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What’s with that title?!

Well, I decided to take a drastic step away from wood crafting  on this blog tonight. After the Supreme Court decision today I drafted a letter and it kind of flowed out of me. This is not done in anger and is not castigation, which as you read should be readily gleaned from the text.

I am a born and bred American and I am patriotic and I support our armed forces, their families, past, present and future.

So with that as my introduction, here it is.

To Westboro Baptist Church

First, I will congratulate you on the Supreme Court decision. It is a slippery slope when American’s rights start to be taken away. Where will it end when it starts?

You have kept the right of free speech and places free speech can be used.

Now it is time to use those freedoms wisely. Why not go to Washington D.C.? It is after all our government and its policies you are protesting isn’t it? If you want governmental change use government centers for your protest, not military funerals.

Those who have died and those in mourning are individuals just like you. They are not the government whose policies you do not like.

Why do you have the desire to picket funerals of our country’s military? They volunteered to serve our country and to protect the freedoms we have. They were then sent by our government, which is their boss, without a choice, into harms way and paid the ultimate sacrifice with their life.

Shouldn’t those mourning the loss of a loved one, get to lay them to rest with the respect and dignity deserved? Don’t they need love and compassion and our sympathies?

I ask what Jesus would do? He came to seek those who were lost with love and compassion. In what you do where is the love and compassion of Jesus? Do your voices sound loving? Are your signs compassionate? Do your faces show the love of Jesus? For without love you are nothing but a clanging cymbal.

Jesus loved ALL and showed no partiality. He went to the sinners and was associated with them. He did not condone their sin, but still loved the sinners. He forgave their sin and He told them to sin no more. This He did with love.

Yes, Jesus had righteous anger. That was reserved for those taking advantage of the down-trodden and in the wrong place, the temple of worship. Also it was for those who thought they were better than others and were self-righteous. This is not the case with your actions. I and others see no love, only anger and hate. Jesus is not being seen through you.

It is not a sin to serve in our military. It is not a sin to die while serving in our military. Our military personnel should be held in high esteem for their desire to serve our country, and when told, to go into harms way. There is no greater sacrifice than laying your life down for another. That is what each one of those who die in service to our country, do for each of us. They gave up their rights to serve and their families are affected also.

When it is time to mourn their death and remember their service, it should be done with honor and pride, and yet the deserved somberness, with no acrimony. It is what Jesus would do.

We must use our freedoms wisely and appropriately. Protesting at a funeral is not appropriate and it definitely shows a lack of wisdom, love, propriety and discernment.

With Jesus love,

A sinner saved by Grace,


Well, you can decide for yourselves my dear readers what you think. Hopefully you like my thoughts. You could say so or not in a comment and you could also click the “like” tab.

I am not a Biblical scholar and have never claimed to be. These are my thoughts and feelings with a paraphrase here or there. I have taken a step out! Will you join me?

Later, Harold


This letter is posted on Off The Base today also! I am honored and humbled by that. This letter is not about or for me. It is FOR our military and their families! Thanks for reading, please leave a comment!

Later, Harold

Here is a link that I have come across that gives good explanation.


Later, Harold