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Heart Shelf

Hello everyone!

Today I have for you my first two piece wood craft. It is a heart shelf. That said I might as well show it right away.

My first shelf

For this shelf I had to drill 52 holes to make 50 cuts on the heart piece. The other two holes are for the mounting screws. The shelf has two square pegs that slide into two squareΒ  holes. With the lacquer finish they are pretty tight.

A look down at the shelf

It has a nice reflection from the spray lacquer if I do say so myself!

A side shot

It works!

This project was enjoyable. It had a little of everything. Lots of holes to drill, some not so hard cuts and some intricate cuts. It was definitely not one of instant gratification, because it took more time to do. If you can see, it is the same on each half. So I really wanted each opposite cut to look the same. The pattern was actually off a bit and I had to make adjustments in a couple areas.

This is from 1/2″ maple, dipped in lemon oil, and spray lacquered. The lemon oil really made the maple look good.

Tools used were; a band saw to cut the wood small enough, a drill press to drill the holes, blue painters tape for easy removal, 3M 77 spray adhesive to attach the pattern to the tape, a scroll saw for cutting where the holes were drilled and the outer cuts, a sander to get the fuzzies off and get the wood smooth, lemon oil in a bin for dipping the wood to bring out its natural grain and Rust-Oleum spray lacquer for a nice gloss finish.

So there you have it! More than you ever wanted to know if you read this far. I hope you like the looks of this project. I don’t know what is next. I have lots of ideas, just have to pick one and get it on!

Until next time.

Later, Harold


How It Is Done 4

Hello Everyone!

Yes, the series continues! I know there is at least one person out there who is excited! πŸ™‚ Any body else excited? Excitable?

Well, I found it before the men in black showed up. I’m on their list, dontcha know! It was right where I left it and that is where I found it. πŸ™‚ (Is that circular reasoning or something?)

So let’s get right to it! First, I vacuumed up the saw dust. A somewhat clean work area is a somewhat happy work area. Plus my wife is somewhat happier too. A somewhat happier wife…Okay I’ll stop. πŸ™‚

Still with pattern and tape on

Next I peel off the tape and the pattern with it. I should have taken a pic of the pattern after I took it off…next post.


So here it is waiting for the trip out to the garage and the sander to get any “fuzzies” off. So that is where I go next.

Ready to sand

I will do the front, the back and the bottom. The “fuzzies” are on the back. This will also bring out the grain of the wood. For those who have not checked all 4 of these, this piece of wood is 3/4″ Poplar.

All sanded

Okay, back inside and the sanding is done and it is looking good. The sanding has lightened it up a bit. So what is the next step? Ah, for that you will have to wait for the next post grasshopper. Patience is a virtue and has its reward.

Later, Harold


Oasis Plus 2

Hello everyone!

So what’s with this title? I think Gabe already knows. If not, you do now!

Going back to my Oasis post, if you look at the comments, Gabe asked for one too. So I called him up with an idea for it and we went with it.

Here it is.

For his wifes work space

This is also out of Walnut. I really like how this wood turns out!

I hope all goes well Roni! How many of us would call our work spot their oasis? I am glad she can. Must mean she is well adjusted to her spot. Unlike going home! LOL! Just kidding Gabe! πŸ™‚

I have three more desktop names that I have cut, but I ran out of lacquer so I still have to spray them. I am also working on another item. So I have been making some saw dust lately with the scroll saw. Which also means going out to the garage to drill holes with the drill press and then after cutting going back out and using the sander. Ah, power tools, they make life so much easier! This wood crafter still has all his fingers too! That’s a plus! Though I have lost some skin every once in a while.

I will post the rest when I am finished with them.

Later, Harold

Bad spray paint!! Bad!!

Hello everyone,

Just thought I would show some pics of the bad spray paint. But it is not really the paint it is the glaze that goes bad. The paint turns out pretty good for the most part. All the paints that I use are Krylon. The triple thick clear glaze is Krylon and the primers too. I do use a clear lacquer that is Rust-o-leum.

