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Hello Everyone!

So what is up with this title?

I saw a posting by a job search company looking for journeyman plumbers for a project in…yep…Afghanistan. I sent my resume to them and time will tell.

I also talked with a friend who has been to Afghanistan, just to pick his brain and see what he thought. He said it would be a definite change, that I would probably like it and it definitely would be quite an experience. He told me some of his experiences over there and I have heard him talk about it other times too. The usual some good, some not so good and a few bad. But it sounds like he might go back at some point.

So I am entertaining the thought so far. I mean it will probably take some time to hear something or I may never hear anything. The usual what ifs?

I sure would miss my scroll saw, making saw dust and all that goes with that.

So a short and thought provoking one tonight.

Later, Harold


Wood Crafting To Do List

Hello Everyone!

It has been quite a while since I have been on the scroll saw. It actually got moved back out to the garage when it warmed up but I didn’t get out there, until now.

I have my own to do list for it. Also a want to do list, a will I do list and a can I do list. This afternoon I did some of my to do list. They are four desktop names. They have each been dipped in lemon oil and I am waiting for them to dry so I can put coats of spray lacquer on them. So let me get to them as is for now.

Spurgeon a last name I think

This is for someone I consider a blog friend. He saw what I was doing and asked if I could do this. I finally got around to it. So “Danny” this one is for you! He is from The Real Full House.

I wish I knew my woods. This I got in a box of wood from Rockler. It is one of four kinds out of a possible five that could be in the box. So I don’t know what it is, but it looks good to me!

Who is this?

Anyone know this person? It will be a surprise when she sees it. Just one I wanted to do. From Ava Aston’s Muckery. So Ava this one is for you! It will cost you a duet with me! 🙂 Singing that is (clarifying). If you don’t know, Ava sings and I wanna sing with her! I can see me being an older version of Scotty the winner on AI! 🙂 To let you know Ava, I am a baritone with a good range.          This is from Poplar Wood.

BRC short for Brown Road Chronicles

BRC as I call him is another blogger and when I was doing Mynakedbokkie he chimed in on her blog that maybe he would have me do one for him. Sorry BRC but your title is too long for my scroll saw. I hope you will settle for this. It is from Zebra Wood and in my opinion looks pretty cool! 🙂

Another surprise!

Yep! This one doesn’t know about it either. Another blog title that I had to shorten. ModMeals comes from Mod Meals on Mendenhall, a food blog. This is the same kind of wood as the first one, so again I don’t know it. But again it turned out pretty good! I thought of going with MMoM or MMM but decided on this.

So now I will notify them to come take a look and hope they like what they see. I hope all of you like them too. I have more things to cut on my to do list…so more to come. 🙂 More saw dust to make!

Check out my Thankfulness page too! It is updated every day/evening. Okay a shameless plug, I know. But I just gave free advertising to four other bloggers why not myself too!

Later, Harold

Job search update 2

Hello Everyone,

It has been a busy week and busier end of the week.

Choir practice Wednesday night! Always good to let the voice loose, HA! I am a baritone with good range. That being said tenors are always needed in church choirs, so mostly I sing tenor. One song that night we were lucky to get down to middle C or lower. Mostly up in the stratosphere of E, F and G! That is very high for me and I really have to work at it. By the end of the night my vocal cords are stressed and I feel hoarse. But I recover.


Thursday I went on a job ride around with one of the company guys to see how things were done and ask questions about the company and learn from an employees perspective. So I got another picture of the company. Then it was back to the office for a mini interview. After which I went and took a drug test…no problem there…but still no job.

They got the results today…of course good! So next I meet with the GM on Monday afternoon. What happens after that? Maybe a job…maybe not…more waiting…I guess I at least have to wait until then. Three more days to wait to then see if something happens or more waiting.

Then Thursday night I went to a 4 hr CEU class (a requisite to renew my plumbing license). Usually they can be mostly boring, but it wasn’t bad this time. So by bed time I was worn out and had a lot of thoughts and info running through my head. It was good to see you John D. leave a comment if you stop in!

Today I went north and met with my long lost neighbor buddy, Gabe. It was good to get together again after 11 plus years. Just like the old neighbor days. We looked at an area of his house that needs my expertise and then went to a friends house for almost the same situation. I had to cross the border over into cheesehead land! That’s Wisconsin for the uninitiated. Then drive back home. All in all about a 140 mile round trip. So another busy day.

The weekend is staring straight at me! Gotta grab it by the horns and make some good of it! Let Monday come when it gets here, two days in between!

Maybe I will get the scroll saw busy and make some saw dust!

Later, Harold

How It Is Done 4

Hello Everyone!

