Hello Everyone,

It has been a busy week and busier end of the week.

Choir practice Wednesday night! Always good to let the voice loose, HA! I am a baritone with good range. That being said tenors are always needed in church choirs, so mostly I sing tenor. One song that night we were lucky to get down to middle C or lower. Mostly up in the stratosphere of E, F and G! That is very high for me and I really have to work at it. By the end of the night my vocal cords are stressed and I feel hoarse. But I recover.


Thursday I went on a job ride around with one of the company guys to see how things were done and ask questions about the company and learn from an employees perspective. So I got another picture of the company. Then it was back to the office for a mini interview. After which I went and took a drug test…no problem there…but still no job.

They got the results today…of course good! So next I meet with the GM on Monday afternoon. What happens after that? Maybe a job…maybe not…more waiting…I guess I at least have to wait until then. Three more days to wait to then see if something happens or more waiting.

Then Thursday night I went to a 4 hr CEU class (a requisite to renew my plumbing license). Usually they can be mostly boring, but it wasn’t bad this time. So by bed time I was worn out and had a lot of thoughts and info running through my head. It was good to see you John D. leave a comment if you stop in!

Today I went north and met with my long lost neighbor buddy, Gabe. It was good to get together again after 11 plus years. Just like the old neighbor days. We looked at an area of his house that needs my expertise and then went to a friends house for almost the same situation. I had to cross the border over into cheesehead land! That’s Wisconsin for the uninitiated. Then drive back home. All in all about a 140 mile round trip. So another busy day.

The weekend is staring straight at me! Gotta grab it by the horns and make some good of it! Let Monday come when it gets here, two days in between!

Maybe I will get the scroll saw busy and make some saw dust!

Later, Harold