Hello everyone!

While I decide on and then work on my next project I’ll give some updates on getting ready for the WWWP 5K.

Last night I mapped out a route through the valley subdivision behind us. It is like a lasso. The start out length is the same ending length with a circle attached. Today I took our son to track practice. He said it would be short today so I figured what the hay…go for it. I dressed appropriately and went out there and “ran” on the track and made it around two times for a half mile. I am sure I was getting slower and slower but I made it!

So I have ten more days to make it to 3.1 miles!

Houston, we may have a problem!

I just looked at my schedule for that Sunday. Of course there is church in the morning. Then we come home for lunch. I am scheduled to lead singing for the evening service so I have to be back at church by 5:45.

I can see it now! I come into church that evening holding myself up with crutches, on oxygen and trying to lead singing while not spasming all over the place or not coughing up a who knows what! Not a pretty picture!

I may have to re-think this. Maybe shift over to the bike and double the route or something. I am sure all of us would do that. We can ride over to the forest preserve and ride there and back. Everyone would probably like that more than the running part. So I will just push the running part off a bit, but still keep it as a goal. You all gotta hold me to it too! Also get some shoes other than my work boots to run in! 😉 Ya think?!

Well that’s it for now. I leave for class in an hour, got a test tonight.

Later, Harold