Hello Everyone,

Nope, it wasn’t me, just that opportunity.

I have alluded to what the problem is/was. If you have read the about me post or some of my job search posts or caught it on some of the other posts, I am a Plumber. That is my trade. It is what I do and want to do to earn a living and provide for my family, which is me, my wife of 25 years and six kids (college through grade school). That means paying as many bills as possible and keeping us sheltered and fed. Also the ever important transportation and the liquid gold that they run on.

So what would you expect me to do when laid off? Go and be an electrician or a carpenter? I don’t think so. Oh! maybe a doctor or lawyer. I hear they almost make as much as a plumber (sarcasm). No, I am going to do what I have learned and trained to do…PLUMBING! I also might let people know that I am a plumber that is out of work to try and get the odd plumbing job here or there to bring in some income. Using friends, neighbors, relatives and word of mouth to get the word out. Hey, I know a good plumber, here’s his number give him a call.

Well there is also this thing called the internet! Have you heard about it? Is it a secret? Do you know it can be used to even help? SH…don’t tell too many people the word might get out. Ever since Al Gore opened his big mouth!! 😉

So I put the internet to use for me. Gosh! People can do that! It is shocking don’tcha know! Sh…again don’t tell anyone about this!

Just so happens company3 didn’t like what I was doing. So in order to get the position of plumber I agreed to shut down what I was doing. That is, elsewhere from this blog. This is a wood crafting blog and maybe ranting and raving a bit. Not to technically advertise PLUMBER FOR HIRE! Oops! teehee hee!! 🙂 So I was okay with that, no problem and we continued on. Well that issue became the main reason they did not offer to hire me. It concerned them. Even after I had said I would stop as soon as my name was on the dotted line. They even said they would get some legal papers to sign I said, okay. Let’s git’er done!! But no! It didn’t work out that way.

That little mole hill? I dug it up and smoothed it over on my part. For them it became Mount Everest! I then died on that there mountain. An icy, cold frosted death. I don’t feel no love here! No warmth! No fuzzy feelings!

So it is over until the next opportunity presents itself. I’ll keep on looking for it.

In the mean time thank you Al Gore! 😉

Later, Harold