As the balls bounce!


Hello everyone,

Considering this being the only time I have blogged during the NCAA tournament I have some more fodder today.

Yep, I declare my bracket officially busted! Usually I think I do okay. I mean wins and losses, but also picking at least two of the final four and once in a while a finalist, but never the winner. Well today I officially lost all my final four teams.

Who did I have? OSU, Texas, Kansas, and Florida. With OSU and Florida in the final and OSU winning it. HA! Again I say HA! NEVER go with a small, I mean big ten (notice little letters) team. I thought this might be the year though. I mean 7 big ten teams in it, come on! I picked 4 to advance in the second round, 5 did. I thought hey what is happening here?! 5 out of 7 advance ? I thought I was risking it taking 4! The third round settled them out, I had only OSU advancing but Wisconsin proved me wrong. Then they both lost in the sweet sixteen, bye bye big ten.

But wow! All the upsets this year, and a lot of them were close and could have gone either way, without a foul here or there and a made or missed basket changes a lot.

So with none in the final four I can put my record this year at 41 wins and 26 losses. VCU and Butler are playing great! With really no surprise with Kentucky and UConn making it. I just didn’t pick them! Who woulda thunk it, an 11 playing an 8 to face a 3 or a 4. No number 1’s!

So what’s next?! It might be fun to see VCU win it all, but my heart goes with Butler. I think they have a better chance of beating who ever they play in the final. UK and UConn I don’t really care, maybe lean towards UK. But what do I know, at least this year!

So how did or are you doing?

Later, Harold