you hanging in suspense!! 🙂

Go to church tomorrow like I and my family will. It will take your mind off wondering about my next post! Works for me!!

Name that acronym #2

Later, Harold


Wood crafted

Hello everyone!

Today was a good day, as opposed to Monday.

I made saw dust and cut some ornaments, added to the nativity scene and did some names too. These are not finished so no pics of them yet. It seems I will be doing a lot of cutting and then finishing later.

I find that I have to have a firm grip on whatever I am sanding on that sander. If I have too loose of a grip, wow does it go flying across the garage. An angel got broken that way the other day. (Insert joke about angel flying across the garage here!) An ornament got thrown today, no damage, just had to figure out how to hold on better.

No one is guessing in the comments about how I got the ornaments that way or how the tulips are used. So I guess I will tell you, uhm…after awhile, maybe.

Later, Harold


Good morning all!

Before I make some more saw dust I thought I would show a comparison.

These are tulips. One done by my Dad and one by yours truly (that would be ME).

Anyone (besides family) know how these are to be used? At least what my dad intended them for and my mom used them for. First correct post in the comments gets a free one. Color choice of flower too! The green leaves and stem stay green. The base, well, we will talk about that.

Time to make some saw dust. Later Harold

My Dads


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