Hello Everyone!

I thought I would do a couple posts about how I do, what I call, a Desktop Name. Unfortunately, I thought of this after I had a project already started, so it will not be the exact same project start to finish, but close enough you will get the idea.

First, I decide on a name. Hey, you gotta have a starting point! Then with name decided upon, I open up the scroll saw pattern printer on my computer and type in the name and size it. Here is what that looks like.

Grace Bible Church

This is for a future project.

Then send it to the printer. Here it is.

Design and print

Next I pick a piece of wood.

3/4" Poplar

Not the exact piece I am using but it is Poplar. Then using painters tape I cover the wood. Painters tape comes off really easy.

1/4" Poplar to give you the idea

Then I cut the name  from the paper and spray it with an adhesive and apply it to the tape on the wood. Sorry no pic of that step.

Next take it to the drill press and drill the necessary holes for cutting.

For a blog friend

Okay, so here is the 3/4″ Poplar covered with tape, pattern affixed and holes drilled ready to be cut. Total elapsed time about 15 minutes give or take.

So, Bokkie this is yours in progress!

Now for the cutting post!

Later, Harold