Hello Everyone,

Well I had the interview with the GM of company 3 on Monday and it went well in my opinion. It does seem they want to hire me and I said I would work for them (I mean I am doing all this). But an actual offer has not happened…yet.

There could be a sticky point that I can’t really get into right now but it has something to do with…how shall I say this…doing my own thing in the plumbing area so to speak. But I think we worked that out, once we all sign on the dotted lines…so to speak. Soooo I wait to hear from them again.

In the mean time I should push the buttons on company 2 and see what is happening there. Company 1 HA! fuhgedaboudit! Then see if anything else comes up.

I guess that is about it. Hump day, get past today it is downhill to the weekend.

Later, Harold