Hello everyone!

I hope you have had a good weekend thus far and a good day today.

Being Sunday we went to church as is our usual. Can’t really see a better place to be, this side of heaven, on a Sunday morning.

That is just about what our Pastor spoke about today. That blessed hope that we as Christians have, that our place is waiting for us at the time of our last breath on this earth or when we meet Jesus in the air! So at the death of a loved one who knows and believes as we do there is not the sorrow as others have. We WILL see them again. We are just a part for a while.

Also today I had a gift for a friend at church, who went out of her way to get us some financial help a while ago. I won’t go into the details but I just wanted to say thanks again in a little way that I can. So I made a desktop name for her. But I only saw her husband and gave it to him. He liked it and I hope she does too. You have a special lady there for a wife Craig!

So this deserves a pic and here it is.

Thanks again Pam!

You know this here world keeps getting smaller and smaller with all the connections you can make these days. Because of my association to a scroll saw forum, I have friends all over the world and this blog has added to that along with finding other blogs and making friends there too. Life can be rough some times, don’t we all know that! But it is good to make friends and have them rally around you when you need it and just cause they want to!

Maybe some day this wood crafter will make all of you something!

Until then and the saw dust settles,

Later, Harold