First some good ones for comparison.

Claret Wine satin with glaze coating

The picture doesn’t do it justice but I had people asking if it was metal. It really looks good!

Black gloss paint

These turn out good for the most part too. Maybe if I put too thick of a coat on then they don’t look as good. I then sand them down and start over.

Blue gloss paint

Same as the black.

Claret Wine satin with glaze coating-bad

Okay here is the bad. Some times I am doing a couple of them at the same time and get some good and some bad. Lately they have all been bad. The paint turns out fine it is when I put the glaze on that it ends up like this.

same BAD!

A close up, sorry not focused.

Well there you have it. The good, the bad, even ugly! I don’t know what I do different. Like I said I could do a couple at a time and get both. Lately I have been trying only one coat of the satin paint. Maybe I will try two coats and see if the glaze comes out better. When I tried to get the same look with the gloss paints and put the glaze over them they did not turn out good either so I stopped doing it over the gloss. The satin by itself just isn’t shiny enough.

Well it is back out to the sander and try again.

Later, Harold

Name Ornaments

Hello everyone,

Well after moving the scroll saw inside I have been busy making saw dust.

What have I been cutting? You ask such good questions! I may have to lead you by the hand but you do get there. I have been cutting name ornaments. Today I will show you some that were ordered plain. I just cut and sand them. Of course that is after designing, printing, gluing and drilling holes for the blade.

Plus a pic of one that I need to hear how they want it finished. It is a gift that they didn’t know about but will hopefully see and let me know how they want it done. What am I talking about?! Only I know the details of this one and it is not for all my readers to know. Just that special one.

Also a pic of my new situation room (aka laundry room) where I am doing the work. Well at least the cutting and the spraying of the adhesive. Design and print are upstairs and drill and sand are still out in the garage.

I got more to do sooo….

Later, Harold

It ain't purty but its warmer than the garage!

Yep that’s my heater in the background.





I moved inside!

Hello everyone!

Well the cold finally got serious here in the Chicago area.

We had talked about how and where to move the scroll saw inside. We decided on the laundry room. So we moved a 4 drawer filing cabinet out and a bunch of paint cans and in came the scroll saw. Much warmer and I don’t have to put on all those layers to stay warm for only a couple hours. Then come inside warm up and not want to go back out again.

Now I can scroll for as long as I want. I do have to go out to the garage to use the drill press, band saw and sander, but that isn’t very long. I can handle that.

I have been burning the mental fires during this cold snap and coming up with ideas to cut. They are on the back burner though until I get caught up with all the orders that have been coming in. I lost count when they got into the thirties. I think I have close to forty orders to cut in total; ornaments, desktop names and football jerseys.

Sorry no pics tonight. Hope you had a good weekend. The week is before us.

Later, Harold

It is snowing!

Hello Everyone!

As if everyone here in northern Illinois didn’t know it. But for those out of the area we are getting snow for the second time, I think. Well at least measurable on the ground snow.

So in honor of our new snow fall I will post a pic of a snowflake ornament that I think is the most intricate piece of work I have done yet. It is so intricate…how intricate is it?… it is so intricate that I did not even attempt to put it on my sander and my wife broke parts off of one while trying to do some touch up sanding. I think they really turned out great though. Painted white with sparkly stuff. I guess it is glitter. It really was kind of fun to cut too.

I did let my wife out of the dog house after a while. It got cold out and was going to snow and her howling…I’m just saying! But she had to get back to work painting too. πŸ™‚

Well the weekend is upon us. I have a plumbing job for tomorrow and I got out my one piece insulated coveralls. So I think I am ready to make some saw dust in the cold garage. Bring it on!! Along with working on the product page and flyer page. Is there a better word to use than flyer or is it flier? Pamphlet? Any ideas?

Well anyway here is the snowflake enjoy!

Later, Harold

Too bright?

Too dark?

Oh, I am kidding about the dog house stuff if you really stayed with me on it. πŸ™‚

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