Hello Everyone!

I completed my version of the WWWP 5K today! It was a beautiful day in the Chicago area at around 70 degrees F and sunny. So the wife and I went on a bike ride and I figure it at least doubled a 5K. Hence, the 5K x 2.

It was a nice ride. We went through the valley subdivision behind us. We saw some people out doing yard work, it was a good day for that too.

We crossed route 53 and went into Hidden Lake Forest Preserve. I had not been over there since the fall. All the tall grasses had either been cut or were still flattened from our winter snows. It just seemed empty. I could see right down to the waters edge from the paths. Normally you can’t and there are foot paths through the tall grass that the fisherman take to get down by the lake.

We rode around both lakes that are there and stopped on the bridge over the east branch of the Dupage river on our way out from the hidden lake. Here are some pics from the bridge.

On the bridge looking south

This is looking down the path towards the hidden lake.

Looking north from the bridge

This takes us back out to the parking areas and the other lake.

Looking down river from the bridge

This would be towards the west and down river to the bend where it starts heading south again.

zoomed in

Lots of bright sunshine! It has been pretty gloomy here lately.

Looking down from the bridge

The water was running high and fast.

Looking down on the east side

All the sticks and branches hanging uo on the rocks creating a dam effect.

looking east from the bridge

The calm lake effect from the damming of the river and a wetlands area. Usually lots of ducks and geese with some herons and egrets. More forest preserve beyond the power line towers going up the hill with the building beyond at the top of the hill.

Close up of the little island

People go out there to fish. I guess there are stepping stones and branches to aid in getting across to it. 1o years we have been here and I have not yet investigated it. I can’t wait for the area to green up again. It is still too brown though the water is nice and blue, if you don’t look too close!

From here we rode back home completing my original route through the valley that would have been my 5K. So I figure we doubled that today by bike.

We saw people out walking their dogs and rollerblading. One kid we saw had a three wheeled scooter. I caught up to him going down a hill, he was having a blast at the speed he was going.

It was an enjoyable ride and a bit longer than usual. The temperature was perfect and at no time was I concerned about the time we were out. So I have no idea how long it was. My joining in on the WWWP 5K is complete and then some.

I still hope to run my original route through the valley.

Any other WWWP 5Kers out there? How did you do yours?

I’ve had a shower and dinner, now I’m gonna take some Aleve and go to bed! 🙂

I think tomorrow will come too soon! 🙂

Later, Harold