Hello Everyone!

Well we all thought it was done right? There was one last step I could show so I am! Packaging and mailing! Exciting, I know!

So here is the first step the always tantalizing BUBBLE WRAP!

The project, the mailing tube and bubble wrap

Next roll it up and get it protected.

Ready for insertion!

Wait! Do I see something dark brown in there? Isn’t the project a light colored wood? What could it be? Is it a secret? Maybe a surprise? If it is then I can’t tell you! 🙂

Insertion complete!

Okay, put the cap on and ready for the trip to the post office!

The post office, not my car though.

Can I really do it? Part with a work that gave rise to 7 blogs! Ship it half way around the globe! Uht oh! Having second thoughts here! Will I walk through those doors and hand it over!?

NO! I am holding it for ransom! Turning around now and going back home!

Okay get a grip here! Walk through the doors, greet the friendly postal worker, ask to take a picture as he works on it, yes! Thank You!

It is in his hands!

All labeled, weighed, taped and then paid for. Time to go home. Sniff! Off to South Africa it is!

I was told customs may open it. Wonder what they will think of MYNAKEDBOKKIE?! 🙂 And the little surprise.

Maybe the men in black will really show up this time! HA! We got MYNAKEDBOKKIE in a tube and this other thing, we’re taking you in for questioning! OOoooh the suspense of it all! The intrigue! I hear the James Bond theme playing! 🙂 Free trip to South Africa?? Okay dreaming!

But if this blog disappears and I am never heard from again! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! Silent black helicopters, conspiracies  and all! 🙂

Later, Harold

There may be one last post for this, upon arrival and a picture (HINT HINT). That is if they don’t come after you too!? 🙂

James Bond theme plays as fade to black.