Hello Everyone!

Well it is back to the series for part 3.

Tonight you will get to see the project cut out. First since I have used the blade quite a bit I changed it out for a new one. I want to make sure I get all the way through start to finish with out having to change out a dull blade or have it break on me. It is not fun for me to have one break. It always makes me jump and you really never know if something bad is gonna happen. So far so good! Nothing bad has happened.

Okay here is the first pic. Addressing the scroll saw. Yeah, yeah been there and done that, not gonna do it again! 🙂

Ready for one cut start to finish

I will start at the M and work my way around the letters.

More than half way!

Okay, looking good so far. I am feeling confident.

Okay all the letters are done!

Now for the long straight cut! If I remember right it is about 14 inches. For those not in America, in centimeters it would be…well…that’s what google is for! 🙂

Okay! I did it.

The blade survived, saw dust was made and it is looking pretty good! The time to make this cut was about an hour. I forgot to time it so I am guessing a bit. So total time so far is about 2 hours.

So next time…huh?

You want more?!


Oh! You want to see it out of the wood!

Okay, I guess one more pic won’t hurt.

It is out of the wood!

Wait! Where is it! Call the police! Call Scotland Yard! Call Interpol!

MYNAKEDBOKKIE is missing! 🙂

Am I bad?

Later, Harold