Hello Everyone!

Well I decided to expand on my thankfulness update on the blog today. So you get a double dose but more detail here.

Today was a voluntary work day for the JV football team from WA. The plan was to do some work around the house of a team member. It kind of expanded with the storms we have had lately. Their power went out and they ended up with over 15 inches of water in the basement. So some work inside the house got included on the list.

There were over 15 boys, their coach, a couple teachers, some dads, a mom and friends all onsite to help out and do what we could from 8-12 this morning. When Josh and I arrived and got the lay of the land we were sent inside. Me to do plumbing, but of course, and Josh what ever was needed.

I checked the furnace and got it working first, kind of out of my area but I was the closest to know anything about it. Then I checked the sump pumps, working okay, lit the water heater, okay, made a temporary repair on the laundry sink waste line and repaired the laundry sink faucet. More plumbing to be done at a later date.

Water damaged stuff was being tossed and gone over. The floor got swept by Josh with the wet-vac and general cleaning and sorting was going on.

Outside general maintenance was going on. Lawn care, brush removal, raking, weeding, bush trimming, trees cut down, lots of activity! The drain for the sump pump was found and trenched to the street with rock added. A down spout drain was trenched out and the piping, hopefully pitched, was all put underground and rocked at the end. Loads of debris were hauled away. I had Josh clean the gutters on the garage from a ladder, then I put him on the house roof to do those gutters too. He got about 4 buckets full of debris out in total and every gutter draining. The garage door operator was adjusted and gotten to work properly too. Probably more was done than I know about.

I am sure with their first week off from school gone, that these boys sure could have been doing other things on this Saturday morning. But they chose to volunteer their time and efforts to help a teammates family that needed some help. This family has gone through the husband losing his job, don’t I know about that, to his being diagnosed with cancer, terminal, the wife switching jobs to help out better financially, he dies after a short battle with the cancer and all the ramifications of everything  listed and whatever else I don’t know about. All in about a year or so!

My hat is off to those who organized today, to the boys and the work they accomplished and all the others who put in time and effort for today. It looks a lot better than when we started! More to be done at another time.

Way to go everyone! 🙂 Today you were the mind, the hands and the feet of JESUS! Serving the body of Christ in HIS goodness. A great representation of Wheaton Academy and the sports department and especially the JV football team!

Yeah team! 🙂

Later, Harold