Hello Everyone!

Back to it again! This time with a plumbers twist! 🙂 I had to get FUNKY!

Last post I was needing a container. Well I solved the problem as only a plumber would! So here I and we go!

The bin I bought

No it wasn’t the answer! That’s lemon oil! Not what you’re thinking. Next pic!

FALSE advertising!!!

It says 16 1/4″ , so I should be able to get 16 1/2″ corner to corner easy! NO WAY JOSE!!! It is smaller at the bottom than the top! What is with that?! I need the bottom as big as what it says and it ain’t.

So after asking for help and shopping around the plumber has a plumbing epiphany! AAAHHHHH! Spotlight please! 🙂 Use plumbing!!

the parts!

You can see I got ahead of the pictures before I started taking them. Okay buy 3″ PVC cap, 3″x2″ PVC reducing coupling, 2″ PVC street female adapter, and a 2″ PVC plug. I had a 21″ piece of 3″ PVC pipe at home, perfect.

I cut about 3″ off the pipe about 17″ long using the band saw. Use the purple primer on all fittings and ends of the pipe. Cut some supports from the PVC piece cut from the pipe using the scroll saw. Prime them too.

Glue the cap on one end of the pipe, the coupling on the other end and the adapter into it. Teflon tape the plug and screw it in the adapter. Glue one support to the cap and one to the coupling and they become the stand and you have this!

my trough/tray

It is nice and steady! Let it get good and dry. I tested it with water, no leaks (but of course)! Dry it out and pour in the lemon oil from the bin.

It's not what you think it is!

LEMON OIL! Come on just because I am a plumber you think I am showing something else!? Time for a swim!

Soak both sides for a while.

Take it out and let it drip for a bit, then gently wipe it off and let it dry.

Looking good!

Okay that’s it for tonight. It has to dry for a while, then the clear coating begins.

Oh, I promised a pic of the pattern! Here it is.

The pattern after the cutting

Have a great weekend everyone!

Later, Harold