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Blog Birthday!

Hello Everyone!

It’s my blog birthday post! One day late.

So what do I do for a blog birthday? I had wanted to design and do a wood craft of some sort, but the week got away from me. So I thought of doing a 1 year recap. First

I started out this blog with the intentions of showing my wood crafts that I was doing mainly using a scroll saw. But I guess, as with all blogs, it evolved to include thoughts and ideas and just a what is going on with life, happenings. Pages were added as ideas came along. That included my Thankfulness page, with monthly dividers and daily additions, hopefully keeping it somewhat neat, easy to read and followable. Thankfulness

I started this out with a couple questions/contest to maybe jump start interest. That seemed to fail. So I will answer them here.

One was what is this tulip used for?

It is a plastic bag holder for drying them.

My Dad made these, so I made some too. After washing out a sandwich bag slip it over the flower to dry and reuse. Don’t just throw them away! Tulip

How is the coloring done on these?

Dipped in a bowl with a food coloring and water mixture.

You could also do this with a brush to mix colors on the wood. Then you need to seal it as the colors do bleed if it gets wet. #1 and Numbers

I did what I call Desktop names. Desktops

I still have these. Know anyone who wants them? HINT! HINT!

I gave a lot of these away as gifts to family and friends, sold a couple.

During the football season I did football jerseys.

These were good sellers!

Once I moved my work space inside during the winter I got slack and started messing up with the spray paint or spray lacquer. You gotta follow the directions! Stay far enough away from what you are spraying. Don’t get too close.

Here's what happens if you get too close!

See all those bumps? This wasn’t even the worst one. The spray goes on looking good, then in a matter of minutes it can get all alligator skin-like. Oops, and It was me

Christmas was coming so I started with the Christmas theme. Hey it’s coming again soon!

I did reindeer.

A snow flake

A lot of name and word ornaments!

Those were good sellers too.

Our dining room and table got turned into a painting station! Busy

Here's a shot of the dining room table.

You can see the reindeer, some ornaments and some desktop names. I was also getting ready for a Christmas craft fair. Hey that’s coming up soon too!

Here's last years display.

I did a late birthday gift for a brother.

For his golf bag.

Here is what was probably the hardest piece I did. Yet it was fun to do too.

A Heart shelf

That turned out really nice. I even impressed myself! Heart

Here is a future project that I took a picture of. I still need to size it and then print it.

An owl trivet.

Along with many others of course!

I did a blog series on how I do it. It, was a desktop name and when I finished it, packaged it and sent it via the Post Office that’s the last it was seen or heard from! It disappeared in the postal maze and I lost the shipping receipt. I will do another one. Series start

I posted about Wheaton Academy football last year and this year. By the way our last game was last night. Lost again to finish the season 1 – 8. Most of the teams we lost to either made the playoffs or had a good chance to. A lot of tough teams. Josh has another week and a half in his second cast. Then maybe some therapy to get the arm back in shape. Next up the Academic Team, that’s non-contact! 🙂

I did posts on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mothers Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and July 4th. I missed Easter!

I did a post to Westboro Baptist Church on March 2nd and that got the most views ever for this blog on March 3rd. Here

I did posts about my job search. That is still on going. With other miscellaneous posts thrown in here and there.

Thank you to all my readers and subscribers. Especially those who comment! I enjoy reading your comments and responding. You all have made this blog more worth while to me. You have lifted me up when I was down and been an encouragement to me. I have blog friends around the world!

If you have ideas for me to blog about just ask, or if you have a wood craft you would like me to try send me a pattern or again just ask. I will do my best.

Thank you again! I hope you enjoy this recap!

I am on LinkedIn and Facebook now too, along with MySpace. So come Link and friend me!

Later, Harold


Football season is here!

Hello everyone!

It has been quite a while since I posted something here. Just not a lot going on, other than on my Thankfulness page, check it out!

So it is that time of year! Football season! Wheaton Academy starts their season off this weekend with a trip to St. Louis to play Westminster Christian Academy. Game time 5 PM Friday for Varsity and 10 AM Saturday for the JV. Yours truly will be manning the end zone camera during the Varsity game. I don’t know if we will do the JV game.

