Hello everyone,

Wuz up? Where is the up?  Is there an up? Downs?

I haven’t been on the scroll saw lately, so I got nothing to post about that. I don’t know if I lost my enjoyment of it or feel I don’t deserve the enjoyment of it. I gotta get out of that funk. I look at it and tell myself to do something, then ask why. I don’t answer. I wrote in another’s blog I might get to it tonight…might…I didn’t.

I have been through a lot of ups and downs with my job search. That has not been fun to write about. We got Osama and I did a post about that, Hooray! Then Mother’s Day came and I did a post then. An actual family member commented, that was good, but I have lots of them. I guess I kinda hoped for more.

Do you ever hope for a pat on the back, an attaboy or good job? Then not get them. Then even a kick to the hind quarters might at least be something? Or a slap up against the head? But you get nothing? You are at the bottom of the barrel, looking down, around, and glancing up. Hey! Somebody toss me a lifeline or something. Wonder when this will end?

Then there are the ups.

I have done two basement bathroom additions and gotten them finished through the rough-in stage. Now I wait for the finish stage. Walls, floors and ceilings have to be put in so I can install the plumbing fixtures. Also the other odd job here or there. I have another basement bathroom shall I say…in the pipeline…yep, pun intended. Oh stop your groaning! 🙂

So the work makes me feel good. I am working at a friends house. I am doing what I like/love and I am good at it. The copper water piping all went pretty easy with no leaks, but I had some trouble with the PVC pipe. It gave me some hassles. We in the plumbing trade say any idiot can put PVC together. Apparently I am not any idiot! Maybe I am too smart to be an idiot? So why the hassle? Gotta keep me humble I guess. Make the easy hard and the hard easy? I am also helping with non-plumbing stuff too.

Tomorrow night we will be going to WA for the awards night. Joshua is getting something. He and we don’t know what, just that he will get something. Our first two did not get any awards their first two years, so Joshua is two up on them.

Then Friday we go over to Indiana to Taylor University to see our oldest, Benjamin, graduate on Saturday. Then we bring him home and see what his future will be.

So I guess it is like running and diving off the high dive towards the Olympic pool below (indoors mind you). I can float on the air waves for a while but always seeming to fall. That pool keeps getting smaller though. Some times it looks like a barrel and I am not even sure if there is water in it or if the shine is the inch of slime at the bottom and what happens when I hit or if I miss?! Will the pool come back? Is there water? Can I keep floating on these indoor air waves? What is keeping me from just plummeting? Should I just close my eyes and curl up? Will I bounce? Questions, always questions! No answers! Just the stress of not knowing and not having or being in, control.

Wake up! WAKE UP!!

I am awake, this is no dream. This is reality and some times it is really stinky and it bites. The smell can still linger through the good times and make them not as good. Kinda like visiting a mansion next to a garbage dump.

I have left the diving board, no parachute and no safety net. Or was the board cut from behind me? Is there water and how much?! When, where or will I hit?!

Later, Harold

( All wording is in reference to myself. Reflections of or to someone else is purely coincidental and unintentional. You are reading too much into this. Not valid in minds outside of my own. Read at your own risk.  No animals where hurt or water wasted in this blog. See MSRP )