Hello Everyone!

This was a planned series interruption.

I knew my sons birthday was today and I had made him a desktop name and that I would post it today. I said in an earlier post that I had been busy on the scroll saw, making saw dust and finishing projects. So here are the pics for today.

Just opened it

Soon as he saw it he knew it was from Dad!

He likes it

Made from 3/4″ Cherry, dipped in lemon oil and then coats of spray lacquer.

A close up

He picked Chick-Fil-A for his birthday meal. So we all went and ate there for the first time ever for all of 7 us and Gma and Gpa too. Then home for presents and dessert, Texas Sheet cake, a family favorite! Almost all of us pick it for our birthday dessert. I could never tire of it! It always gets eaten too fast.

So that’s it for today. Short and sweet!

Hopefully tomorrow I will get back to the series.

Later, Harold