Hello Everyone!

Okay we are on the way again!

From the last post I should say that 12 holes were drilled out on the drill press. These are for the scroll saw blade to go through and make the internal cuts.

Here I am shall I say addressing the saw…hello saw! Introducing the wood to the saw… saw this is wood…Poplar pleased to meet ya…wood this is saw…I’m gonna cut you up and make little pieces outta ya! There that wasn’t so bad. 🙂

Lets get it started!

Next the blade is inserted through the first hole. I usually work left to right. Time to make some saw dust.

Ready for first cut

This is the first of the 12 internal cuts. Next pic I am done with the last cut.

Last cut done

I would say it went okay. Only two what I would call large cuts. Most were small and maybe one or two in between.

12 cuts finished

I took two pics with a tape measure just to show the size of this one.

about 14-1/2" long

about 1-1/4" tall

This is the second longest I have cut. The longest is about 16-1/2″. My saw arm length is only 16″, so that one was at capacity.

The length of time on the 12 internal cuts, about 30 minutes. So for this project I am at about 45 minutes so far.

Well that is it for this one. Next I do the external cut. Yes that is singular. I plan on starting and finishing at the same spot and work my way around it.

I will probably have a break in this series tomorrow for a different post. This wood crafter has been woodcrafting. I still don’t know, one word or two?

Later, Harold