Hello Everyone!

Well I took another break from the series today. I personally think it is for a well intended cause. As the title says “Our Military Families”.

There is another blog here on wordpress that I have found and subscribe to and of course read regularly. I don’t know how to do links from my page, so I am sorry to ask you to search on your own. The blog is…


Today they have a article about getting our military families as Time’s person of the year. They also have a link to another wordpress site for more information and a letter you can copy. Pretty easy! To make it easier I will type it in here for you too.


So if you would check out these two places they would appreciate it (especially before March 4). America needs to show our appreciation more in my opinion!

If you can tell me how to do links that would help too. I am close to illiterate in these areas!

Happy Birthday to my sister a little early. She was born between today and tomorrow.  🙂 Can you figure that one?

Later, Harold

Update! I figured out how to put a blogroll on, so you can get there by clicking on offthebase in my blogroll to the right. Even illiterate bloggers like me can still learn on their own!

Later, Harold