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Job search 5 updated

Hello Everyone,

So what has been happening on the job front? From the previous interview and possible job, nothing. I have called and left messages on voice mail but got nothing back. So he is either too busy or I am being ignored. Maybe it is unintentional, but after waiting this long hope tends to dwindle that things will look my way here.

Good news is that this past Friday I had an interview with a recruiter representing a company looking for a plumber to take over a sales position. She liked me and is passing me on to the company and I guess I await further contact. A strike against me is it is a north shore company and I live in the western ‘burbs.

For those not familiar with this terminology of the Chicago area. Find Lake Michigan and Chicago, stay by the lake and go north of Chicago a bit to the northern suburbs. That’s where the job is. Now go back to Chicago, kinda near the middle and go straight west out I290 and I88, beyond I294 and I355 and that’s about where I am. So it can be a haul to get to the northern ‘burbs from where I am. ItΒ  is doable and I don’t mind it. It’s just they might want somebody closer. This day and age that is understandable. I think that is why I lost the job I had, after coming back from surgery over 3 years ago. He had someone closer than I was for the little amount of work that was able to be done. Location, location, location, it affects everything and everyone these days. Your location can cost you a job or prevent you from getting that job.

I also went to an unemployment group meeting this week. Unfortunately it was their last meeting until the middle of January. It was helpful and they gave me some advice on getting my own business/work going. I was also able to help someone with a contact for their job search. So maybe I was there specifically that day to be of help to them. It would be nice to hear they got a job and I was a link to connect them to the right people.

I have been getting some work these last couple of weeks. Mostly small jobs but I will take and do anything I can get. Hopefully each job increases my circle of possible contacts for work and maybe this trickle will start flowing faster. I mean the best advertising is word of mouth. That is a testimony in and of itself.

But let me do a little bragging here, sorry. Somewhere back in the summer, after doing some work for a friend I stopped by a lady’s house that I had worked for from a previous employer. She was happy to see me and find out about me and that I was trying it on my own. I gave her some of my business cards and left it at that. Well she called me this past week and I fixed her toilet and now she is one of my customers. She will definitely be telling others to call me, not the previous company. It’s not the company that makes the worker good. It is the worker who makes the company good. It was my previous reputation with her that got me the work and I kept that reputation intact with good work again. The company didn’t do that…I did.

Thanks for letting me pat myself on the back there for a minute or two. As if you really had a choice in stopping me, LOL!. πŸ™‚

Saturday morning I was able to get on WGN radio, after waiting almost an hour, with a plumbing solution that the moderators had not thought of. Unfortunately they only gave me 30 seconds. So I did not get to say much after they said my name as the introduction and asked for my solution to a previous callers problem. They did agree that my solution would work. But I also question whether the caller had the problem they were all talking about or if it could be another problem that I thought of that was not discussed. That would be due to the caller not describing the problem correctly. So if anyone happened to be listening to WGN radio Saturday morning at about 7:50 or so the plumber with that peppermint solution was me.

So I continue to struggle on. Taking what work I can get when it comes along with trying to advertize for it too. While also looking for a job and the time that takes. Connections, connections, connections, that’s what it takesΒ  in each case. Time will tell, which way the plumber bounces.

Later, Harold

Job Search 5

Hello Everyone!

Well I guess you could call this an update too.

I have continued over the last weeks and months to send out my resume to any plumbing openings I come across or are sent. I am on Plumbing, Careerbuilder, Monster among others along with the unemployment site. Along with when I previously had money going to the actual companies and personally handing them my resume and maybe getting to talk with someone face to face.

I also have branched out to other areas I feel I may be qualified to gain employment. So far this has all been for naught. Other than some interviews but no job offers.

