Hello Everyone,

I am saddened today. I went to the blog Off The Base, it’s on my blogroll, and read about another of our fallen soldiers. So my heart is heavy for this family and every family that has lost a service man or woman.

If this soldier believes as I do, then he is waiting in heaven for the rest of his family. His wife and/or mother used terms that fit my belief and his fearlessness on the front lines seem to jive with belief in a saving God. How else could he do what he did and believe that he would go home?

Well, he is home if he believed as I do. His fearlessness may not have been false bravado. If he lived he would go home to his family. If he did not survive a battle confrontation then he would go home to heaven where his heavenly Father had prepared a place for him. Either way he would be going home. He had nothing to fear and heaven to gain!

He talked with a Baptist minister. I have a brother-in-law who is a Baptist minister, so my sister is, (hi sis!) my Gpa was a Baptist and my Mom grew up Baptist. So I have some knowledge of Baptists. They take talking about getting saved serious! It is not something taken lightly.

The troops he served with seem to respect him and how he acted.

I admit I have little to go with. But yet I have this feeling I will see Michael Mahr some day.

Well done soldier!

Until we meet.

Later, Harold