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Hello Everyone!

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!

We went to church this morning. The choir sang, of which I am a part of, and lately two of my sons have been singing also.

We are having Christmas dinner at our house. Afterwards we will open gifts. Maybe watch some basketball and most definitely the Bears later.

What did you do today?

I hope you enjoyed it.

Later, Harold


Colorado 2011

Hello everyone!

Just a quickie!

If you want to follow our church high school group on their Colorado trip, here is a link

Our son Josh is one of the group. He will be a junior this year. They have made their first stop in Nebraska and are back on the road this morning. No further updates here unless it is important.

Check out my Thankfulness page! Updates there periodically and daily on the current monthly page.

Later, Harold

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello Everyone,

Just want to say Happy Mother’s Day to every mom.

Especially to my Wife and my Mother-in-law, my three sisters, my two sister-in-laws, my wife’s sister and my wife’s two sister-in-laws. Also to my one remaining Aunt and my wife’s Aunt. I and we love you all!

If I listed cousins and more I would be here a long time and probably forget someone. A happy Mother’s day to all of you too! 🙂

Today is also a bit bittersweet. It is the second Mother’s day without my Mom. I wore a white flower in her remembrance today. Also six years ago my Dad died on Mother’s day. We had all gathered at the VA hospital for a family lunch to be there with Mom and had a good time. He died later that evening.

Wedding 1945

My parents when all eight of us kids were just sparkles in their eyes! My Dad was then sent to war over in the Burma Road theater.

Last picture together

They made it 60 years together! This is one of their last pictures.

One of my Moms last pictures

This was not a last one, but it was the best one, about 5 months before she died.

They had eight kids, 18 grand kids and I think at last count 11 great grand kids! That’s from only 6 grand kids, so more to come! 🙂

They raised us right. To respect our elders and others, love our country, took us to church, believe in God, Jesus and the whole Bible and to live right and raise our families.

They had that heritage passed down to them and they passed it on and now I am doing my best to pass it on to my kids.

Thank God for parents and today especially for our Moms. Without them we wouldn’t be here!

I love you MOM and DAD! Until we meet again.

Your Son, Harold


Job search update 2

Hello Everyone,

It has been a busy week and busier end of the week.

Choir practice Wednesday night! Always good to let the voice loose, HA! I am a baritone with good range. That being said tenors are always needed in church choirs, so mostly I sing tenor. One song that night we were lucky to get down to middle C or lower. Mostly up in the stratosphere of E, F and G! That is very high for me and I really have to work at it. By the end of the night my vocal cords are stressed and I feel hoarse. But I recover.


Thursday I went on a job ride around with one of the company guys to see how things were done and ask questions about the company and learn from an employees perspective. So I got another picture of the company. Then it was back to the office for a mini interview. After which I went and took a drug test…no problem there…but still no job.

They got the results today…of course good! So next I meet with the GM on Monday afternoon. What happens after that? Maybe a job…maybe not…more waiting…I guess I at least have to wait until then. Three more days to wait to then see if something happens or more waiting.

Then Thursday night I went to a 4 hr CEU class (a requisite to renew my plumbing license). Usually they can be mostly boring, but it wasn’t bad this time. So by bed time I was worn out and had a lot of thoughts and info running through my head. It was good to see you John D. leave a comment if you stop in!

Today I went north and met with my long lost neighbor buddy, Gabe. It was good to get together again after 11 plus years. Just like the old neighbor days. We looked at an area of his house that needs my expertise and then went to a friends house for almost the same situation. I had to cross the border over into cheesehead land! That’s Wisconsin for the uninitiated. Then drive back home. All in all about a 140 mile round trip. So another busy day.

The weekend is staring straight at me! Gotta grab it by the horns and make some good of it! Let Monday come when it gets here, two days in between!

Maybe I will get the scroll saw busy and make some saw dust!