Then this past Thursday my cell phone rings. I look at the number but don’t recognize it. So I think quickly, answer or not? I do. It was a plumbing company that I had stopped in at quite a while ago. He is looking to start up a service side to his plumbing business and in his stack of papers had my resume, thought I would be a good fit and called to talk, to see if I was still available, and offer an interview. He wants to hire a plumber. Redundant I guess, why else would he be calling?!

So the interview is set up for Monday at 1 PM. It would be a great opportunity for me. Starting from the ground up. He has a circle of customers already. Plus those that are calling for service work that he is turning away. He has a truck to be stocked, ready for use. He just needs one guy to come in and get the ball rolling.

I figure I would meet and greet the customers he has now and talk about what we could do for them. Service the customers now that are being turned away, because they don’t do service work, yet. Stock the truck, price jobs and make and take phone calls. One guy, start from the ground up, build it up and work, do it all.

That could be me!

So if any of you dear readers, friends, family are the praying type, I would appreciate you saying one for me, as I do too. Maybe this is the one I have been waiting for. It has been a long three plus years of waiting and searching.

Maybe soon, I will have something even better to write about! I have been pumped since the phone call. But I also have the realization that I may not get the job. So I am doing my best to keep everything on an even keel as I prepare my thoughts for the interview.

Thanks to all of you!

Later, Harold

It is Sunday night. I am ready and prepared for the interview tomorrow. Lots of prayer said and being said over it. I am humbled by all the well wishes and prayer. Yet confident without bravado. It is in God’s hands…unless I totally blow it.

Later, Harold

It is Monday after the interview. I think it went well! I am definitely in the top couple of guys. I was told I would hear something in about a week. I wasn’t nervous before…it’s the after that is/will be grinding on me. The waiting game starts.

Where’s the Pepto Bismol?! Rolaids? Tums?

Later, Harold


Hello Everyone!

So what is up with this title?

I saw a posting by a job search company looking for journeyman plumbers for a project in…yep…Afghanistan. I sent my resume to them and time will tell.

I also talked with a friend who has been to Afghanistan, just to pick his brain and see what he thought. He said it would be a definite change, that I would probably like it and it definitely would be quite an experience. He told me some of his experiences over there and I have heard him talk about it other times too. The usual some good, some not so good and a few bad. But it sounds like he might go back at some point.

So I am entertaining the thought so far. I mean it will probably take some time to hear something or I may never hear anything. The usual what ifs?

I sure would miss my scroll saw, making saw dust and all that goes with that.

So a short and thought provoking one tonight.

Later, Harold

Stress Anyone?!

Hello Anyone?


I am not sure I feel any better but it is out there!

Now what?!

Stress- my paraphrase- Not kicking the living daylights outta someone who desperately needs it.

But I got no one but myself to do it to. Maybe like the character Jim Carrey played inΒ  Liar Liar in the bathroom scene.

I am a plumber and the bathroom would be appropriate!

Later, Harold

A Job Search Death

Hello Everyone,

Nope, it wasn’t me, just that opportunity.

I have alluded to what the problem is/was. If you have read the about me post or some of my job search posts or caught it on some of the other posts, I am a Plumber. That is my trade. It is what I do and want to do to earn a living and provide for my family, which is me, my wife of 25 years and six kids (college through grade school). That means paying as many bills as possible and keeping us sheltered and fed. Also the ever important transportation and the liquid gold that they run on.

So what would you expect me to do when laid off? Go and be an electrician or a carpenter? I don’t think so. Oh! maybe a doctor or lawyer. I hear they almost make as much as a plumber (sarcasm). No, I am going to do what I have learned and trained to do…PLUMBING! I also might let people know that I am a plumber that is out of work to try and get the odd plumbing job here or there to bring in some income. Using friends, neighbors, relatives and word of mouth to get the word out. Hey, I know a good plumber, here’s his number give him a call.

Well there is also this thing called the internet! Have you heard about it? Is it a secret? Do you know it can be used to even help? SH…don’t tell too many people the word might get out. Ever since Al Gore opened his big mouth!! πŸ˜‰

So I put the internet to use for me. Gosh! People can do that! It is shocking don’tcha know! Sh…again don’t tell anyone about this!

