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Name Ornaments

Hello everyone,

Well after moving the scroll saw inside I have been busy making saw dust.

What have I been cutting? You ask such good questions! I may have to lead you by the hand but you do get there. I have been cutting name ornaments. Today I will show you some that were ordered plain. I just cut and sand them. Of course that is after designing, printing, gluing and drilling holes for the blade.

Plus a pic of one that I need to hear how they want it finished. It is a gift that they didn’t know about but will hopefully see and let me know how they want it done. What am I talking about?! Only I know the details of this one and it is not for all my readers to know. Just that special one.

Also a pic of my new situation room (aka laundry room) where I am doing the work. Well at least the cutting and the spraying of the adhesive. Design and print are upstairs and drill and sand are still out in the garage.

I got more to do sooo….

Later, Harold

It ain't purty but its warmer than the garage!

Yep that’s my heater in the background.






Reindeer Family

Hello Everyone!

Baby! It’s getting cold outside! The wind is blowing and snow is flurrying.

I was out in the garage with the door closed and the heater running, but the chill still gets to me. I finished cutting the reindeer family. I will show some pics of them. I still have more cutting to do.

I guess I don’t have much to say tonight. Probably brain freeze up.

Have a good night!

Later, Harold

Reindeer Family


Hello everyone!

Okay not so heavy tonight.

So what does 500 mean? I crossed the 500 mark for visits to my blog! It only took a month and a half. So I guess that means not a lot of daily visitors. I actually look at the stats so I know what is going on with my blog. My average is around 15 a day, but that is only because of the high marks being a lot higher than the average. The highest was way back at the beginning (78) with a (44) shortly after that and recently a (31). Some in the (20’s) but mostly near (10) on the low average.

I know I am not doing a world changing blog with information that inquiring minds world-wide would want to know. So I will take what I get and as I get a price page up, ordering available and more excellent crafts and crafting maybe more visits. First the Chicago area, then the world (heinous laughter). 🙂

Today I cut some more reindeer like the other one and also a 4 piece big daddy reindeer. Tomorrow mama and the fawn and more ornaments. It was cold in the garage, but the heater helped make it bearable.

Don’t forget the craft show, Santa’s Secret Shop, at Arbor View School, Saturday Dec. 4 10-2 near the Morton Arboretum in Valley View on Ironwood Dr. You can get there off of Route 53 south of Butterfield Rd. north of I-88. Look for the signs, they are usually posted around the area. Party afterward at June’s house, our neighbor to the south.

Later, Harold

I'll conquer the world with my new blog gun!!

Just kidding June! Wanna see if you still read my blog. 🙂 No party, unless I’ve not been invited yet! 🙂

Busy Saturday

Hello everyone,

Yep today was a busy one without making any saw dust, oh well.

I went out on some errands while the rest of the family went to a movie. I got a heater, a heat gun, some wood and a few other things. When I got back I was going to do some cutting but I have not gotten there. Is there a “yet” in there? I am not sure.

Then Benjamin (our oldest) and I started in on stuff for getting businesses going. He is an economics major. So we have been looking into a plumbing business start up and also a wood crafting business, just to keep things separate. We looked into phone numbers and related services and got one set up. So things are in the works! I’ll keep you posted (that’s what I do here!).

The other day my wife was going through a drawer and out came a wooden shirt tie my Dad had made. I’ll put a pic at the end. I think it was made of oak. So I am gonna try and make some of those too. Anyone remember what they are called? T-shirt ties?

Also a pic of Melodie’s number 8, she likes it. I haven’t put a gloss coat on it yet.

Have a good weekend!

Goin to church tomorrow! Are you?

Later, Harold

T-shirt tie?

Melodie's #8

Home school Series #6

Hello Everyone!

Well, here is number 6. I don’t have the answer for this one. I tried to find out but never got the answer. So if you get the first five you win and if you know number six that’s a bonus. So go ahead and answer in the comments and we will see if I get a winner.

Just a short post today. Not outside yet, kinda cool and still no heater.

I was up at 5am to get Josh to school by 5:30. He is on the Wheaton Academy Academic Team and they had a meet out in Rock Island. They had to be there by 8:30. That kinda messed up my start today as I came back home and went back to bed. I thought it was to be warmer today, but won’t be until tomorrow when I have less time.

So here is acronym #6. Do you know it? I don’t!

Later, Harold


Home school Series #5

Hi Everyone!

Yep,  here comes number 5, are you ready? Number 5? Why does that sound familiar? Anyone know what I am referring to? Now don’t be shy. It is really okay to leave a comment! REALLY!! Sorry, didn’t mean to shout. As Nike says “just do it”!

This cooler weather is keeping me from getting much done and I am frustrated with myself. I need a heater for my work space in the garage and no I did not do the blow out, yet. Lots of ideas are popping around our household. I keep saying put it on paper, I need to see it. So some are in the pipeline. Plus the others that I haven’t gotten too yet that are on paper or in the computer.

I now have two sale sites for my wood crafts and they are both the same day but different times. First is Santa’s Secret Shop at Arbor View School 10 am to 2 pm. Then later that evening our football banquet at Wheaton Academy 6-9 pm. I will have any WA stuff I have ready on a table there to help out the boosters. All on Saturday Dec. 4. So I need to get busy, busy,busy!

So here is acronym #5. I know I said wait for all six but rules change. Start answering now after number five because I do not have a confirmed answer for number 6. I will post it soon and take answers for it by itself. Okay? Clear as mud? Answer now after number 5 don’t wait for number 6.

And the game is a foot!

Later, Harold

G. and E.

building table

Hello everyone!

Today was cold in Chicago land.

I waited until the afternoon to go out to the garage. James helped me build the table for the sander. It isn’t pretty but it will work and that’s what I need. I still have to mount the sander, so that will be tomorrow. Then I can sand my projects properly (I hope).

I might tackle my electrical problem tomorrow and play electrician. Shocking! I know. Then I can build my work cave. Arrgh! Need a heater! Gotta move stuff around too, and reload my wood collection in the garage ceiling. Maybe I will take before and after pics.

Hopefully I can make some saw dust too. Though I did today but that was 2×4’s on the table saw. I gotta get going on my wood crafts. I am getting signed up for a craft fair, Santa’s Secret Shop at Arbor View School on Dec. 4, 10 AM -2 PM. Y’all come ya hear?! See what I got, bring money, spend it too! Buy, buy, buy!!

Speaking of pics…there aren’t any! Nope! not one, you will just have to chill! If you are Chicago or north just go outside that’ll work for ya!

Later, Harold

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