So anyone in the St. Louis area want to meet me that’s where I’ll be, in one end zone or the other. Drop by and say hi.

As the end zone cameraman I get into all games free and get to be right down on the field and I get to view the game through a 3×5 monitor screen. But when they are at my end of the field it’s like being right out there. Then there are the field goal and point after kicks. The camera makes you feel like a target, but the camera is the target. Dead center of the goal posts. I have flinched a couple times and then you look up and go, whew, a close one!

Our son Josh is a junior this year and is playing Varsity. His positions this year are outside linebacker on defense and lineman/offensive tackle on offense. He has been enjoying the football camp weeks and then the practices. Now the season starts. Time to put the leather to the road, literally, for the first game!

The theme for the season is Count the cost, Win the day. The theme verse is Matthew 6: 33-34 where Jesus talks about first seeking His kingdom and righteousness and it will be given to you and to not worry about tomorrow, for today is enough. My paraphrase!

So I hope to be doing more football jerseys like last year and other football related items in my wood crafting. Along with getting ready for…dare I say it?…the Christmas season. It will be here before we know it!

Well everyone have a good weekend. I plan too!

Later, Harold

It’s getting closer!

Hello everyone!

Today I got one step closer to getting my product and price page up. I want to keep things separate. So one step I wanted to do was set up a bank account for the wood crafts. That was accomplished today. In case the banker wanted to know about what I was doing I took some samples along. He bought one and placed an order for 3 names!

Next I need to have a .pdf form for the price page. My son James is working on that. Possibly tomorrow he says. Then I get paypal buttons and up it goes!

I am also getting some good ideas from friends and family and will be putting them on the drawing board. Basically they are promotion ideas and I like them. One is a flyer to show my work on and pass out to people. What I am thinking for that is a separate page for flyers that would be semi-private. You would need a password to get there and then you can download the flyer you want and print it off. So that is in the works.

What do I have for pics tonight? In recognition or our armed forces on this day of December 7, Pearl Harbor Day. I have Army, Navy and Air Force ornaments. No slight to the Marines or Coast Guard, I just haven’t gotten to them yet. Only had so much time.  They are all America’s finest. Plus I will do different variations later on too. That is an idea from a friend, who really likes the Veteran ornament.

Lots of ideas out there from those who want to help and I appreciate it.

We are also planning to move my scroll saw inside from the garage. We are trying to work that out yet. Gotta move things around and see how it works. Plus see how much saw dust I can keep from getting around. So things are in flux as they say.

If you want to order something either email if you have it, phone if you have it, see me or leave it in the comments until my price page is up or a contact page. I will edit the comment to keep you safe. I have a growing list and what’s the saying? Money talks!

Have a good night!

Later, Harold

This one sold at the banquet. Only pic I took of it. Good luck Aaron P.!!

I helped paint these, but my wife had to get the lines straight! 🙂


Hello everyone!

Okay not so heavy tonight.

So what does 500 mean? I crossed the 500 mark for visits to my blog! It only took a month and a half. So I guess that means not a lot of daily visitors. I actually look at the stats so I know what is going on with my blog. My average is around 15 a day, but that is only because of the high marks being a lot higher than the average. The highest was way back at the beginning (78) with a (44) shortly after that and recently a (31). Some in the (20’s) but mostly near (10) on the low average.

I know I am not doing a world changing blog with information that inquiring minds world-wide would want to know. So I will take what I get and as I get a price page up, ordering available and more excellent crafts and crafting maybe more visits. First the Chicago area, then the world (heinous laughter). 🙂

Today I cut some more reindeer like the other one and also a 4 piece big daddy reindeer. Tomorrow mama and the fawn and more ornaments. It was cold in the garage, but the heater helped make it bearable.

