Hello Everyone!

Yes, the series continues! I know there is at least one person out there who is excited! 🙂 Any body else excited? Excitable?

Well, I found it before the men in black showed up. I’m on their list, dontcha know! It was right where I left it and that is where I found it. 🙂 (Is that circular reasoning or something?)

So let’s get right to it! First, I vacuumed up the saw dust. A somewhat clean work area is a somewhat happy work area. Plus my wife is somewhat happier too. A somewhat happier wife…Okay I’ll stop. 🙂

Still with pattern and tape on

Next I peel off the tape and the pattern with it. I should have taken a pic of the pattern after I took it off…next post.


So here it is waiting for the trip out to the garage and the sander to get any “fuzzies” off. So that is where I go next.

Ready to sand

I will do the front, the back and the bottom. The “fuzzies” are on the back. This will also bring out the grain of the wood. For those who have not checked all 4 of these, this piece of wood is 3/4″ Poplar.

All sanded

Okay, back inside and the sanding is done and it is looking good. The sanding has lightened it up a bit. So what is the next step? Ah, for that you will have to wait for the next post grasshopper. Patience is a virtue and has its reward.

Later, Harold