Yes, the series continues! I know there is at least one person out there who is excited! 🙂 Any body else excited? Excitable?

Well, I found it before the men in black showed up. I’m on their list, dontcha know! It was right where I left it and that is where I found it. 🙂 (Is that circular reasoning or something?)

So let’s get right to it! First, I vacuumed up the saw dust. A somewhat clean work area is a somewhat happy work area. Plus my wife is somewhat happier too. A somewhat happier wife…Okay I’ll stop. 🙂

Still with pattern and tape on

Next I peel off the tape and the pattern with it. I should have taken a pic of the pattern after I took it off…next post.


So here it is waiting for the trip out to the garage and the sander to get any “fuzzies” off. So that is where I go next.

Ready to sand

I will do the front, the back and the bottom. The “fuzzies” are on the back. This will also bring out the grain of the wood. For those who have not checked all 4 of these, this piece of wood is 3/4″ Poplar.

All sanded

Okay, back inside and the sanding is done and it is looking good. The sanding has lightened it up a bit. So what is the next step? Ah, for that you will have to wait for the next post grasshopper. Patience is a virtue and has its reward.

Later, Harold


How It Is Done 3

Hello Everyone!

Well it is back to the series for part 3.

Tonight you will get to see the project cut out. First since I have used the blade quite a bit I changed it out for a new one. I want to make sure I get all the way through start to finish with out having to change out a dull blade or have it break on me. It is not fun for me to have one break. It always makes me jump and you really never know if something bad is gonna happen. So far so good! Nothing bad has happened.

Okay here is the first pic. Addressing the scroll saw. Yeah, yeah been there and done that, not gonna do it again! 🙂

Ready for one cut start to finish

I will start at the M and work my way around the letters.

More than half way!

Okay, looking good so far. I am feeling confident.

Okay all the letters are done!

Now for the long straight cut! If I remember right it is about 14 inches. For those not in America, in centimeters it would be…well…that’s what google is for! 🙂

Okay! I did it.

The blade survived, saw dust was made and it is looking pretty good! The time to make this cut was about an hour. I forgot to time it so I am guessing a bit. So total time so far is about 2 hours.

So next time…huh?

You want more?!


Oh! You want to see it out of the wood!

Okay, I guess one more pic won’t hurt.

It is out of the wood!

Wait! Where is it! Call the police! Call Scotland Yard! Call Interpol!

MYNAKEDBOKKIE is missing! 🙂

Am I bad?

Later, Harold

B-Day Gift

Hello Everyone!

This was a planned series interruption.

I knew my sons birthday was today and I had made him a desktop name and that I would post it today. I said in an earlier post that I had been busy on the scroll saw, making saw dust and finishing projects. So here are the pics for today.

Just opened it

Soon as he saw it he knew it was from Dad!

He likes it

Made from 3/4″ Cherry, dipped in lemon oil and then coats of spray lacquer.

A close up

He picked Chick-Fil-A for his birthday meal. So we all went and ate there for the first time ever for all of 7 us and Gma and Gpa too. Then home for presents and dessert, Texas Sheet cake, a family favorite! Almost all of us pick it for our birthday dessert. I could never tire of it! It always gets eaten too fast.

So that’s it for today. Short and sweet!

Hopefully tomorrow I will get back to the series.

Later, Harold


How It Is Done 2

Hello Everyone!

Okay we are on the way again!

From the last post I should say that 12 holes were drilled out on the drill press. These are for the scroll saw blade to go through and make the internal cuts.

Here I am shall I say addressing the saw…hello saw! Introducing the wood to the saw… saw this is wood…Poplar pleased to meet ya…wood this is saw…I’m gonna cut you up and make little pieces outta ya! There that wasn’t so bad. 🙂

Lets get it started!

Next the blade is inserted through the first hole. I usually work left to right. Time to make some saw dust.

Ready for first cut

This is the first of the 12 internal cuts. Next pic I am done with the last cut.

Last cut done

I would say it went okay. Only two what I would call large cuts. Most were small and maybe one or two in between.

12 cuts finished

I took two pics with a tape measure just to show the size of this one.

about 14-1/2" long

about 1-1/4" tall

This is the second longest I have cut. The longest is about 16-1/2″. My saw arm length is only 16″, so that one was at capacity.

The length of time on the 12 internal cuts, about 30 minutes. So for this project I am at about 45 minutes so far.

Well that is it for this one. Next I do the external cut. Yes that is singular. I plan on starting and finishing at the same spot and work my way around it.

I will probably have a break in this series tomorrow for a different post. This wood crafter has been woodcrafting. I still don’t know, one word or two?

Later, Harold


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