Don’t forget the craft show, Santa’s Secret Shop, at Arbor View School, Saturday Dec. 4 10-2 near the Morton Arboretum in Valley View on Ironwood Dr. You can get there off of Route 53 south of Butterfield Rd. north of I-88. Look for the signs, they are usually posted around the area. Party afterward at June’s house, our neighbor to the south.

Later, Harold

I'll conquer the world with my new blog gun!!

Just kidding June! Wanna see if you still read my blog. 🙂 No party, unless I’ve not been invited yet! 🙂

Home school Series #5

Hi Everyone!

Yep,  here comes number 5, are you ready? Number 5? Why does that sound familiar? Anyone know what I am referring to? Now don’t be shy. It is really okay to leave a comment! REALLY!! Sorry, didn’t mean to shout. As Nike says “just do it”!

This cooler weather is keeping me from getting much done and I am frustrated with myself. I need a heater for my work space in the garage and no I did not do the blow out, yet. Lots of ideas are popping around our household. I keep saying put it on paper, I need to see it. So some are in the pipeline. Plus the others that I haven’t gotten too yet that are on paper or in the computer.

I now have two sale sites for my wood crafts and they are both the same day but different times. First is Santa’s Secret Shop at Arbor View School 10 am to 2 pm. Then later that evening our football banquet at Wheaton Academy 6-9 pm. I will have any WA stuff I have ready on a table there to help out the boosters. All on Saturday Dec. 4. So I need to get busy, busy,busy!

So here is acronym #5. I know I said wait for all six but rules change. Start answering now after number five because I do not have a confirmed answer for number 6. I will post it soon and take answers for it by itself. Okay? Clear as mud? Answer now after number 5 don’t wait for number 6.

And the game is a foot!

Later, Harold

G. and E.

building table

Hello everyone!

Today was cold in Chicago land.

I waited until the afternoon to go out to the garage. James helped me build the table for the sander. It isn’t pretty but it will work and that’s what I need. I still have to mount the sander, so that will be tomorrow. Then I can sand my projects properly (I hope).

I might tackle my electrical problem tomorrow and play electrician. Shocking! I know. Then I can build my work cave. Arrgh! Need a heater! Gotta move stuff around too, and reload my wood collection in the garage ceiling. Maybe I will take before and after pics.

Hopefully I can make some saw dust too. Though I did today but that was 2×4’s on the table saw. I gotta get going on my wood crafts. I am getting signed up for a craft fair, Santa’s Secret Shop at Arbor View School on Dec. 4, 10 AM -2 PM. Y’all come ya hear?! See what I got, bring money, spend it too! Buy, buy, buy!!

Speaking of pics…there aren’t any! Nope! not one, you will just have to chill! If you are Chicago or north just go outside that’ll work for ya!

Later, Harold


Good afternoon everyone!

As with most Sundays we went to church. Do you attend church? This morning our Pastor talked about encouragement and encouraging others. Can I encourage you to try going to church? I bet with an open mind (not grumpy) you would possibly enjoy it and maybe hear something you did not know. We can all stand to learn something we did not know before. Hey! It might even help!

Also, please let me encourage you to leave comments! Kind, encouraging ones are most appreciated. Thanks to Andrea and my daughter for their comments. 🙂 She is silly some times. My daughter that is! Not Andrea! She would send Joe after me for that. Though I have heard that Joe is silly…just saying! 🙂 Kidding Joe, just kidding!!

What about this numbers thing! Well, they are ornaments I have crafted also. Pics to follow. Since nobody is commenting or guessing how I got them that way, I did the numbers that way also. I think they are turning out pretty cool! My kids are helping too. No fair asking them! That will be considered cheating and may I encourage you not to do that. 🙂

Today during Sunday School class time I showed our class name that I had cut. Pics at a later date. I did not have a finished coat on it yet but it still got some oohs, ohs and ahs. Thanks Cornerstone class that was, how shall I say this…ENCOURAGING! 🙂  I will get it finished, hopefully this week and have it there permanently.

On to the pics. So I can decide if I am resting the rest of the day or working restfully.

Later, Harold

All three

How does he do it? You gotta guess! Leave a comment!

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