Just so happens company3 didn’t like what I was doing. So in order to get the position of plumber I agreed to shut down what I was doing. That is, elsewhere from this blog. This is a wood crafting blog and maybe ranting and raving a bit. Not to technically advertise PLUMBER FOR HIRE! Oops! teehee hee!! πŸ™‚ So I was okay with that, no problem and we continued on. Well that issue became the main reason they did not offer to hire me. It concerned them. Even after I had said I would stop as soon as my name was on the dotted line. They even said they would get some legal papers to sign I said, okay. Let’s git’er done!! But no! It didn’t work out that way.

That little mole hill? I dug it up and smoothed it over on my part. For them it became Mount Everest! I then died on that there mountain. An icy, cold frosted death. I don’t feel no love here! No warmth! No fuzzy feelings!

So it is over until the next opportunity presents itself. I’ll keep on looking for it.

In the mean time thank you Al Gore! πŸ˜‰

Later, Harold

Job search 4

Hello Everyone,

Well, I guess I got disappointing news today but it won’t be for sure until tomorrow. Yep, company3 is going to say, “sorry charlie”.

My plumbing activity scares them! Who’da thunk it? I was honest about it and I am a plumber. Honesty is the best policy, but you may get some backlash for it. I guess I should look at it as their loss. If they don’t want an honest plumber then they are not right for me.

So, Hey Chicagoland! If anyone wants an honest plumber. One who treats the customer with respect. Earns their trust and who they will call back and ask for. A plumber they will recommend to their family, friends and neighbors. All increasing your bottom line! I am right here! Look no farther!

Also my friendly readers, if you know a plumbing company in the Chicago area, send them my way. Or if you know someone who needs a plumber who will treat them right, send them my way. I have even done plumbing by phone! It is hard to get my tools though the phone line, but I have talked people through their plumbing problems without having to show up! Imagine that!! Who does that these days?

Well, thanks for reading my little rant! I feel better. I think I needed that.

Now do I hit delete or publish? All these decisions to make that can effect and affect people and things and the future!

Well, if you read this you know the decision was made to let you read and know what I am going through and thinking!

Thanks for your support, 10’s, 20’s and 50’s are appreciated! 100’s too! πŸ™‚

Later, Harold

Should I get a Paypal button? πŸ˜‰

How It Is Done 5

Hello Everyone!

Back to it again! This time with a plumbers twist! πŸ™‚ I had to get FUNKY!

Last post I was needing a container. Well I solved the problem as only a plumber would! So here I and we go!

The bin I bought

No it wasn’t the answer! That’s lemon oil! Not what you’re thinking. Next pic!

FALSE advertising!!!

It says 16 1/4″ , so I should be able to get 16 1/2″ corner to corner easy! NO WAY JOSE!!! It is smaller at the bottom than the top! What is with that?! I need the bottom as big as what it says and it ain’t.

So after asking for help and shopping around the plumber has a plumbing epiphany! AAAHHHHH! Spotlight please! πŸ™‚ Use plumbing!!

the parts!

You can see I got ahead of the pictures before I started taking them. Okay buy 3″ PVC cap, 3″x2″ PVC reducing coupling, 2″ PVC street female adapter, and a 2″ PVC plug. I had a 21″ piece of 3″ PVC pipe at home, perfect.

I cut about 3″ off the pipe about 17″ long using the band saw. Use the purple primer on all fittings and ends of the pipe. Cut some supports from the PVC piece cut from the pipe using the scroll saw. Prime them too.

Glue the cap on one end of the pipe, the coupling on the other end and the adapter into it. Teflon tape the plug and screw it in the adapter. Glue one support to the cap and one to the coupling and they become the stand and you have this!

my trough/tray

It is nice and steady! Let it get good and dry. I tested it with water, no leaks (but of course)! Dry it out and pour in the lemon oil from the bin.

