Hello Everyone!

So today is Sunday and we went to church. Did you? I hope so. It is a good place to go on a Sunday morning.

Today though I had another reason to go. I had finished a desktop name for our church library and I wanted to get it there and see how it would be displayed. I originally put it in front of the candy dish at the librarians desk. Later it had been moved to a window facing into the atrium. I do have to say in my own honest personal opinion (biased YES) it looks SWEET!

Here are some pics.

Looking good!

Now two pics of it in the window.

window display 1

Winter scenery.

window display 2

I hope it is liked. It is also from 3/4″ Walnut, dipped in lemon oil then sprayed with multiple layers of lacquer. It sure has a nice gloss on it!

So that is it for today. Hopefully tomorrow I will continue with my how it is done series.

Later, Harold