Hello to those still around!

Golly! It has been over a year since my last post and almost a year since my last Thankfulness entry! I don’t know where the time went except it is gone and a lot happened in that time. I have noticed some bloggers stopped blogging. Others are at it sporadically and some are going great guns. I don’t know if I will ever catch up on some of you, I may try I may not.

So what has been going on this past year you ask!? Glad you did! No you are not nosey…well most of you aren’t. 😉

I don’t know if I mentioned previously that my wife got a job, but she dropped it after mutual feelings and discussion with her boss. Then she started taking courses at our local community college (most of the reason for dropping her job) both semesters and is looking at one class this summer. That made a lot of change for our household just by itself.

We stopped homeschooling with our youngest two going to public schools and our first daughter going to public high school. So those of you that keep up will know that gives us 4 kids in 4 different grades in 4 different schools. Those that need a reminder it is 1 in private high school, 1 in public high school, 1 in public middle school, and 1 in public grade school. More change!

I keep building my business and that is always a constant challenge and change. I took a job in October with a plumbing company, so that was another change and then lost/left it in January, change back. (Is that like tag back?) I was still working at my own business too. I have been on Facebook for over a year now and also put up a Facebook business page where I post the work I am doing and make comments ever so not very often. (Keeping it professional you know!)

I really have to watch my time on the computer. I was spending way too much time here. So I got out and got busier with all the change and just working at the business. Some of my time on the computer is business related, electronic business paper work, spread sheets, contact list, etc.

I also have not done any work on my scroll saw in a long time. Another thing that fell by the way side. (I want more time for that) (just afraid of missing a call) I do miss that.

Recently we changed our cell phone carrier and added texting to our new package and I also upgraded to a smart phone. That will help with the business too. I now have all my contacts with me and can add or update them right there, no waiting until I get home. Having access to my different email accounts on the phone that are business related helps too. Again, no waiting until I get home for something I may have missed. Nice to join this always changing communicative world! It is smaller than it used to be!

I guess in a nut shell that is most of it!

You could say welcome back, but I don’t know how often I will be back. I will be checking your blogs, some I already have.

Until then,

Later, Harold