Later, Harold

Job Search update

Hello everyone,

Well I heard back from company #3. They could find nothing about me for the past 7 years or so! Especially the last 3 years. I guess I have been a good boy or I am really good at keeping my bad boy stuff under wraps! 🙂

I have to provide them with my last W-2 form. That goes back to 2007! Also statements from unemployment for 2009 and 2010. Then they can offer me a job. I guess it is still not guaranteed but it is closer. Also it is the closest I have been to a job since October 2008! What’s another week?!

That little jog I took yesterday? Well after having choir practice the night before and then jogging the next morning and just getting over a cold. Yep, it came back and slapped me across the head like a 2×4! I thought it was bad the first time around! This one really got me today.

I consider myself a baritone with a good range. I sing tenor in the church choir. Almost every church choir I sang in I sang tenor. Cuz I can and tenors are usually in need. High school choirs I always sang bass. Today I was a low bass and wasn’t even gonna try to get out of the basement range. It weren’t gonna happen! That’s if I could even hit a note right! We don’t sing this Sunday so I don’t need my voice until Wednesday night practice again, so I got time.

Well I gotta gather the needed papers and get them delivered on Monday. Rest my voice and take cold medicine to get chipper again.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Later, Harold

Craft Show Review

Hello Everyone!

Well we made it to the craft show this afternoon at the college up the street from us. We went to see what was there. We met another mom and her daughter there. So it was me, my wife, our 12 year old daughter, our friend and her 11 year old daughter. Our girls are friends too.

I was especially interested the wood crafters and what they were doing. The ladies well what can I say they had to look at most everything. We stuck together for a while. Then I broke off with the girls. The moms eventually caught up and I broke away on my own for a bit then met back up with them again.

I can’t say I was disappointed at all. There were about 10 wood crafters. Two were doing actual hand wood carving, kinda neat to watch. Most had their own thing they were doing. One did figurines with an Easter theme and hand painted them. One guy had animal puzzles. These were pretty cool! We talked for quite a bit. He did all his work on the scroll saw like me. Others did a combo of scroll saw work and also used a lathe or a band saw. One guy had some pretty rustically made toy vehicles. Another two had the corn-hole toss games and one some vases. So some pretty neat work all in all and all different. Some things I think I could do and also do better. But no one really doing what I would be thinking of doing. Does that mean I am too simplistic? I don’t know yet. I plan on doing more than what I have shown so far. Plus I am still learning and maybe holding myself back from trying some more difficult work. But I do think I can do it. I will have one for you tomorrow that was more difficult and time consuming.

The ladies bought some hair bauble stuff. We all sampled any food we could. I went for the hot/spicy stuff. I went back and got a jar of sour dill with habanero pepper pickles. Ooooh baby are they hot! Just the way I like it! Last time we got some sour dill with horseradish pickles and some plain old sour dill pickles those were good too.

I offered to let my wife have a say here too, but she has to think more. I kinda just let it flow out. Maybe another time.

Well that was the show from my point of view. We spent about two and a half hours there. Now time to pick out some songs to lead for evening church and get ready to go.

Later, Harold


Hello Everyone!

Not really a break, just a news flash.

I have a plumbing job interview today 9:30 AM Chicago time.

Update later.

Later, Harold

Interview update

It went well I think. Now I wait to see if a job offer is made.

I have more to say about it, but not at this time.

Later I met a friend for lunch and had a good talk with him. He bought! We haven’t seen as much of each other since the WA football season ended. Then on the way home I dropped off my resume at a plumbing company, didn’t get to meet the owner. Those have been few and far between. Oh well. 😦

In one more week our church choir will start practicing again. Can’t wait! Been missing that! Could have been a good pick me up tonight. Kinda slipping now. Oh well, I’ll survive one more week without.

Hey Gabe, remember those karaoke nights after bowling! 🙂 Good times! 🙂

Before I can go any further with my How It Is Done series, I need a container. It has to be about 18″ long and about 3″ wide with sides around 3″ or higher. It does not need a lid/top/cover. It has to hold liquid. Been looking all over for something. I need it for two projects now. Any advice out there on where to look or what to look for? Thanks.

Later, Harold

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