Hello Everyone,

Well, I guess I got disappointing news today but it won’t be for sure until tomorrow. Yep, company3 is going to say, “sorry charlie”.

My plumbing activity scares them! Who’da thunk it? I was honest about it and I am a plumber. Honesty is the best policy, but you may get some backlash for it. I guess I should look at it as their loss. If they don’t want an honest plumber then they are not right for me.

So, Hey Chicagoland! If anyone wants an honest plumber. One who treats the customer with respect. Earns their trust and who they will call back and ask for. A plumber they will recommend to their family, friends and neighbors. All increasing your bottom line! I am right here! Look no farther!

Also my friendly readers, if you know a plumbing company in the Chicago area, send them my way. Or if you know someone who needs a plumber who will treat them right, send them my way. I have even done plumbing by phone! It is hard to get my tools though the phone line, but I have talked people through their plumbing problems without having to show up! Imagine that!! Who does that these days?

Well, thanks for reading my little rant! I feel better. I think I needed that.

Now do I hit delete or publish? All these decisions to make that can effect and affect people and things and the future!

Well, if you read this you know the decision was made to let you read and know what I am going through and thinking!

Thanks for your support, 10’s, 20’s and 50’s are appreciated! 100’s too! 🙂

Later, Harold

Should I get a Paypal button? 😉