It's not what you think it is!

LEMON OIL! Come on just because I am a plumber you think I am showing something else!? Time for a swim!

Soak both sides for a while.

Take it out and let it drip for a bit, then gently wipe it off and let it dry.

Looking good!

Okay that’s it for tonight. It has to dry for a while, then the clear coating begins.

Oh, I promised a pic of the pattern! Here it is.

The pattern after the cutting

Have a great weekend everyone!

Later, Harold


Hello everyone,

Just a shorty today.

I crossed over 1000 visits to this little ol’ wood crafting blog, for sure today, maybe yesterday. Kinda hard to tell from the way wordpress does their stats. So I got to the second 500 a little faster than the first 500.

A big thank you to all of you and to those who are subscribed (I know who you are). Only one is family. 😦  What’s with that!! Come On!!

I hope you aren’t too bored with my painting struggles of late, but I think I got it figured out. So the results should be coming out soon. I only got the jerseys sanded today. I will try to get to them tomorrow.

I’ve been busy job hunting today. Actually found a company wanting service plumbers,Β  sent in my resume and why I think I would be a good fit, so time will tell. I will probably contact them tomorrow or the next day.

Well until I get back at those jerseys….

Later, Harold

Catching Up!

Hello Everyone!

I am catching up with the orders! All are cut and sanded. Most are painted. But my hand painter is baking cookies here today with her mom. My spray painting technique needs help. I don’t really know what I am doing wrong. Some times it works out great, but when it goes bad it really stinks!

I got one order in the mail and another was picked up. I tried to deliver another order but he was not at work today. So if you read this Rob G. your order is done. I will try again tomorrow. You NEED to show it off there. Or you can contact me too.

Also a neighbor asked me to do a project for them. It is cutting a wood seat for a chair. So I said yes.Β  She also wants a snowflake ornament. She didn’t have time to get it at the craft show.

I tried out a new contact form on yesterdays post that wordpress just put out. I lost the whole post! I don’t know if I will get it back. 😦 I can’t remember all that I said. Then I tried it on this one and lost it too! So I had to re-do it. I guess I will wait until they get the bugs worked out.

I also repaired our kitchen faucet today. Yep even in a plumbers house things go wrong with the plumbing. But I had saved parts and faucets from jobs and had the exact part out in the garage. I just had to go find it. It’s good as new! I think I get that saving parts thing from my grandfather. It has come in handy many times over the years. Lots of happy customers when you don’t have to order new parts and wait for them or have to replace the whole faucet when I have had parts in the truck or at my house. πŸ™‚

So here are pics of the rest of Rob’s order.

Later, Harold

Valley day

Hello everyone!

I did the plumbing job today. So we got some cashola. It was one of the hardest kitchen faucets to take out that I have had in a long time. I usually try to get them out in one piece but this one wanted no part of that idea. It came out in many pieces. The new one went in no problem. Most of them do. I also fixed a toilet. So the plumber did some plumbing. Done right and done good with another satisfied customer. That’s what I strive for.

So what’s with valley day? I’mΒ  glad you asked! You know it gets kinda hard to keep coming up with titles for this blog. Named after what I did that day, or didn’t do. Named after the work I am doing; plumbing or wood crafting. Named after ornaments I made or what happened to them. Or about what is going on or off, like the roof.

So since I was home most of the day, we live in a valley, and the job was basically up the street from us, about a mile or so. Plus the ornaments I am going to show you pics of are area related. Sooo, Valley day became my title for today.

The ornament pics are of the names of the Sub-division we live in and the grade school in the valley where the craft show was held.

So without further delay, here they are.

Later, Harold

Our sub-division

We are actually on the western edge of it.

The grade school

Lots of people liked these! I sold one of the school but none of the Valley View ornaments.

Have a great weekend!

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